This one is for Detroit and all those who lost their Childrens homes to Communist EW.

This one is for Detroit and all those who lost their Childrens homes to Communist EW.
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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Why are comparable high technological parks to old comparable nuclear physics parks being allowed to be built by Communist intellegence units in Idaho, under Sinomach control? Would we have allowed KGB Communist SOE's to build nuclear physicist parks

Dear reader,
The US does not want US SOE's take-in over the insurance industry. So my question I pose to you is why do we allow Communist SOE's like Sinomach to come into places like Idaho and completely take over industries. It does not make sense to me. The US's SOE's can't take over the insurance industry, but Chinese Communist SOE's can come in and start to take over US industries. I do not like Communism so allowing either to take over our market shares as Communists SOE's seems to be a problem.
What is going on in this country. The Chinese Communist SOE's are supposed to be disbanding not making a full come back via our economic trough which is allowing them to take contracts uncompetitive with our free enterprises that where just seriously taken out via the reliance on the service bell curve, which is a force because of unfair communist production of other things like cars.
excuse my language but WTF.
I mean we have a case against China’s unfair subsidizing of green tech like solar panels. Then we have Senator Reid give $450 million to a Chinese SOE to take over a Texas market shares  to probable politically erode Republican bases through root funding of Communist ideals. I mean this allowance of Communist entities in a long run graph of economics will lead to a force of American SOE’s to take over free enterprises market shares to compete against the Communist SOE’s that are supposed to be being disbanded.
Bellow is my underground open source intelligence.
Sinomach is part of 45 Communist SOE’s run by a centralized entity Called SASAC:
Sinomach literally tells Idaho that it can run their states economic woes for them in paraphrase:
 U.S.-China Economic and Security
Review Commission Staff Report
Manzullo: China Must End Unfair Trade Practices to Give Americans Chance to Compete for Jobs
United Steelworkers’ Section 301 Petition Demonstrates
China’s Green Technology Practices Violate WTO Rules
U.S. challenges Chinese wind-power subsidies
The Obama administration on Wednesday filed a case against China before the World Trade Organization, accusing Beijing of providing unfair government subsidies to Chinese energy companies.
So they the Communist are subsiding their business, Senator Reid is giving them $450 million of our taxes, and we gave them 80%  of our green tech stimulus. Should the citizens of this country be pissed off yet or what Senator? I mean how unorganized is our economic intelligence units?
I want you to se our labor Unions faces in this picture then Look at Senator Reid. My only guess is he is happy to have a Communist entity being given our stimulus money, our tax dollars and Communist government subsidies while our free enterprises struggle just to compete for domestic market shares and the  other communist entities run the international market place. WTF.
Wind at their backs: Powerful Democrats help Chinese energy firm chase stimulus money
I do not know Senator. I would expect the soul cognition of this country with 2 years and some months on unemployment. The loss of houses and the completely idiocracy of our tax dollars being given to the Communist SOE’s that are supposed to be being disbanded.
Me personally, I have a good root theory I am trying to get finished in school that should create a tree to stop these SOE’s from overtaking the international community. I mean during the Soviet Cold war any SOE’s was specifically defended against and complete proliferated for defense our economy. Now I see SOE’s invading and due to a service bell curve reliance that crashes us we they can’t even defend themselves to be able to compete with contracts.
Where are our guardians? Where are the Shephards that lead such a great free economic battle against the last Communist SOE invasions, by the Soviets?
Rider I
Allowing the Communist SOE’s to take over industries but not US SOE’s in the industries seems to me a little backwards. Along with those lines any economist can tell you if we allow the proliferation of Communist SOE’s we will also have to create SOE’s to compete against them. As they have their whole countries  tax bases, centralized economics, military and intelligence units at their red phone tactic whims.
Excuse my language Reader.
Communist SOE's are supposed to be being disbanded what are they doing in my backyard?
70% of crime and terroism is stopped by the individual reporting suspicious activity. I would believe economic warfare should fall under that too.
  It would seem our intelligence in one of the world’s last places of freedom is of late very lackadaisical on the matters of Communist expansion. We have seen the Communist Party of China centralized the world’s wealth through the allowance of our intelligence Units. They have done this through using Marxist ideas of economic weapons to destruct freedom and free markets via SOE’s. Which has allowed Boise Idaho and other areas of the US to be invaded by Communist Intelligence Units of SASAC and MSS, via Marxist economic warfare weapons:
 In which the strategy goes like this:
1.       They use massive SOE’s to enter the free markets via their communist party intelligence Units of the SASAC and the MSS. Which is worse than the KGB as they have become even better at the Communist economic warfare strategy. The use of these SOE’s will then centralize the wealth through unfair and anti-competitive markets. As governments and free enterprise have a hard time using Senator Sherman’s anti-trust laws against them as Communist SOE’s use intelligence units like SASAC and the MSS to centralize and coordinate all SOE activities in the manner of cartel fashions.
