This one is for Detroit and all those who lost their Childrens homes to Communist EW.

This one is for Detroit and all those who lost their Childrens homes to Communist EW.
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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

How SOE's that create Soverign Wealth funds cause dispartiy.

SOE's are entities that allow a small group of leaders to control economics and labor. This then allows them to shift them as per their elitist whims. This then allows them to steal from their people in forms of Sovereign Wealth funds. Which instead of paying their employees more money or even raising quality of the items to slow inflation, they centralize it and hurdle it at foreign competition markets. This hurling makes those markets less competitive.

The less competitive nature comes from Sovereign Wealth funds being able to direct funds towards area of foreign society that they wish to develop; that goes well with their wishes to send out their massive cold war weapons of SOE.  Thus once their domestic Soverign Wealth funds are full by doubly taxing their own people. They then use them in cohorts with SOE's to dominate foreign markets. This domination allows them to take in more foreign capital.

This then causes a furthe reaction of such in the foreign country to try and compete with the foreign SOE's and Soviegn wealth funds.

The main point in a few sentences since I have been draggind all day on this dary blog post is this.

SOE's centralize wealth away from individual whims which spread out wealth. They then use this centralization of welath to attack foreign market palces and cause the same reaction there. So the normal spread of welfare via free enterpriess and market share competition is not there for the domestic market or the international market place.

Now the actual impacts to centralization of wealth are many.
1. Money is taken out of the pockets of individuals
2. Elitiest use them for their own personal beliefs.
3. They also use them like credit cards allowing other countries to borrow money if they beleive in their ways.
5. This spread of wealht is not in community or capital leaders who are a better representative of the people that can fight with the spread of wealth against greed, corrpution or tryanny.
6. Goverments then spend the centralized money on weapons and cool toys for the eltities. Where as the labor does not get to have cool toys as they are being double taxed.
7. Folks are being doubly taxed. As seen in a number of SOE's their profits as Soviergn Wealth funds and other things up to the number of 10%  can be taken from the employees and actual business. This means that for those folks to make a living they might take a higher wage than what they are actually earning. Which then cauess the SOE's to have to borrow money from the tax pull of SOE banks to keep operating at a low cost to the product for sale.

IT has been about 6 hours now I am going to go.

If only I was making any value here so I could speak and collect citations to back it up. So far it is just a bunch of my ideas thrown on a open note book page, which I wield very unprofessionally as a non professional individual.

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