This one is for Detroit and all those who lost their Childrens homes to Communist EW.

This one is for Detroit and all those who lost their Childrens homes to Communist EW.
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Thursday, February 3, 2011

Prior to shut down I will due an Amacus Curie on Forced Government Monopolies, and Applicable cognitions via Roe v Wade. That will be my last task as the Rider I.

Dear Chief and Commander Obama,
I will be doing a full unprofessional brief on how the political conspiracy to force a the US citizen into a monoply of the insurance industry is illegal and against the constitution of the individual perspective. Along with that as I said before, I will also be doing a full brief on how if we can be forced into a monopoly in a luxury industry to pay for that industry, that the regulations on the body as applied in Roe v Wade will not apply and leave the case morales as in regards to the individuals right from government conspiracy to regulate the human body and tell an individual what they can and can't do with their body. As forceing US citizens into a monopoly on an industry, by telling them they have to get inusrance on their body is not American idealism of individualism. Again I stand for the health insurance non discrimination and forcing the insurance industry to actually allow those who need health insurance to get it. But I am 100% against forcing all US citizens into a industrial monopoly via government political conspiracy, to raise taxes, and possible cause genetic biomedical genome manipulation. For which now there is no way to vote with your feet in the world as every civilized country forces their citizen to have health insurance. These leaves in the futre the possibility that many non commercial health insurance practices like mine of wicken and herbal remedies at risk of force.
Rider I
Some ideas of battle grounds unprofessionally,
Government conspiracy to create a monopolistic industry, and Roe v Wade individualism of body and nnone allowance of government intrusion.
Again non discrimination I think is the real issue, the force itself is in my unprofessional opinion as an American unconstitutional. As the 2nd Amdenment is a right and not forced upon people, freedom of speech is a right and not forced upon people, the right to vote is a right and not forced upon people, the right of housing and food is a right and not froced upon people, the right to join the military is a right and not forced upon people. This root idea of forced luxury industry, as per monopoly on the human body via government conspiracy turing into a forced military service blows my mind. I have had it since Bill Clinton tried to do this when I was kid. I guess it might come to place that the roots start to grow.

Is the basic story, I am not going to give the full potting of the forced bodily involvement in a national security matter as linked to a luxury force. But basically if the government can force the US citizen as an individual to pay for something it does not need, then it can easily force them to learn to protect its country as we are the smallest next to Canada civilized country and world, and now that the rest of the world has surpassed the US in nano tech, and other high tech warfare, we will need to forcefull conscript each human body to a monopoly on military training. Basic, you should see the roots I have for this one, it is a great plan, especailly since you think a conspiracy to cause forced industrial monopolies to create another service bell curve crash is great. The Freedom Alliance has  a real rebuttal to communized industries. Back at you WU.


We do not commit crimes for votes, or cause mass doping of citizens. All we have every done is read and write and wish to be free. However, in some weird idea of freedom you wish to monopolize industries and force humans into economic slavery. As an owl and long time reader and writer since birth against Communism, I do not understand, if the court votes it through as always we will abide by it. However, you as the brats, and the ones who will commit crimes to cause tyranny will always be written as a very possible reason why that boy went and hurt all those people to steal the Democratic vote away from the freedom. I still hold on this matter until done that real point is allowing folks that need insurance to get it, not the communiization of an industry to forced monopoly. By the way, the Monks do not wish to see you around me during my Rome trip, they have already told me that they are worried about crimes by you, please leave us alone, we will write and read like we usually do. You are just lucky our nano technological tracing equipment is not up to date with nano brain washing. By the way nice weather machines you got out of the government. We stand as individuals not as forced communized economic numbers of government elitist.

i. v. i. I sure hope the real point is seen and the communization part is dropped, as our military potting rebuttal is really good to defend this country and help build more safety against terroists and criminals.

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