This one is for Detroit and all those who lost their Childrens homes to Communist EW.

This one is for Detroit and all those who lost their Childrens homes to Communist EW.
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Monday, February 14, 2011

How the US can survive without cutting back or raising taxes. As the Communist are already trying to manage our economy.

I went to a seminar called Train Wreck at USC. There was the Clinton Administration there and some guy who was speaking about health care but made no sense and did not speak about the economics of insurance as I have a very good paper on insurance economics on this cite and he did not even touch on any of the basics. Then the Clinton Administration for economics, was using Communist ideas of how the Communist thought we should manage our economy. Which I thought was funny, as the administration that she sat with got their President the worst shame a President can get by constantly purposely leaking documents to the Communist Chinese to also allow them to manage our economics then. Minds like hers literally kill.

As such when a true country person comes up with an idea. It is not to allow another country to save it or even manage it. It is to fight and be brave like our leaders of old, who knew exactly what it was to have to fight. The idea that we should cut back while the Communist are growing at illegal rates of growth via international anti-trust laws, and they have centralized the worlds new plutonium,which is rare earth materials. As in economic warfare high technology is the nuclear bomb of economics. In which the Communist have taken the high technology trade for the last four years.

Therefore, we do not see real fighters that have lead this country. What we see is a bunch of folks who are to scared to go out and fight the big dogs like our guardians of old and would rather concentrate on something that is a literally sink whole for our money. However, necessary for our national security.

So, what would a real leader do who is looking to take the flock from one side and create what a real Democracy is. Well, Democracy means to vote, and to have a spread of wealth at the best rate. In which has been proven that free enterprises and proper government regulation of free enterprise competition to allow the small and mediums to compete with the bigs is and has always been the best way to do it for fair and free trade. Thus, the leaders of current except for our current President who is trying hard as all to not allow his cabinet to pull the same thing that the Clinton cabinet pulled on their President.

This means we need to concentrate more US funds on like our President said business's warfare, (his actual words where more like military is not going to get the US its growth that it needs, so true we have been crawling along at a 2% growth rate in which most decades we have to actually cut back substantially and use inflation to save us so the 2% actually goes to a -number, if the calculations where done correctly, but there not. This is primarily because we can see that because of our weak emphasis on business warfare our military bases and now our intelligence bases are having to be shut down at an alarming rate. This is primarily because we have constantly under estimated the Communist whether it has been in the battle field, business field or courts. Which has turned into a complete embarrassing fiasco in the IMF and other free worlds societies that where created to check the Communist and make sure they do not spread out and conquer the world. Which have been completely harnessed due to the centralization of wealth in Communist China. Which has allowed them to be able to wield that wealth to conquer lands and make themselves look like heroes when it was their illegal international trade activities that have caused the trauma in the first place.

My favorite example is Greece. We can see that Greece is a land that should have a low currency as they can't produce much. This means it would allow them to be able to have jobs and actual inflow of capital. However, the Communist and other communist members of the international communist party have conspired to use the Sovereign Wealth funds of the Communist SOE's to keep Greece's currency high comparatively. In which forced them to be a 70% service country. Which has little value. It is the same problem we have seen with the communist for a long time. However, today it is more prevalent because we do not have countries or entities of international union ship fighting against their illegal activities.

Another example that I love to use is the Communist Chinese have just created more free trade agreements than any free world country has. This is primarily due once again to the lack of business warfare intelligence. I mean the Communist have multiple branches of Communist Economic intelligence the biggest being the SASAC and the MSS. I constantly use the MSS, because the top MSS agents have Economic engineering degrees. Which makes no sense if the MSS is a security agency. They are not, they are the main Marxist intelligence agency that uses Karl's Marx's theory of world domination through illegal and unfair competition by enslaving the masses to the will of the elite leaderships so they can conquer the world. Much like Marxist spent his whole life explaining to dictators and other elitist of how to do.

Again back to what we need to do. We I mean both parties as the President has taken a kein eye to my constant arse whooping of our intelligence, and has started a Competition agency, which will make sure our free enterprises get the fair competition between the Communists SOE's and their SASAC and MSS. I like to think of the new agency as the Free world's SASAC, however, we do not wield enslaved humans to the state but help free enterprises by making sure the field is level and the referrers are not corrupted. However, the SASAC as proven time and time again, by wishes of the MSS will do any nasty trick in the book to get their Communist SOE's to conquer other nations. While the US and free worlds just want a fair market place for all to compete, the Communist want to control and conquer, as they seem to think that the US has controlled and conquered. Yet, all we have done is helped people in need and make sure there is as much a fair business practice as always. However, our guardians of now have failed with the Communist economic warfare so our mighty and brave President who has what it takes to stand up to the Communist unlike many other Democratic leaders mmm (senator Reid kissing their arse) and Republicans who constantly state free trade with the Communist SOE's is good, when they are kicking our arses all over the world. The funniest part is our guardians think that by allowing the Communist to conquer the world that they have not failed and that because they now have free markets that they have won. No all they did was exactly what Marxism said they would have to due to conquer the world. They would have to socialize it first, through massive SOE's by uncompetitive means in which other countries would have to use SOE's. Then once SOE's where proliferated and free enterprises crushed they could easily slip back into communism. Stupid, they did a horrible job allowing them to get to this point. Other post communist countries promptly within two years went to a free market. The Communist have taken 30 years and they are still primarily through GDP earning a Communist market place of SOE's.

The agenda is simple, we have lost track of what brings value to a country and what allows it to constantly be able to stay civil and have the best quality of life and safety nets for its people. It is international development and trade that keeps countries in first place. As the Communist grow and are under worded as so called developing when they surpass every terminology of developing, however, again you just have a bunch of leaders who are either corrupted and bought out or are to afraid to make a stand against their illegal SOE's which are supposed to be being disbanded.

So the idea is we are in a trillion dollar deficit. So  we need to spread that out to figure out how much more positive capital inflow, and now weak ones that does not mean negative capital inflow which causes us to lose value by allowing the Communist to come in and take our market shares which cripples our free enterprise ability to compete in the international arena as they can't even have a health market share at home over the long run to get out there and compete with the Communist SOE's. So if we figure that each business at current, that can export, needs to increase their trade at a certain amount, for the necessary spread of wealth to bring down the deficit, then that is what we need to concentrate on. This spread will then allow the US to keep its social safety nets, and defense budges while also creating a happier society as more jobs and things to do for people will come back to the US. However, we have to make a stand against the Communist. Currently this is how the Communist figure out their economics.

They figure they need a certain amount of value to run their country. As such they then go out and figure out how to gain the value from the international market place. They then run their country based on what they can earn from the international market place. The US on the other hand lives on a deficit spending service industrial bell curve. Which is completely improper if we wish to stay in first place and help other free world societies like India to stop Communist economic and political invasion through trade and development of necessary countries. This then will help the US and free world to spread freedom while stopping the idea of Communist enslavement to the state.

Therefore, the government as a necessary need and darn right need of a good arse whooping theoretically just needs to hire me; or you the reader need to donate lots of money to me so I can act like my own agency and give lectures and write books, so we can change the cognition from Communist current world dominate back to free world ideas of growth and prosperity through the spread of free enterprises.

Rider I

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