This one is for Detroit and all those who lost their Childrens homes to Communist EW.

This one is for Detroit and all those who lost their Childrens homes to Communist EW.
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Sunday, February 20, 2011

Unions and the Pubs Self Degredation economic warfare.

Unions go back  to the cowboy days when folks used to run cattle and that was the US's business, along with rail road unions and stage coach unions. It was a way for people to gather against capital which could pay bandits to hurt their families for not working for less and slaving, or even to band together for blatant slavery like what happened to American Irish, Chinese and African Americans.

Today Unions are similar to lobby action groups political groups like the Republicans and Democrats and many other groups as allowed under the 1st Amendment right to assemble. These groups similar to how Pubs and Dems Unionize for power in politics specifically Unionize for power in employment so as to not allow Big Government like the Republican party or Democrat party from stealing from them when they should be other there trying to lead us to more jobs and greenier fields. I am a Red dog, but I am an American before I am part of any Union.

As such as a very powerfully historical figure in this society with my seat and picture along with our great founding fathers on our currency. I will be forced to have to erroded political action groups, like the Democrats and Republicans Parties powers if they errode Unions Powers from their political action to regulate very bad employers and economic leaders like we have seen the last three service bell curves.

This is easily done as seen in Heller v DC when ever American roots are attacked, I write, and am cited by the author of the Supreme court, as I write very well one to two page briefs that pin point like I was taught to do by the Monks.

Not only is it a threat to US roots and political structure by allowing the Communist party to gain more strength as the less educated and harder worked do not understand that anarchist parties threat to the US's ideals of freedom as compared to them just wanting their ability to unionize to protect themselves like the old cowboys and rail road workers did. But it is a major National security issue. As Unions allow the people to tell employers how they feel without going underground. As when Unions became checks and balances to the Republicans and Democrats via the Trinity of Unions Hoover, Hoffa and R Kennedy, they had to literally go to civil wars to stop capatalist greediers from exploiting them and their families. Trust me I know, the Owls blood line is tied directly into movements of quality of life for the US citizens.

It is not right to see these republicans and lesser cognitioners try and blame our woes on our Unions when they have been fighting against Communism at the highest ranks to stop the exploitation of foreign workers by our capatalist leaders which destroys our tax bases and jobs, along with national secrurity industries like high technology. Which has been in deficit the last three years thanks to Unions losing their powers. It is stupid that these people who are not good enough leaders to lead their people to more jobs and more market shares steal and whip their own people.

There will be a check and balance if the Political parties allow the workers to lose their power, trust me.

Rider I
Great men did not die to have their grandchildrens homes destroyed by weak leaders. Cowboys stick together and protect each others families from big government and big greed. Always have always will, when on the trial we stand as one, when homefront is economically attacked we stand as neighbors.

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