This one is for Detroit and all those who lost their Childrens homes to Communist EW.

This one is for Detroit and all those who lost their Childrens homes to Communist EW.
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Sunday, February 20, 2011

Next week is time to get rid of the and get the stallion.

I start figuring it out after anti trust readings and strategic job resume placement tomorrow.

I can't wait to feel the wind and the rain and the cold.

Rider I

Work what all day everyday aint a movement that it is not the three symbols of freedom.

Tomorrow night midnight we ride, I have a present for the west side and its submercibale problems:

Don't make it twice, you act before asking the Owl you pay.

You dare launch then touch my Ireland do ya while destorying our Africa?

Thank you for the report warlocks it is being handled. Very sensitive ground you know, especially if I had to move the tombs.

It has been almost a year and the trace is complete as per my warlockes. I am sorry,

you know the game from the tri symbols, we hold as ancient tradition against elitiest control it is freedom or nothing we are mutually destructive.

the owls do not take threats lightly

As always those opposing the tri may fight as individuals without mutual.

The symbol time table is as usuall

I shall judge fairly if one feels the love for the other.

if you wish not to engage in a crow battle I will call the nosvaratows and the achangels. my brother and sister.

You know the game my natural symbols of life, you ask the question cage or.....

All quantum jumpers stand by. We have a personal debt to setle, launching near a Lt Gen 6 Tree is offensive especially by the dark side cogntion that has created the Greys enemies. I want all Pluto's how crazy to stand by incase they do not take the whopping properly. I want pin point jumps to be down, as my best friend states it is freedom or nothing brother.
This is personal reuin my day off.

It wil be fair an competive as per Owl protocal. Which has been lost but know that I have won the dull it will come back or all traitors to freedom shall meet my quantum saber during dreams. LOL

All the dark earth agenst are do to be considered deadly for the next 24 hours. After such if not calculated starteically moved then shall they walk.

to to to the one one I hate studdoring, did anyone ever ask water waling Chinese gators looked like. I wonder why those ancient beings are in China and the US.

MMM, all swoard in samurai and kendo, I need your protection for fair individual frights, if chosen by the cognitioners. As such I will broadcasted in for judgmeen and watch of my fair assembly of my day off that was wronged.

I want all light on and champions fighting for inclusive cloaking, along with proper of cours as always flight from imperlaist.

As for the west and African areas send the fight club symbols threw.

All tap outs for those courts of extermities shall be accepted at full cost to court owner. It was not death that they calle for just fear and my court shall show some nano style.

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