This one is for Detroit and all those who lost their Childrens homes to Communist EW.

This one is for Detroit and all those who lost their Childrens homes to Communist EW.
This is an unprofessional Collection cite. That wishes for Speech and Debate with Regards to the topics collected and Special Libraried. I wish for defense of Fair Use Doctrine, not for profit, educational collection. "The new order was tailored to a genius who proposed to constrain the contending forces, both domestic and foreign, by manipulating their antagonisms" "As a professor, I tended to think of history as run by impersonal forces. But when you see it in practice, you see the difference personalities make." Therefore, "Whenever peace-concieved as the avoidance of war-has been the primary objective of a power or a group of powers, the international system has been at the mercy of the most ruthless member" Henry Kissinger The World market crashed. There was complete blame from the worlds most ruthless power on the world's most protective and meditational power. So I responded. Currently being edited. If you have any problem with IP or copyright laws that you feel are in violation of the research clause that allows me to cite them as per clicking on them. Then please email me at US Copy Right Office Fair Use doctrine. Special Libary community common law, and Speech and Debate Congressional research civilian assistant. All legal defenses to copy right infringement.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Research Paper Outline-Hopefully first publish.

Update Competitive Intellegence Graduate Certificate, or Masters depending on my acceptance to my hopefull program. Along with my MBA combined JD. This should allow me to go weight for weight with such centralized economic units as the MSS and SASAC, without having to have five to six members on the team.
Elegance with some flair from a man who raised with his fists and now uses his wits.
Hey, that guy in miss liberty's dream, waiting on her hand and foot, looks just like me. Hehe :) That is ok I hav changed facial expressions and features since I have seen this; via practiced routined molecular changing, it is a deep mediation process that one can learn in the mountains of the Hindi's in less than three days if you are invited. (FACS) Take that study and then the secret of the I's and well you have a new look and a new face. However, I have scars from fights so only from far away it works and close up if you do not know my scar codes.
For the Ghosts who have come from all over the Universe to rest with us in freedom:
Symbolism: limbs are industries of trade in international marketplace.
Below if you do not know then you never will.

Schools in session:

This blog note pad is brought to you by the cognitive ease of:
All commerce has not nexus to me as an individual except for my personal likes and good feelings. Also all refreshments for the cogny process was purchased prior to unemployment. As I traced my employers mental process and thus stocked up before he was able to lay me off.  So good to go, until next job, or full time school or both.