2.       Once the Communist SOE’s have gained entrance to the free markets domestically. Then it will cause the rise in Corporate greed. This then will cause an even bigger disparity in the spread of wealth as the SOE’s and the Corporations leave less room for individual ownership of labors and more need for taxes to spread the wealth and bigger companies to compete with the Massive unfair SOE’s.
3.       Once the Communists SOE’s which are supposed to be only be being used for domestic poverty shares, cause the Corporations to be allowed to massively centralize wealth. Then the citizens of the country will act out and call for more SOE’s. Thus the Communist SOE’s who caused the root problem will be pushing citizens right into the hands of the Communist party.
4.       Once this happens and the Communist party gains a big enough political foot hold they can then move to the next step in Karl’s Marxist destruction of religion and freedom. Which is to completely communize the world under a single international currency, and one world government.
It is unimaginable to me, that less than 40 years ago the Chinese Communist Party and the Soviet Unions tried to wipe out the idea of religion and freedom across the world. However, unlike what we did with the Socialist Party of German and Hitler allowing them to conquer. The US and allied forces immediately stopped the invasion of Vietnam. We did not win the war. However, we were able to let them know we will not let you pull a Socialist German party movement without us being right there.
Millions of US soldiers died to stop the expansion of Communism which wishes for the destruction of religious freedoms, and the destruction of free enterprises. Before that and during that the Communist party was responsible for almost more than what the German Socialist Party was responsible for in deaths and tortures. The Communist party took anyone wanting to own their own enterprise, or belief in religious freedoms and place them in camps if they spoke out against their oppression.
                Today we see similar actions of the Communist party. They have backed Vietnam in their destruction of freedom of religion and massive destruction of free enterprises. The Communist party has allowed North Korea to stay communist even though they have huge religious and freedom disparities and constantly attack free world South Korea. The Communist where supposed to be disbanding their Communist SOE’s. However, they have juts conglomerated them under single names and then proliferated them for more expansion.
                They have been getting away with this because they now allow more free enterprises. Which the world then does not see the Communist Party as a threat anymore. However, as I have been trained since a child and have read the communist economic warfare manuals over and over again. I do not see them  stopping being Communist. What I see is the strategy of Marxism to destroy the free world and freedom of religion via cloaking their activities.
                It was one thing to help them become a free country by eating up their economic sins.
                                Economic Sinner eater theory:
1.       For the Communist to become free the US and free enterprise had to allow them to unfairly compete with our citizens for jobs and resources, along with international market shares.
2.       This then allowed the Communist to transition into a bigger free world. In hopes they would abandon Marxism and its wishes to destroy the free world.
However, they have not. They have started to go back on their promise of the free world to eat their sins. They use heavy communist SOE’s to centralize the worlds rare earth minerals at an illegal holding of over 90% of the worlds rare earth minerals. Even though there are over 180 countries with rare earth minerals that are not communist. This is deadly as rare earth minerals the worlds new plutonium. With such weapons as nano technological device, teleportation machines, electromagnetic, satellite proliferation for hacking of planes and machines. The high technological field has become our old nuclear physicist field.
                The loss of US’s jobs and economic stability has been based on a service bell curve:
                                Service Bell curve theory:
1.       The US and free world societies because of unfair competition with Communist SOE’s and padded free enterprise markets have been reliant on a heavy 70% service industry and 30% actual production industry. This has been for a long time, and has caused us to create huge amounts of deficit and inflation.
2.       This service bell curve, then causes the US and free world societies to be based on service industries. Like the savings and loans, .com and mortgage, and probable the insurance industry is next.
3.       These service bell curves are run on an employment multiplier along. This employment multiplier is based on the idea that once the service industry has gained most of its potential market shares employment will start to fall. Thus causing the other jobs that were reliant on that service industry to fall to. This is because as market share potential is gained in a domestic fenced in environment (due to inability of the US and free world to develop foreign countries using consumables or production) the service industry will have to start to eat itself to compete. Which means, more or less cheaper services and less employees doing more. This is called the recession and the credit crunch is also based on this too.
4.       The credit crunch is due to the reliance on a service industry which holds no value once it is gone. For example we take the Mortgage industry. Once there are no more mortgages to give out or we go into a recession then the jobs are gone and the jobs relying on the service jobs are gone with it. Thus this means that the ability of people to pay off their credit goes down. So banks start to sell off bad credit. Until there is a huge credit crunch.
5.       This credit crunch then causes the US and free world to start to consume less. Which means that the Communist will produce less.
6.       However, as the Communist have gained fast holdings of market shares and surplus at this time they are fine and when we go into the trough cycle can start buying up our business and market shares .
7.       This is what we are in right now the trough cycle in which the communist are buying up our industries and market shares because our companies can’t compete with their unfair economics, massive Communist SOE;s backed by huge government  surpluses and the Communists parties intelligence units of SASAC and MSS>
This then brings us to Idaho. Idaho was allowed via weak intelligence to go out and literally Seak Communist intelligence Units like the SASAC and MSS which control Sinomach as a conglomerated massive Communist economic warfare weapon. I take this to be analogues to the Alamo. The Alamo was a place where US citizens had set up camp on the boarder of US and Mexico. The Alamo had bad intelligence on the Mexican military build up in the area and was not able to properly defend itself. So when the Alamo went out to ask to get supplies with a white flag, they were slaughtered.
