This one is for Detroit and all those who lost their Childrens homes to Communist EW.

This one is for Detroit and all those who lost their Childrens homes to Communist EW.
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Sunday, February 20, 2011

I sent this to Joseph Nye.

(As a fellow soft power analysis for four years in competition with others, not as great as him in that capacity but my power lies in the 1st Amendment as the Owl not in age or experience, I decided to hand him his arse in a hand basket like the Communist Chinese are doing to us, great books on soft power though, it is just his Communist Chinese cognitions that worry me very much)
Dr. I am about to give you a good go for if you care to enjoy a down home argument, make my day,
You speak so calm and like it is ok to allow the transition of power from freedom and Democracy to Communism. The reason why the power has been shifting was not necessarily the Chinese or the Asia's industrial revolution as much as it is and was their totalitarian Communist Political structure that centrally controls the prices, market share and economic international conquering. These ideas and the way your project you ideas is not really good for US hegemony and most important realist liberal hegemony in the world. The allowance of the Communist in China to unfairly compete with free markets has done such detriments as allow them to catch up via Communist espionage in all our high technological industries. So much so that the Communist are the leaders in electromagnetic warfare much like the Communist empire before them the Soviets,. Also your idea that the Communist will not overtake the US or as your tone and presentation presents it that it is not a threat to free world liberalism, makes me an actual detriment to the free world.
You are correct at the global finance in the recession, is the decline in US power. However, that is because of poor weak leaders like yourself, who after the fall of the Soviet totalitarian empire, forgot the Communist Chinese want the same thing the Soviets want. Which is to collect states under their control and party dominance via economic warfare, as applied through fraudulently stated free trade agreements which have surpassed any free world FTA proliferation. Along with the fact that the Communist still want a single currency based on Karls Marxist idea of destruction of free world economics through massive SOE' holdings instead of quality of life and balance of nature, as we hold it now. Also as you sound like the type that does not know just like we can produce, atom smashing or other things, we can create gold and that is why we are no longer on the gold standard. It is just like cellular regeneration which we do now for organs however, it is easier with sold metals.
The thing you do not understand is that your so called un-American idea of the Return of Asia to the worlds hegemony, is that our insurance policy for the world will not work as long as we do not take the Communist Chinese like a real threat as the  Soviets are, the facts are that the service bell curves of the savings and loans, .com and mortgage have been on a constant upward trend that has started a constant downward trend in deficit spending via inflationary free world markets from Communist Chinese SOE and centrally controlled free enterprises. This then will lead directly into our depression. Which is the insurance bell curve. If we know anything things happen in cycles much like a fine women. As such, if the last three bell curves where any predicts of this recession like Dr. Doom predicted and then George Soros dissected as an easy boom bust theory. Then I am specifically pin pointing to the Service bell Curve theory, then you will see that the Home front Cognition of the new video game is going to happen.
Our military will be completely replaced on the world board. Your projections are incorrect and very detrimental to the US by a defeatist mindset that we can't be defeated and if we are then so what. The realest idea that Communist wish to destroy free markets is real and paramount.
My rebuttal to your idea that our military will not be attacked is easily refuted. The last three bell curves have seen our military recede heavily at home. So much so that the West coast sold off its middle southern bases, and middle Navy bases. In which was just recently shown to be seriously detrimental to the US, as the Communist Chinese projected its dominance off the coast of Catalina in Southern California through a submarine ballistic missile test. In which as I was on Catalina, our interceptors where late and it would have easily hit LA, or Orange county. Plus if you know anything about satellite warfare and eletromagnetics. The Communist can easily hack our ballistic missiles and their military bases are so hard and proper that their interceptor planes can collect missiles faster and better than our weakened net. Which has left the Middle Southern California completely unblanketed from first strikes.
Along with that fact that this recession is seeing the massive destruction of intelligence bases. In which we saw the Washington post take a big act in helping destroy our intelligence bases like JFCOM which are specific in international cooperation without NATO influence since the Communist have gained massive international influence in international clout and soft power.
