This one is for Detroit and all those who lost their Childrens homes to Communist EW.

This one is for Detroit and all those who lost their Childrens homes to Communist EW.
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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Communist acquisition brings lower benefits than domestic start ups.

I got this one Judge, two sentences check this out. Start up entry allows individualism and dreams to flourish. Where as, Communist SOE's crush dreams and enslave individuals to a foreign state. did I get it?

Lets do a basic example here. CNOOC the Company that just jailed a researcher for doing research we could have gotten from satellites for a little bit more. As teams had to know what was coming into the US and destroying free enterprise investment. Then they still allowed them to invest, mainly because of someone is committing economic treason in this government and I know one I just have to find the group of co conspirators.

Example CNOOC invested in US oil companies at a certain percentage of stocks. This then allows them to have key interest in US companies to help destroy the company they invested in and allowed them to participate in free enterprise business warfare while CNOOC can  uses its cheating abilities as a cartel and government military instillation.

As such this investment took away our young millionaires abilities to become billionaires and compete with Chinese billionaires under communist rule in China. Thus again failing to uphold the American dream while allowing Communist SOE to destroy individualism. Where multiple young millionaires should have been sought to help them check and balance Chinese billionaires we just made the Communist Party richer and more powerful in US free enterprise business warfare.

Vodka and Worcester says, warlock is right and economic treason is a foot in the US. As Communist Chinese SOE's are supposed to be being disbanded not expanding in the US. Chinese free enterprises or individual investments are supposed to be being expanded too. We all know this, some folks are going to be made an example. We all know Communist cold war weapons of SOE's are supposed to be being disbanded. Yet, maybe some of those folks who wanted the Soviets and the CCP to invade the US to conquer it made it into politics more than likely they did.

So far the guillotine is being set up for one person, unless he can turn and tell us where the meat is. Cause shame to family loss of life or liberty and job marketability really is not a keen thing to helping destroy your own countries market place and sovereignty literally. There is no bigger a sovereignty than allowing a foreign entity to come in and own part of your country as a foreign governmental agency and not an individual citizen or actor or small group of such.

Why would someone destroy the ability of US citizens to gain to implement Communist Party control or gain in the US, as they killed millions of US citizens and hundreds of Democratic people in the world, while still suppressing human civil rights by the hundreds of millions. Oh yes do not forget the slave labor camps for religious folks who are against Communism. To bad Communist China does not have a really big Jewish population, I bet they would kick the CCP's butt. We should send Jewish people to Communist China. The CCP needs more Jews baby. I mean they send us constantly their immigrants on board COSCO ships with drugs and guns. We should return the favor and legally send them Jewish people.

Are there any Jewish missions in Communist China and how could we make them bigger?

As Communist hate religion and freedom loves, and there is no bigger religious economic freedom loves than the Jewish community. While US folks do not like illegal immigrants, or illegal drugs or illegal guns as they make the legal ones look bad and folks want to take them away from legal citizens.

Rider I

Where is Ali G when you need him.

Thus if Jewish folks become more powerful in Communist China they will want to stop Communist SOE's from destroying their free enterprises and therefore, cause the CCP to lose their main stay of power which is the SOE;s that create their sovereign wealth funds for communist party propaganda and international conquering.

The basic thought of this blog post is this. If we stop allowing something that is not supposed to exist as per freedom rules and long term statistics of errosion of freedom, then we could have more people who invest more right back into the market place with wishes for competition instead of dominace by government which creates unfair competition.

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