This one is for Detroit and all those who lost their Childrens homes to Communist EW.

This one is for Detroit and all those who lost their Childrens homes to Communist EW.
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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Start to collection for Treasure Report Regarding Chinese reubttal.

Making speeches like the leaders against her report and calling her report inadequate is one thing. To fully implement a rebuttal one must write their own paper and go line by line and prove how each writ is improper or not fully thought through on the matters of the case with the present definitions. Already off cuff if the report below is the bright lines for the definitions of weighing such prosecution, I can reubttal a 12 page report on the matter. Along these lines if the report was processed with hartley taft in mind as regards to matter of processing, then one can see why it stated they did not manipulate. However, I believe a key US natioal security policy matter would hold more true and less pillow talk regarding the matters of hand if the FTA agreement proliferation and the necessary means to show the world exactly what the Communist are doing to gain advantages uncompetitively would be a better. report. I hope to see a full report on China as it is now our second competitor and biggest worry as to regards for economic world take over from us watch.

So with this mind I found the bright line. Now I will go line by line after my trade and barter for room and board and my job searches along with digestion of anti trust material at the law library and do a professional report. So if the Treasuries analysis on China is 6 pages long I would expect mine to be 24 pages long. The full extensive report should be done on our competitors for first place economy. It is of the most sacred and deepest national security concern as economics are the roots of everything.

here is the report as per the bright line who ever wrote chinas part should be taken to the cage and boxed if they are not manipulating their currency. I believe the depriciation stopped at strategic points but I will work on it. My professional report will show prowless and sent precedent for future economies that threaten use's 1st place like Britian did and Japan and the Soviets did. darn lilly sucker wrote it, you need a bull to write about a bull. 4 pages for our biggest economic threat geese I want a million dollars to be the buckaroo bonzi give it to me before the commy's finally beat the owl I eagle.
In-Depth Look - China Currency Manipulation - Bloomberg

4 pages is going to allow the rest of the world to engage in fraudelent free predatory trade with smaller countries that will have no protection from the worlds biggest neo mercantalist country. 4 f'ing pages is lilly sucking. I mean I played the punk in Soviet capital for beer and travel expenses 3-4 DAYS AT A TIME FOR THAT ONE. THIS TIME I WANT THREE GRADUATE DEGREES AND TO FIGHT ON THE ROAD AS A PROFESSIONAL RESEARCH PRESENTOR, I WANT KIDS YOU KNOW, SEE MY LITTLE PUNKS HAVE FUN AND OWN THEIR OWN CHILD HOOD BUSINESSES LIKE MUSIC OR SOMETHING ROOTY.  then they willlove me for rooting the bells out of them. hear it now i dont want to play piano, sit your punk arse down. then I come in one day and my little punk is rocking heavy metal attached to nano speakers on the walls blowing out my surround system, then i say darn right pull out the old conga and get down with his punk arse.

Not easy being the owl you know. Every little princess wanting me for the memoirs later on in life, guys wanting to kick my arse because I believe in freedom and worst of all, the best memories are erased so i can move to the next stage. thats alright i have total recall all the time. then i look up at the st louie on the wall, the two six shooters, and the picture on the wall, n maybe if the boy can play i might get have to clear my eyes.
kicking your dad's arse is a long standing tradition in my family, just comes normal intellectually like.

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