This one is for Detroit and all those who lost their Childrens homes to Communist EW.

This one is for Detroit and all those who lost their Childrens homes to Communist EW.
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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Dear Congresspeople.

  I am a civilian Communist Economic Warfare analysis as I trace Communist economic attacks on Free enterprises and the system of freedom of economics.
  As per the Second Engine for the new fighter pilots. I as a citizen very worried about Communist attacks on US soil and our allies like Japan, Thailand, Vietnam or many other areas that the Communist Chinese wish to expand China into. As such, my thoughts would like to know what is the our rate of production of military from civilian to military much like we had to do during the world wars, if the Communist Chinese try and expand like the Communist Chinese and the Soviets did in North Korea and Vietnam. I believe that if the US's rate of manufacturing (or its allies combined) weapons at a time of heated elevation is not even close to that of the Communist Chinese, then preempting necessary tools and equipment for battles against a society that is against our ideas of Freedom, and is  3 times bigger than ours might be necessary to have such air, under sea, and sea machines in the wings ready for a fast build up. This is similar to the Nazi's right before they went to expand. They centralized the world's resources, like the Communist Chinese have, they used SOE's to attack their oppositions like the Communist have and then they waited till the rest of the world was off guard and attacked. However, unlike then the US will be the first hit in any major conflict with the Communist as we have so many bases. This means our lee way that we had to build up against the last one world wisher for dominance via Marxist economics warfare will not be there. As such, maybe it might be necessary to run some reports on why it is necessary to have in the wings or holding bays, extra engines, and necessary items that are a main stay to US and free world defenses against Communist Expansion. This might help in the fight for our rights of defense and to stop world domination by another country that believes they have a right to expand and conquer countries under their Communist Political system.

Also I would look into my service bell curve theory as I predict the Communist Chinese will be expanding militarily and through economic warfare use of SOE's after our next trough cycle which will be a depression if I am right.
Theory goes like this, there was legislation that created the savings and loans service bell curve boom bust, then recession; there was legislation that created the .com boom bust then bigger recession; there was legislation that created the mortgage service bell curve industrial boom bust then much bigger recession; each time the Communist have expanded and caught up substantially with the US and free world due to our inability to understand economic communist warfare, lastly the prediction is that the State Forced Monopoly of the Insurance industry will create the US's biggest ever service bell curve boom, which will lead into the US's biggest ever trough cycle during the adjustment down turn. This then will cause the US to not be able to defend against Communist expansion and at worst via massive amounts of loss in taxes due to inflation to save us and borrowing from the Communist will cause civil war, as we have seen during this trough cycle recession a major split in US political bipartisanship.  Also when war games are run in the production build up, do not forget to use satellite EMT and other hacking loss of technology, which at current  the Communist Chinese are way more advanced than the US and its allies.

You might want to run reports on these thoughts your Rider I and freedom Monk hoping for the best and preparing for the worst.

Rider I
Don’t forget when you run the reports run them for the US each separate ally then combined, as currently in the EU there are many Communist Maoist who side with the Communist Chinese and there are also in France a huge Communist following that wishes to implode the idea of freedom of economics. Always, the US has stood on its own and always prepared to due so. This idea that we have cut back 50% of our nuclear arsenal is already exactly what the Communist want to do. Along with that as per our account deficits the Communist are also boxing us in very well.

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