I am not leaving this country or the idea of freedom in the desert so we can just do service bell curve and allow the idea of feudalism to come back all around again. The more leaders and diversity of individual ownership is the highest for of freedom we can obtain outside of meditation. When we decided to take the water over the big weapons they should us that we need to get minerals from other non living organism planets. The German's wanted the big weapon so it was granted then we stole it from them. Then, the Rusky's wanted the big weapons so we followed them. Now we must compete against another big weapon wisher with their massive SOE's and centralized economics. We need to compete. However, not with also creating massive soe's or corporations to do so. We need to outsmart them like we did in the first cold war.
image i have
The Extreme left wing idea of all owning is very uncompetitive when allowed to be used with the free world's idea of individual ownership.
image i have
The Communist wish to conquer the world and place their ideas in countries via political and economic means. Thus allowing them to be the center of the world's economic bases for loans, and production.
image i have
The Chinese Communist have taken strategies form both the last two world conquerors Germany and the Soviet Union and applied it to their soft power strategy.
image i have
The US has become weak since thinking that because the Soviet's fell that the communist threat is no more.
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When the anti-trust and intelligence economic wings were closed or rearranged after the soviets concluded they would like more freedom; we have forgotten how to compete and regulate communist entities and their massive size, along with massive cartels of state capitalism.
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The US and free societies are crashing after each service bell curve. Then the Communist are able to use their surplus and unfair centralized economics to buy up international marketplaces and domestic market places. Thus making the free societies weaker and enabled to dissent against their communist political rule.
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I do not like it when countries we help blame us when they know darn well it is there fault for the worlds economic troubles as no one can compete with them. As every darn free society has taken huge hits in jobs, taxes, and skilled labor due to communist centralized economics.
image i have
This country and world needs an Economic John Wayne.
Thats me.
We have Warren Buffet out there with no clue why all of his good investments are over seas and why the US's and free world business are not growing and are declining. Then we have George Soros who is so busy playing ruse with Glen Bech. That he has forgotten to defend his brother land from communist economic attacks.
So that is where this young buck steps in. I do not have money to play with. However, I can persuade. As I was able to already get the House to vote that we should research into the communists economics. However, something is wrong in the Senate as I have not seen that bill passed yet. So i started looking at way. I found Senator Reid, now he is being invested for working so closely with the Communists entities and free societies to possible erode the political economy of his domestic opposition in favor for his international opposition.
I do not know what they are waiting for. Their is enough empirical data to show that the free world is losing business and high skilled labor at an every surpassing rate. While not being able to replace them fast enough to Communist China. So I looked at any Senator who might try and tie it up. I mean House vote that thing strong. Then the Senate for some reason is sitting on it. So I started at the top. Found a red flag and sent orders for that Senator to be investigated with his activities with the Chinese. As 1. he was supposed to get the green bill passed. 2 he did not 3. He is the lead Senator 4. The Green tech stimulus was allowed to have 80% of our tax money to create jobs in primarily China. 5. Then he goes and gives a Chinese business $450, million in a conservative state. Which could very easily upset the political economy of that state. He is a primary suspect for why my bill is not being passed. It is not really my bill. Mine was to get them to do research into economic warfare. Which I will go at it again, after I get proper guidance. The one that went up was just on currency. Mine was better but hey. So I wait, we are all getting really upset out here in voter land, and poor land, and stress land, and new employees taking huge pay cuts land threatening our quality of life and jobs land, heavily reliance on service bell curve land then boom crash savings loan, .com, mortgage, massive lay offs and house real estate losses each time, land of we just went four years in a row with a high tech trade deficit, land of the guardians of owls who have fought against feudalism since the days of the saints, land of freedom and most importantly, LAND OF THE BRAVE; So this is our land and this is your land. This is not communist land and this is not the whole world's land. So, Do something please.

Book for outline quotations
Social Research Methods 4th Edition David Dooley
Dictionary Websters 11th Collegiate Dictionary
Also after the Methodology Books I will be completeting review of
Economics Macro and Micro Books
Accounting Financial and Managerial Books
Then I will start my proliferation ot the wish list of literature on the side of this blog cite.
I figure once I get my loans for school I will use some of those loans for the literature I will need to review to complete my movement against the MSS and Communist Centralized International Party.
Then I will have to complete a few pre-request courses.
So by that time I should have this outline of studies and books done with notes for any light bulbs that go on. As I do not like to annotate in my book. As then that annotation becomes my only thought while reading if even read at a later maturity point. However, notes before the book or after the book with page numbers or just ideas in general are ok. As it allows me to read again with my new mature cognitive process and further thoughts or see if they have changed.  
Noticular citations.
Primary study: Communist Economic Warfare
Secondary Study: Domination of the International Market Place
Are they using primary to accomplish secondary?
Put them to together and you have what I want to know.
Is the Communist Party of China Using Economic Warfare to Dominate the International Market?
Backdraft questions that the major question will hopefully answer without having to ask.
Does Chinese Communist Economic Warfare exist?
Is the heavy reliance on communist economics causing a service bell curve reliance?
Is the service bell curve constantly crashing?
Is the Service bell curve a stable industrial curve?
Is the idea of global communism causing economic imbalances?
Does the Chinese Communist Party use their state capitalism unfairly?
Does recapitalization of Chinese SOE's cause the rest of the world to bail out their business?
Is the international anti-trust regulations the proper way to balance any international imbalances?
Do the Communist gain ground when the free societies service bell curves send them through trough cycles?
Why do the Communist Need their massive conglomerated SOE's if they have very competitive free enterprises in those industries?

I like everybody that plays fair and likes economic and civil freedoms.
Now it is time to talk to the talk. I want a good audience so I have to pay in a loan take out around $15,000 on how to properly be educated to present to our Legislative branch; hopefully that is my MA.

