This one is for Detroit and all those who lost their Childrens homes to Communist EW.

This one is for Detroit and all those who lost their Childrens homes to Communist EW.
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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Cold War Reason

1. The Communist did not and do not believe in freedom of vote and the idea that any, any citizen can lead if they can without oppression muster the people's belief and courage to lead them.
2. The Communist used heavy SOE's and believe it or not they did trade with the free world. However, because they were so strong in  their ability to create economic warfare with their SOE's we had to regulate them and make sure we were able to trade with each other while they where trading with the world.
3. Two competitors to develop the world is better than an idea of one centralized world of production in which we are in now. As before the Soviet's and the US and free world developed nations with products, with the Free worlds using proper economic abilities to create a fair playing field for their products. While the Soviets used heavy SOE's and traded among themselves to for the best advantage to heavily economically attack outline countries to try and make them a satellite of the Soviets.
4. The Communist did not like the idea of religion. Communism is itself fearful of religion as a means to diversify the people and allow them to rebel and stop elite communist rulers. Where as in Free worlds religion is something to be adorned and enjoyed and allowed to all their personal choice. The Communist world now is not as bad as before however, they still kill and torture religions folks, however, instead of the old book ones they torture more practical ones like Buddhist and those that meditate as any major intelligence knows through meditation is the true freedom and the best way to form an alliance.
5. Well Communist want to destroy the free world and its ideas of Mcboy's individual ownership and right to legally compete in a fair business battle with the highlands. Communist believe in low lands and high lands. Those who lead and those who work. McBoys hate that idea so much that there are full ancient societies based on the idea of individualism and the right of all to be different. Along with other entities that believe so hard that the idea of being able to say whatever one wants in an unprofessional manner so as understood to be unprofessional was a most and the most sacred of the individual rights.

More or less, it came down to communal slavery by government like SOE's and labor camps v. free enterprises and oh you messed up do your time and try again, here is a safety net youll get it next time. Communism is bad, so bad that I believe that the very USA ancient society I sit in a non real movie script maybe true but not true seat, I do not know, is scary when birds act the way they do towards a human in free will of nature and human. Then again, do you know the etymology of a cookoo clock?

Rider i
it is just a movie script and a book and a play write notes, unprofessional that is my answer to the Rider I seat.

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