This one is for Detroit and all those who lost their Childrens homes to Communist EW.

This one is for Detroit and all those who lost their Childrens homes to Communist EW.
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Sunday, February 20, 2011

Things to look for when tracking a spy.

First of course is some kind of government or civilian job that has access to information that foreign governments would want and for some reason can't hack.

Second, if that person has a prior record of criminal behavior.

Third, if that person has a prior record of being dissacioted with things, or kicked out of things.

Fourth, if that person has some kind of sexual deviance.

Along with that money is a major factor for some spies.

The funny thing is if that is what our constructs are then it really does not narrow it down very much. There has to be a more narrowed and pin point evalulation of when folks spy.

Now a report I would like to read would be the report on why totalatrian spies like Communits China's government agents spy. I have brought in one big spy based on religion and proven that the Communists are just like the Nazi's. That would be a great report. Probable classified or top secret.

Like most human emotions go in cycles. I believe it is very hard for humans to change their cognitions that they had ben trianed as children. However, possible by schooling and peer pressures to change and the such. Therefore, another good indicator might be mood elevations or de elevations, or even characteritics of mental situations. Could it even be a possible outcry like most criminals.

The nature of the fact is that most humans want to tell on themselves and do in some for or another. This is a basic interrogation tactic, to look for twitches during specificly geared questions, or sweat or many other facets.

However, is there a much bigger, issue with actual destruction of country by spying. How do they cry out to say stop me I am hurting something? Is there a way that Master Officers can speak in specific tones or daily conversation to see if they can get them to react, like speek patriotically about the country, take them specific places of patriotism, or other places.

Some spies, like to involve themselves very heavily in the culture they are counter spying for. This is a big factor if it can be identified. Other factors might include such things as fraudlent slips during conversations as they are not there. Or even many other factors of very big outcrys of possible traitors.

Is is possible that a great HR officer can keep their employees from become a traitor by being very well studied on sociological behaviors, and thus being able to counter these major outcrys before they turn into something worse. ?

How does counterintellegence work as compared to cognition and principle technological traps for checking for spies and properly tracing information that is being taken to give to the country wishing to steal?

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