Books on the side including what is Economic Warfare along with any other books that show that Communist China has the propensity to use economics to dominate (conquer) the international market place.
This should be easy I have a whole list. I will just have to get up the money. So far to start I need $3,000 to get into the program in which I hope teaches me how to properly write a Graduate Paper. Sallie Mae gave me a loan extension to file for deferment for unemployment. I hope they give me another loan for my prerequisite and grad classes. It has been another day and no unemployment check after the waiting period. My bills are about to hit, they are shutting off my phone very soon. Any Literature on anti-trust, cartel and other horizontal or vertical fair competition regulations. In which I will need to apply via strategies to the basic question of  the possibility of the Communist implementing economic warfare to dominate the international market.

This will primarily concentrate on my graph schemes and theories of the service bell curve along with the other graphs that show and explain negative and positive capital inflows. Plus some other midnight rider thoughts I have to thumb through and find on data analysis.

I will look into my mythology research book and find a best fit for a static type data set anomaly already collected and just being applied. This is the part of the communist reason for such centralized economy. However, I will also need to do a proper statistical methodology.

"A model of academic achievement. Theories state suspected relations among concepts.

Constructs are reminders of the building blocks of theory consist of mental constructions of images that are in our mind's eye.

When measuring the construct in a way that gives varying values, we call the measure variable, a term we reserve to mean an indicator or a measure.

Theoretical variable refers to an abstract or unmeasurable concept or a construct such as academic achievement.

Those are abstract unmeasured aspects of people events or things.

Theories vary in their range, some including more constructs or causal links, and some fewer.

Exogenous construct causes come from outside the theory. Exogenous constructs have straight casual arrows leading away from but not to them. In their measured form, such variables go by the name independent variables because they are independent of (not caused by) the other variables in the model.
This linkage has many exceptions, and the degree of the concurrence remains to be estimated.

Endogenous construct  causes appear in the model. The manifest or measured form of endogenous construct go by the name dependent variables because their values or levels depend on the causal variables.
Direct causal paths  in a theory a simple, one-way causal connection between two constructs.

Reciprocal causation  in a theory a two-way causal connection between tow constructs in which each causes the other.

Indirect Causation In a theory, a set of two or more causal connections by which one construct causes a second indirectly via one or more intervening constructs.

Intervening variable Measured variable in a hypothesis test, or a theoretical variable in a theory that is the effect of one variable and a cause of another.

Why have theories?

Action  The word theory connotes ivory towers where theorists take flights of fancy that have little to do with real life or average people. In fact, most theorists have real-world concerns in mind when they develop their ideas and can justify their efforts by pointing to social choices that their work could affect. Indeed nothing, is so practical as a good theory.

Theories serve us in two major ways. First, theories meet our need to act even when we are uncertain. The necessity to act often forces us to guess about how the world works. Until we can replace our guesses with laws, we want to make our guesses the very best that they can be. We can think of theories as carefully reviewed and comprehensive guesses. Good theories have coherence, logic and internal consistency." research methodology book notes

Dictionary definition
"Coherence: integration of diverse elements, relationships or interest [to be consistent]

Logic: a science that deals with the principles and criteria of validity of inference and demonstration: the science of formal principles of reasoning. (2) c interrelation or sequence of facts or events when seen as inevitable or predictable

Criteria: a standard on which a decision may be made or based 2 characterizing trait or mark.

Validity: 1 having a legal efficacy or force executed with the proper legal authority and formalities 2a well grounded or justifiable being at once relevant and meaningfull 3 appropriate to the end in view 4 conforming to accepted principles of sound classification

Inference: the act of passing from one process of judgment considered as true to another whose truth is believed to follow from that of the former b the act of passing from statistical sample data to generalizations with calculated degree of certainty.

Principles: a comprehensive and fundamental law, doctrine of assumption b(1)rule of code' of conduct b an ingredient that exhibits or imparts a characteristic quality

Internal consistency: is the extent to which tests or procedures assess the same characteristic, skill or quality. It is a measure of the precision between the observers or of the measuring instruments used in a study. This type of reliability often helps researchers interpret data and predict the value of scores and the limits of the relationship among variables."

Back to the olodogy
"More than that, good theories integrate existing thoughts and data, taking into account both agreements and disagreements among observers [this is important I want to make sure to create more than a presumptions rebuttal, I must also outline the communist views that it was the free markets fault for the crash, which is a blow back answer to the primary question] Well-researched and well-argued theories can persuade policy makers better than can wild guesses. Plausible theories can contribute to very important social policy decisions."

