This one is for Detroit and all those who lost their Childrens homes to Communist EW.

This one is for Detroit and all those who lost their Childrens homes to Communist EW.
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Saturday, February 19, 2011

Foreign State Immunity of SOE's in Countries.

They are out of line so it is time to make them feel find withs some real competition now that they are not babies anymore. heheheh time to whoop their arses. Think pops is old, ya even in a wheel chair I will whoop your arse. LOL

Today If my best friend does not call me to attention, I will be doing a data collection on Communist Foreign SOE's and the impact of domestic lives because of non ability to seek proper product liabilty. I will start off in the law libary where I will walk too right now. Again I am not an attorney just an non professional economic researcher who wants some legal ideas. This as always is a non professional blog pots and should never be taken for any advice, except the Intellegence agenceis which I constantly boot the buttox, who then can take what ever I say as a starter point, as I pay their salaires and they work for me and the rest of the citizens like me.

Rider I

This is another pefect example of my blog post of where SOE's and the proliferation of such cause war. As such one countries SOE's harm another countries citizens, then they are taking through the necessary legal procedures and they will not pay as per the laws of the market place they are in. However, if you are in their country and break the law you are arrested for not paying. Bull Shhhhpt, if the debtors of a Communist SOE do not pay they should be arrested like free enterprises in foreign market places that do not pay. However, then you get the US government who is a free enterprise government telling their people you will just have to stick up your rear ends because the Communist SOE's are not going to pay and we are not going to help you as your regulators and governors. Well then that is juts darn right unfair. Free enterprises people being arrested or banned from every coming into Communist China, while Communist SOE's can sell us bad products, kill our children, murder our witness, and hey nothing happens to the Communist SOE's, not anymore after this trough cycle and the blatant dispresct for oral and written agreements by the Commuhnist party and the blatant disrespect for the legal and civil rights for all individuals from the Communist party, the Owls have decided to meet, and what as meeting it is going to be because I am the lead shepard and I get the smoking pipe, and jacket for the lectures, along with that, we have set up a nice monk underground to protect and cloak the meeting, so F the Communist SOE's and their blanky cheating.

Money does not trump all in a free society, freedom trumps all the precedent for it so. Legally and proper of course.

hahahloe hehe:

Turn off the dimmer and turn on the lights international awakening.

Foreign Communist SOE's are recieving unfair treatment by free world governments as compared to free enterprises, main eye, immunity. Horrible worded bu this is not a paid for or even professional cite so. I am capatlist if you want my best work you need to pay me. Then i can word things like: United States Legal Immunities for Communist StateOwnedEnterprises's. However, f you and your none paying selves for reading my free crowsness of date, just fing joking. I would also like to do a United States Political Immunity for Communist SOE's. However, being poor and no incentive except the constant dreams regarding Communits torture and imprisoned victoms praying for Democracy/Republicanism. I just might have to do it. This one was a bad nightmare so off to the library after I pick up some more words.

branch off

leaf with air based on one word in branch document. Probable the necessary I just have to keep looking for the root.

I need to get to the library of law, so I have pulled up three good common text documents and will now highlught and annotate for specific root warfare notes on matters concerning to Communist SOE activities.

I just had a thought while I am trying to drag myself from all these branches and leaves I found for my legal research. I have four sentences I am taking to the law library to look into. Why is it that when folks get in a heated battle with Communist SOE's sometimes they commit suicide, even those who do not have to worry about money seem to just up and hang themselves in a hotel room owned by mmm lets see, well. off to the library have to post two more leafs then gone. That is why I believe in a CWP baby. F em.

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