This one is for Detroit and all those who lost their Childrens homes to Communist EW.

This one is for Detroit and all those who lost their Childrens homes to Communist EW.
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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Serious deficiency in my intellectual cognition.

I have just tried to obtain the necessary requirements for a Masters in Economics. As I started up the engine in that area of my study I found out that I am not efficient enough in mathematics. Which means I need to go back and refresh on my mathematics roots before I shall try and go that path. Therefore, I will once again retool and reup the necessary requirments to battle in economics. As my last two degrees where specifically more sociological and analytical via perspective analysis of BS in Criminal justice and an AA in Paralegal, my mathematics courses are seriously lacking. I found I could not even do a simple diverative calculus formula without having to spend hours trying to recoupe teh necessary tools. As such, how the hell shall I whoop our intellegence arsses if I can't even compete with them in math. Along with that when I took my LSAT my mathematicl area was seriously lacking along with my GMAT. So I step back and retool again.

So I will take this semester off, take down my overhead of expenses, buy a helmet some boots a jacket and a motorcucle, prepare for next semester in mathematics so I can start to re climb the tree. I mean if you want to get to the top one needs a strong foundation. I have just found out that my mathematical foundation is lacking. Along with that I do not like recieving low marks. So I shall retake my mathematics calculus and statistics class at a lower level, then go at it again.

If I am going to kick ass I can't come up with deficienicces in my cognitions. Along with that I have bought some natural steroids to lose about 60 pounds as how can I expect my intellegence teams of this country to be lean and mean fighting machines if I am over weight and can't use powerhouse moves, as I currently only have pressure points.

So I need to retool math skills and regroup my powerhouse moves.

So further back I go, my bills are almost dropped I believe I have a good stress free job coming up, and I shall start regaring my ability to box and not graple or pressure point. As currently I could not go blow for blow but would have to grapple to win.

Sucks for me, but hey, I love school and will learn, especially since we need some serious arse whoopers in this country and currently I am very weak from a long term in a dulling employment in which I was let go before I was ready to transition into my next gear. Oh well, I like math, just need to recoupe the tools.

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