This one is for Detroit and all those who lost their Childrens homes to Communist EW.

This one is for Detroit and all those who lost their Childrens homes to Communist EW.
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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Ok so today at the Library.

I eat one cup of cereal for breakfast and one cup right now for linner. Then I will have one cup of tuna fish with hot source, and lemon juice. So the calories are on track. I have not seen my best friend for a couple of days so sweets and fast food are down too.

In the library I came up with some really good ideas and key platforms for my campaign to stop communist hegemony in the world so as to allow Democratic Republicanism instead. Without war of course just ideas and down home logic. Fight with words and logic not guns and toxics.

Total donation to country and world around  $231 dollars of research. If it is at cost is about $75 figures on who is counting. Me or the government. It cost money to be smart and have a lot of degrees or what is the point in being smart. Then again this is just discovery.

I did economic crunching on cost of time for my donation via all three levels of anti trust books. It would have taken me about five months and I hope I find a job before then so I have to cut it down. As such I consolidated my research down to three books of diversified purpose of the newest intent. However, some of the books I was really interested in had already been checked out, as i do not have the $100 down payment to use the library check out fees. That is ok I can work around it. As such I figure I will take me about two weeks to get through all of the books and note taking. I have also found inside of the books I have started very good guides and boiled down books in which are not in the library that I will search out later for my library.

Oh I met the President today at the Library he came in and said welcome to the team you arse, everyone was all stunned and sat there, I just smiled and said darn straight. However, I do not work for them or the government and this is my individualistic revolution against economic international crime via cartels and anti trust violations. It feels good to be American. now that should be a good plot scheme for something.

Secretly paid cognitioners creating ideas of freedom and Democracy that are not part of the government but however, are enjoyed by the leaders as good things.

Then after he left I had person with a crow come up to me while I was leaving and hand me eagle feather. Weird stuff weird. Then a pyramid of a eagle a hawk and an owl flew over my head. Then followed a crow cackling.

You know you want to see my notes, you know you are so curious to read them and have me explain the scratch and purpose for specific books as per Communist Economic Expansionism via unfair competition. Oh you know you do.

Peace de la resitunce, the book and the word. and the communist goes Resistance is feudal, then I say feudal just like your economic ideas, lol dumb dumb da dumb. Then I say you don't know Americans do you. You say resistance is feudal we see  Sweet TWTEA Trading with the what feudal na the communist would never say that.

If they were smart they would realize I am helping the Chinese people by fighting against Communist world domination. Like tens of millions of Chinese who have secretly resigned from the Communist Party and received the secret owlets. whoops.

scooby snacks time, if you see smoke coming from the van that is just my carburetor it is bad, I like living down by the river in a van.

So it is ok to live the easy life and why fight its ok to be in second place. Bell's na.
Time to economically explore the world more.
Same thing since I was a dumb numb punk ain't nothing changed except the Soviet's. Chinese allow half free market with centralized constant control. We woory more about the extremist right wing religions in the world than we do the extremist left wing enslavers now, but hey, same game different day, only I can be right. There can only be one.
If you can't teach birds how to understand english then you are no punk of mine. I mean teaching dogs to speak English is easy try hamsters or birds. lol think your smart do ya, try that. I do not mean those big Patriots I however you spell parrots.

I want to learn guitar you will learn piano first as it is the roots enough with the roots I hate you I am going to my room, sure poo head you will love me later for my root teachings to your punk arse. Ya I will show you, hot wire the piano to an amplifier then learn to play heavy metal on the piano really fast. F u pops.

Source of coded revolting for today's Communist world domination. Ozzy Osbourne Paranoid made me worry about being enslaved to people like my father and never being able to own my own business.

Time machine is almost ready you numb skulls.

This was the first time I saved the US from one world domination. Darn idiots did not even see me and my crew running through the jungle until Ozzy was blazing upon them via toad amplifiers. Scared the hall out of them, just like I knew it would.

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