Back to it:
"Theories prove useful in a second way by guiding research. Scholars know that theories are only tentative, temporary ways of seeing of the world, awaiting further research. But the world poses a great many questions. How does one single out of any one question for the study? Theory serves to specify the most crucial questions. Better theories point to better questions, that is, those that merit out interests and that will yield to our methods. Worthy questions do not already have the answers. To pursue an already answered question wastes our time and makes no new contribution. However, we should distinguish redundant studies on an already answered question from those on a question that remains unsolved. [much like the question I propose to empirically answer]
Good questions should also be answerable. Some important questions, such as What causes poverty? or What causes war? will prove too large to answer in any single study with our present methods. [that is why I propose just the economics between the Communist Chinese and their ability to use it to conquer others economics. It is simple idea of a specific countries economics through the scope of constructs of the free world economics v. Communist economics along with the variables of  free enterprise and market forces v  the Marxist centralized economic planning and SOE's.] Researchers divide great social problems into smaller questions that remains unsolved. [my question however, is just a smaller version of why the world economics crashed. It takes a small comparatively study of the communist manifest of economic warfare. Thus providing an answer to a very intriguing question. Is the Communist empire using economic warfare to dominate free market forces? However, the way I have framed my question allows me to intercede a new study into the area of economics. Which is economic warfare. As from what I have seen many economists have forgotten that it is questioned that the Communist did and do use their political ideas to implement economic strategies in the form of soft power warfare.] Good theories map a series of manageable tasks, which together will solve the great puzzle. [The manageable tasks at hand are the show communist ideas of complete domination and overthrow of opposition, then that economic warfare through soft power not hard power does exist, then data collection that the allowance of communist economics in the free world competition unchecked is harmful, then show the harm. While rapping it up with the solution of use of Senator Sherman's life long work of the anti-trust laws and their amendments. Which was created to deal with capitalist communist and their massive uncompetitive marketplace entities and can easily be applied to state capitalist or communists as most know them.]
Answerable questions suggest claims that can be disconfirmed. [Which the Communist party has already done] Good theories produce clear predictions that data can support or contradict. [the use of state capitalism v. free enterprise is causing economic imbalance due to unfair trade. Easy to collect easy to predict easy to see. Also easy to contradict, except when I am done I suspect it will not be.] Good theories produce clear predictions that data can support or contradict. [much like my professional prediction I will use after this question is confirmed or disconfirmed regarding the service business cycles role in the US's boom busts and the prediction for the next one based on our debts and ability to keep gaining debt if we do not start paying it off.]
Good theories run the risk of being shown wrong. [I would expect nothing less from my opposition]
Theory serves to organize research [that is what I need for this blog cite and my presentation to the leaders of this free society.]
NOMOTHETIC  refers to the study of general laws or properties. This approach strives to discover regular patterns that hold in different times and places. That research can use a common set of concepts or dimensions to describe [the future movements of the theorized primary study]
IDIOGRAPHIC  approach focus on the particular of the individual person, place, or time under study without trying to generalize or [&] discovery universal laws.

The process of theory based research
Steps in Making and Using theory
Theory-based research consists of a few repeating steps: induction, deduction, and tests.

In the induction phase, we connect general principles or relationships that might explain specific observations, anecdotes, or research results. In moving from the particular to the general, we are creating theory. Sometimes, we can trace such ideas to earlier theories or analogies borrowed from other disciplines.
Theory need not simply summarize observed relationships. Theory can also express the theorist's guesses about unobserved relations. The theorist may invent new concepts and predict new links between concepts. [only if the primary element of historical data is there] Thus, theory comes partially from data and partially from speculation.
The theorist's special interests and training will help orient him or her toward one or another broad area.

The next step in theory based research, draws specific assertions or claims form general theoretical principles. A theory that has many constructs and causal paths can provide more than one such claim. Drawing of specific assertions from general principles.

