This one is for Detroit and all those who lost their Childrens homes to Communist EW.

This one is for Detroit and all those who lost their Childrens homes to Communist EW.
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Saturday, February 19, 2011

There was three shelves of anti trust law at the Law Library.

I figure, I spent about 3 hours there at $25 an hour for paraprofessional as I am not a professional for my personal time which I could have charged at going rate at $75 an hour, it costs me around $75 plus parking was rounded $8.75 and gas and wear and tear was $2.20 so the total cost for my person was $85.95 sense. I got over 5 pages of notes for areas to further research on the net, along with the actual idea of intent to create a better the anti-trust field. As there seems to be very little literatue on the matter of international anti trust.

I will further my research now that I am at home and have gone to the boiling pot to gather intel straight from legal books on areas of interest and media data collection.

I also really want to go back and finish reading the books on the Anti-trust law during this time of detox since I am not working out. I can apply for jobs online and spend my lunch breaks looking for work then spend the rest of the time taking notes with my common cognition on the matter of Communist SOE's from the book on the shelf. I figure if I can read one page a minute, or two minutes at a vague interval along with taking another 30 seconds spread out for annotation of important areas I figure at most 2 minutes 30 seconds for a page, which is way off as most of the pages I will be speed reading a very high rate, but lets do a non paid area here. Since I have my intern, I have great experience and a great resume, I just need to publish and digest some, ideas. I figure what I have digested here on my cite, along with what I will digest at the public law libary should be good to help me publish intent with great ideas of how to help the Communist finish transitioning their economy while also trying to get out of their heads the idea that it is ok to have 100 gigantic uncompetitive Communist SOE's to keep forever. Not cool not part of the deal.

So that is what I spent my weekend doing. I figure if I was doing this for cost to country it would be the same, however, if I was doing this for donation of dream and accounting of such million dollar donation I could easily have recieved around $75 an hour for my time minus without parking or driving as at that rate it should be included for a non professional. Along with that, if I was working for SOE head hunters to gain more market shares for international free enterprises of small or medium size business I would have made around $ 225 doing what I love.

I also had the idea of reading areas to create a non profit to for an anti trust agency to help companies defend and attack forign entities regarding international anti trust. Which then it would be much easier to get donations. However, I would not be able to live the dream of writing and publishing under an umbrella and lecturing officials and citizens of the world regarding my cognitions. Of course, dreams are hard to come by, unless you are speaking Communist nightmares then I have them frequently.

Darn it. So Monday to the library and finish reading the Anti trust section. I figure if my nemuses and oppresses opposition Karls Marx could create a world domination theory based on enslavement of humans to the elitiest leaders, for state capital and expnasion instead of fair trade. I can at least try and though a stone at his life long umbrella from Engels. F' it. If I get hired I will cut the reading and just do MMA and school. However, I am cutting my bills and I figure by the time someone hires me my bills should be at about market level for a poor person. even though with my skills I should be able to live like a middle class person. But with cut through competition being allowed at the expense of US and free world quality of life via cutting of employers marekt shares for communist expansion and via social net killing for deficit management. What the hell.

Rider I
Plus, Ihave a good plan to get my motorcylc which should allow me to keep some dignity in my credit report for my car being sold instead of completely repoed.

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