This one is for Detroit and all those who lost their Childrens homes to Communist EW.

This one is for Detroit and all those who lost their Childrens homes to Communist EW.
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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

So the Commy's think we are going t9 lose to them again, eh.

I say they don't knoqabout the owl and the crows from the US christian budihist monk tribes, eh, you think were going to lose, eh, lol. Bells na

By the order of the odd fellows and the weird laides, I procliam bells Na to Communist Feudalist tryanny of SOE's.

Market cide and invasion of peacefull countries for expansionism shall not be tolerated by the Druids no more, we engage with the Communist of China for proper intellectual battle, you have many we have few, we are the Druids of ancient and Owls and Birds fly with us.

So people are talking like the West is going to lose or the west is done for, I still have my families six shooters and St Louie plaques, and those roots say we don't put up with crap, literally dumps are not liked, that is why we recycle. lol

Oh ya what you think we let you invade a peacefull country like Tiebet who had never  hurt anyone and get away with it. You think monks where dumbe they know their brother druids where hostiles so they created this great land of angry rebels from all over the planet baby, all for individual freedom of spirit and body. you imperalist empire one world order will not go much like Britian of old, Japan and Germany, or the Soviet Union, we hold true to our druid values of our wishes for each tribe to free on their own, in a voting system of intellectual competition instead of death and war torn. I, thats the way it should be.

It is all about fighting the war before it starts so when the empire thinks there gigantic cylical attack on the Druid Tribes of the world, will cause a major international recession of its insurance policy and our Guardia SioChana policies, well know it is going to be more like oh well, maybe we should not use haliburton because they are to expensive as we are in a small trough cycle instead of gigantic depression,  thats ok we need more competitive contracts anyways, by the way Cheney I love you guardians hair style, reminds me Master Karadean.

When one walks and observes throughts come to mind, its your thoughts as you walk that change time, every vibration no matter how small inside of you mind or you fingter tips is what matters. What you place into the world is what you gain back, excpet it.
Does Communit China really think the nomads of old and ancient no matter how many generations would allow again our tribes to be enslaved to a city state for few masters instead of the ability for us to be our own masters and own our own. Did you think your cognitions are not at the top of our list. These people with lost cultures understand what it means to be enslaved to state, no matter what their blood remebers and it always will. It is freedom or nothing.
I hold the helm of the Druids.
We fight intellctually for freedom and for differences.

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