This one is for Detroit and all those who lost their Childrens homes to Communist EW.

This one is for Detroit and all those who lost their Childrens homes to Communist EW.
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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Why Economic Wafare is Mala in SE

The reason why Economic Warfare is Mala in SE when done on such a large scale as the Communist have done is because of all the damage they did to allow them to conquer the worlds economics. The mens rea that was needed to show was that they were going to use their SOE's and centralized economics to crash the free world. This is inherent in their dictorial leadership of the Communist by which the  call themselves based on a theory in which proposes crashing the free world to allow the Communist to take over by first socializing via SOE's then causing others to use SOE's then just moving for complete communal ownership with no individual freedoms hire than the communities.

At the point in time when Communism has killed hundreds of millions of people and still places them in labor camps due to their wishes for individual freedom of speech, and economics. Communism no longer is a mala in prohibita, as their is empirical proof that Communism is just as bad as German Socialism. They have the mala in se, and they did this with a mens rea to cause damage to the world so they could rule.

As an unprofessional economic warfare analyst I see that the Communist did crash the worlds economic so they could further their dominance and cause more oppression. I would suspect and believe I have found evidence that Communist countries are creating SPT's based around SOE's in which business type suits come into countries to take out dissidents and change politics via high technological warfare. We saw this through Bill Clinton's terms and the Communist MSS and SASAC attacking his weak links who sympathized with Communist mala in se cognition's. However, as I have taken the helm after the last crash, I have placed due and necessary force on all birds and professionals to literally watch the Communist like hawks. I even have some special teams working on some very nice counter rebuttals if the Communist SASAC or MSS makes any movements we can track.

This is BS that we are now allowing in their Communist SOE's after I believe all necessary elements of economic warfare are there to show the mala in se mens rea of economic warfare for the Communist to dominate the worlds economics.

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The Communist MSS and SASAC to force the US to allow their Communist SOE's is nothing close to the pressure that an Owl can place on its own birds. There are more than enough countries for us to develop to actual create an non reliance on the Communist like they just did by passing us with more free trade agreements. At the point in time the Communist are able to use defeatist mind sets where we  can no longer pressure them to transition their economies and it has come to a grinding halt, and they are pressuring the US and free world to allow in the very economic weapons they are supposed to be transitioning, that is when the Owls get involved for better or worse we are the intelligence community volunteers whether they like it or not, we are older than them and much more able to move in cloak except me as I have placed myself on the line to be seen and show them they need to listen in a hurry.

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