  The analogy to the present day Idaho Sinomach situation is the same to me. The us economic intelligence units have allowed the worlds wealth to be centralized in the Communists country of China. Thus then causing the weakening of the US states and cities like Idaho via very good Marxist economic warfare strategies applied by the MSS and SASAC.  This would be the Alamo with its citizens and soldiers analogues to Boise Idaho, needing supplies or in this case jobs. Then the leaders of Idaho with bad intelligence are allowed to go to the MSS and SASAC to ask for supplies or jobs. So instead of coming back with export contracts and the ability of US companies to export to Communist China they are slaughtered. The Communist say they will build an MSS and SASAC torch program in Idaho to help them create jobs.
The MSS and SASAC torch program is analogous to US’s 50 nuclear type scientist cities and physicist research centers gathered together. As then the huge weapons were nuclear and atomic weapons. Today however, they are high technological weapons; As we can easily hack a nuclear missile and control it. Or even hack an airplane via satellite and control it too; With the proper proliferation of high technological weapons. So in essence when Boise Idaho or any state in the Union allows the Communist SOE’s to come in and build MSS and SASAC torch programs in the US. It would be like allowing the KGB to come in and build nuclear or atomic self sustaining research facilities in the US.
Why is this important. First of all the Communist party has not followed through with their plans to disband the economic warfare weapons. This is proven by the massive conglomeration of the SOE;s under one name then the massive Communist expansion in the international community. In which MSS and SASAC intelligence units are used to centralize the wealth of tha area via Communist SOE’s. Then redistricted it via conquer and control tactics just like the Soviets and CCP did and do in their domestic policies.
I thus I would have to ask that your sheep be warned in allowing in Communist MSS and or SASAC into your churches areas. As the communist have done at home. They do not allow separation of Church and state and as the Communist control the churches in their country. If they are allowed to take domestic control of the US or free world. There will be no other country to powerful enough to stand up to their Communist SOE’s or ant freedom values. This has literally been created through a defeatist mind set. I personally took a trip to the Capital of the US and free world. In which I sat in the US’s National Defense College and watched a seminar on defeatism. In which they are teaching our bright young defense leaders about defeatism.
The idea that the Communist should be allowed to dominate and conquer the world and the US and free world can’t stop them is wrong. There is over a 180 countries out there with rare earth minerals that we could help develop and create a massive surge of US jobs and exports to develop them. We also can easily keep the Communist out of those countries as they currently hold 90% of the worlds rare earth minerals. As such it would be easy to get free world backing to keep the Communist out of those countries. 
However, if we keep up with this defeatist mind set of not standing up to Communist SOE invasions and MSS and SASAV intelligence units not properly being gamed by the CIA. We will have no choice but to be defeated by the Communist. It is predicted by almost every economists. That the Communist Chinese will be dominating the world very soon. They are stil communist, we have a defeatist mind set, and currently the Communist are using heavy Blitzing of the free world to entrench and root themselves in our countries via their massive Communist unfair SOE’s to stop dissent of their world domination. I implore you to stop the Communist Parties economic warfare.  
Why would the CIA allow a KGB unit to build nuclear research in the US or why would the CIA allow the MSS and SASAC to build a communist self sustaining high technological facility in the US’s heartland.
Stop the Communist SOE invasion of Idaho please, for freedom of religion and civil rights and for all those souls who fought bravely  against communism. Along with all of those who currently sit in labor camps for wanting to be Democratic in the Communists Chinese are not to be taken as lightly as we have been taken them. Help me stop the centralization of the world’s wealth in the Communists control. They are not developing or poor they are the worlds riches country. They are just communist and instead of using it for freedom and individual desires like we do in the states, they use it for economic warfare control of international market shares. An SOE when left at poverty market shares like the US votes for time and time again to stop domestic communism, is a good stable thing. Once they are allowed to proliferate to Marxist weapons via Massive SOE’s, then they become a national security issue.
If you can’t do it contact me and I can easily explain what to do.
I have a data collection and underground intelligence cite against communist economic warfare. If you feel like it you might want to read the articles, books and items on the side of the page.
Stand by for enlightenment of Communist World domination. Are you going to stop another KGB world domination or take the defeatist mind set and allow the Communist party to economically dominate the world?
Shall we ride? Against Communist SOE invasion of Boise Idaho, via Sinomach SOE? Legally and Properly.  If we do not stand up to them who will?
I am not a professional anything, all thoughts are my personal opinion. Why would we allow the Communists Intellegence Units to come and build jobs at home for them to own. When the US could help free enterprises build to export. Why are weak and intra verted when we should be strong and extraverted to compete against Communist world domination and developmentatio. I do not think the Communist should be the world's developmental engine. It should be a free country like the US, India, Canada, Britain, France or some country that does not have the Communist Party in the grips of tryancy. hoo ra.

Rider I

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