This one is for Detroit and all those who lost their Childrens homes to Communist EW.

This one is for Detroit and all those who lost their Childrens homes to Communist EW.
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Saturday, February 5, 2011

Why the communist chose the inusurance industry to start communization I will never know.

1. Shall we force everyone to pay for healthy foods, which is more important than health insurance, as it is a natural defense to needing health insurance.
2. Shall we force everyone to pay for a small apartment so that everyone will have a place to stay, which is more important than health insurance as withuot a house one usually does not worry about their health.
3. Shall we force everyone into the defense industry so they can learn how to defend themselves from criminals, as the centralization of wealth due to high taxes like $700 a year causes less US citizen savings and more dipsarity due to piggy centralization of wealth to the government elite to decided what to due with it instead of the individual having more individual decessions.
4. Shall we force everyone to pay for travel as without travel one can't get to work and one can't even produce value.
5. Shall we just f'ing communize the whole USA and create a communization.
No I hope we do not, as that will cause civil war, just like when some folks communized a whole skin tone of human beings for the betterment of another skin tone's benefit to create gigantic disparites in life.

How would the forced centralization of ============ create disparity.

Would it not be the US idea of idividualism especially since we are on the brink of civil war with the a whole political spectrum and many on the other side not wanting to have to pay $700 a year being forced by piggies and their need for a government piggy bank increase and service bell curve jobs to create a piggy bank.

It would in my complete understand that we are a free society and that is why we are so secure, it would be a national security problem to start communizing industries as it would cause hate and dispartity to go up, in this country as we are not like the other countries in our values.

I think the proper way to do it would be to allow the non discrimination so the Corporate elite piggies will have to actually start allowing folks who need insurance to get it. I mean it is like a car, you do not have to have insurance if you do not have a car. However, if you have a car you have to have insurance. It should be the same for a health problem, if you have a health problem you should be allowed to get health insurance. This means that the Corporate piggy elite and the political piggy elite would have to force insurance companies to allow those that need insurance to be able to get it.

However, starting the communization and forced monopolies of industries in a luxury industry should not be. The Government should not force every citizen to have insurance. It is just plane stupid. We do not force every boarder citizen to have guns or military training even though the whole community is every day in threat of mexican guerrilla invasion and on most days they are slowly invading the US to take it back much like we took parts of the US from them.

I say down with communist corporate elite piggies, and long live the St's and Monks of freedom.
No force, and hell yes for the non discrimination. What is the point of having insurance if you do not need it. However, if you need it you should be able to get it as just like driving a car it is more likely you will actually need medical attention. Most US citizens go their whole lifes until old age in which we have community health insurance for them at that time. However, inbetween 18 and elderly age, it should be a free open market not a forced monopoly.

Rider I
It is funny to think about it, forced luxury industry. there is over 49 million people with no food and starving in this mother, and you piggies want a forced luxury industry, there is over 7 million mexican guerrillas each year coming over the boarder and you want what. Dam communists go enslave yourself and levae the US to be free. Go back to Russia and China you communists.

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