To show you how you are complete wrong is to easily apply the military detriments and our Democratic/Republic process. As such if the past is any predictor of the future, After the insurance service bell curve boom, then it will bust and adjust our deficit spending will increase as the boom will not be enough to get us even close to where our current last service bell curve has taken us from its boom. Each boom bust drives us deeper into debt. As such, like we have seen the shut down and consolidation of the US military during the last three communist cycle attacks. You will see unless stopped and weak leaders and cognitioner's like your self get a grip and become realists. That we need to think of them as a major threat to the US hegemony and free world idea of freedom, Communist want to destroy us, that is Karl's Marxist theory and that is what communism stands for. What you old timers did not learn from your teachers I do not know. Maybe it was all the good KGB LSD and mushrooms that the Communist Chinese and Russians imported during the Vietnam war to attack our votes. I do not know.
However, this cycle attack is a major threat to the US. People like you who sit there and calmly say, China is no threat, when they have more submersibles that can attack our underwater radar systems with ease. They have more espionage agents. And their Communist SOE's have more market shares than any of our free enterprises, as Communist SOE's are one entity under communist rule. Along with that how people like you can say the Communist are not acting like the Nazi's is beyond me. HAVE YOU SEEN THEIR LABOR CAMPS WHERE THEY TAKE DEMOCRATIC REFORMERS AND PEOPLE WHO SPEAK OUT AGAINST COMMUNIST TOTALITARIAN CONTROL. DO you know that the German Socialist Party created massive SOE's to centralize the wealth of Germany for government control while taking away any dissenters like the Jewish free enterprises, guess you have not heard of the Falun Gong and the reason why the Communist hate them. They were the biggest group at a compelte number check to Communist who owned free enterprises, then again what are you doing? Much like exactly what the Communist Chinese are doing. Do you know that the Germany Socialist party, actual centralized the worlds resources as much as it could, where as the Communist own 90% of the worlds rare earth resources thanks to weak cognitioner's like yourself.
So, sorry for being brass, but I do not depressions, nor do I like communist hegemony. I am a realist liberal who is real, what you are doing with our projections of books and lectures that China is no threat, is horrible. I STANDING AS THE NEW OWL OF THIS COUNTRY SUGGEST YOU WRITE A BOOK AND REPORT AND LECTURES TO REDEEM YOURSELF. I NEED AS MANY COGNITIONer'S AS POSSIBLE WORKING TO STOP THIS CYCLE ATTACK ON THE US.
Van Johns who was a Maoist rebel and Communist sympathizer allows our high tech stimulus money to be spent at the amount of 80% for foreign jobs. When that was supposed to be our industrial service bell curve to squash the cyclical service bell curve and to even out the necessary adjustment cycles so as not to cause such bad receding American hegemony.
What is the wrong you, open your I's.
You help us save this great light of freedom and the Crown Jewel of the Monks and owls by not speaking so lightly with regards to Communist China. Also when speak about China you direct them as they are and call them Communist China. I need everyone help to stop this cylical attack. Or please shut your mouth and stop talking like China is not a major and the worlds biggest threat to economic and civil freedoms. As they have much more power and influence and the key cognition's and mens rea to become the Next Soviet union. Soft power is good, Dr. but your soft power is a little to soft. Maybe some more cognition's like calling the Chinese Communist Chinese as they are, and not saying they are not a threat. Cause they are the biggest threat. Along with that get your darn realest facts straight. We are not going to be able to help anyone of if we do not stop the next service bell curve from tanking our economy into a depression. I can only hope my whooting in the 1st and foremost Amendment is causing a spur in cognitioners sides to see the reality of Communist China. Please stop kissing their butts, soft power is one thing, boot licking is another.
Trying to stop my cognition's by saying they are not like the German Socialist Party is not a good idea for this countries economic and civil rights health. Along with all of our Owl I's in the world. Darn Dr. get a grip and be real. No need to apologize Dr. just go kick arse like you are great at doing as a cognitioner, please stop kicking our own arses with your cognitions about Communist China is not threat who cares if they take over the world attidude. You just had your arse handed to you in a basket, much like the Communist Chinese are doing to us by taking our jobs and taxes via Communist neo mercantalist economic warfare then handing it back to us with interest and debt attached. So if you feel pain your butt that means I did my job, now get to work saving this darn world and country. Darn it.
It you want more just let me know, I can drill you all day baby.

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