Hypothesis Testing and Operationalization 
To test a theory or any of its components, we must find a way to make concrete the constructs of each proposition and to observe them in some particular subject. [Thus making a presumable rebuttal much harder to muster with a specific concrete observation and test.] In order to translate a construct into a tangible, observable form, we must make an operational definition.
Operational definition: Procedure that translates a construct into manifest or observable form.
When we operationalize a proposition (that is, translate its constructs into observable form), it becomes a hypothesis. A hypothesis consists of a prediction about the relations among operational terms.
Hypothesis testing, the third basic step in social research, brings theory and reality face to face with each other. If the observed data do not fit our hypothesis, we are inclined to reject the hypothesis and to doubt the theory from which we deduced it. Any mismatch of specific data with theory tends to lower our confidence in or falsify the theory, assuming that we have conducted the hypothesis test well.
Since theory should hold for all cases within the theory's domain, only tests of the theory in all relevant cases would give conclusive proof. [I wonder if the idea of win win would suffice for this. As the communist have this idea that by doing business with them and allowing them to gain the production edge which allows them to gain the fuel edge, which then allows them to gain the one world currency edge, in which allows them to control through a single political ideological perspective. Would that suffice, the baby and t-ball idea of win win. There is no win win in business. Someone is getting the upper hand each transaction. If I have x and you have y. We want to trade. I will only trade if I believe it benefits me, and you will only trade if it benefits you. Then we just have to see who wants to benefit less.]

Guidelines for Theory
Aside from internal logic and agreement with he data, we commonly want out theories to have two properties. One of these is parsimony, which in this context means efficiency. A parsimonious theory employs the fewest constructs and linkages necessary to explain the events of interest. If two theories have equal success in fitting the data, we usually prefer the one with more parsimony. Nevertheless, some realities, especially social ones, do not seem very simple, and our data may force us to complicate our theories with more constructs and causal linkages.
Parsimony Attribute of theory of being simple or sparing of constructs and relationships.

The other property that guides us in revising theory is generality. Theorists try to stretch their theories to explain more and more data. Theories that explain more findings will prove more useful than less general rival theories. In the absence of theory, our science would consist simply of unrelated facts and thoughts. General theory can take us beyond the already seen and familiarly to predict what will happen in circumstances that we have never encountered.
We may not always be able to achieve both generality and parsimony. To gain greater generality, we may have to accept greater complexity. Nevertheless, most researchers aspire to a theory that has both parsimony and generality. Such a combination of simplicity and power would have an esthetic appeal that we call elegance. An elegant theory not only will prove functional but also has a kind of beauty. [for me the beauty is opening up China to a freer society and to compete fairly without massive SOE conglomerations in international economics so the middle east and other countries like Africa which are currently hugely invaded by SOE's can have a chance to compete for their sovereignty and their own people to own their labors. May not be beautiful to you, but that sounds like a pissed off women and a crying baby saying high for the first time. It is so beautiful it has been know to take many a man and women and rearrange their whole lifes.]

Testing Theory
Where Are Theories Found? Statements of theory appear throughout most research reports. We find them in article introductions because theory provides the rationale for conducting most studies. We also see theory in methods and results sections because the operationalizations and study designs must serve the variables and deductions drawn from theory. Finally, theory often reappears in the discussion sections of research articles. here the work of feeding back the results of the study to the inductive process begins. Thus, most databased or empirical reports refer to theory throughout and illustrate in miniature each of the research steps.
Theory can appear in a pure form without any hypothesis tests or reports of a new data. Such theory statements articulate and defend theory, drawing on and relating existing studies. Such theory papers may require long journal articles or even who books. Some journals devote themselves to theory or theory and review [I hope I get in and get criticized so I can whop their butts and fix what they say is wrong]. Theory and review papers differ from empirical ones in their format.

Reliability and Validity
Reliability refers to the degree to which observed scores are free from errors of measurement citation. We can gauge reliability by the consistency of scores.

Validity refers to the appropriateness, meaningfulness, and usefulness of the specific inferences made form the measures citation. Thus validity belongs not just to a measure but depends on the fit between the measure and its label.

Pyschometrics Research area devoted to evaluating and improving reliability and validity of measures.
Reliability and validity coefficients. These numbers show us how much confidence we can place in the measures.

Errors of Measurement
 Decomposing Observations. Measurements theory begins with the insight that any observation or test score is imperfect. [in my study it is the idea that the Communist are just manipulating their currency, when they are actually in my theory using a myriad of communist strategic economic warfare that was historically found to be used by the last communist dynasty; the Soviets. Along with that I think the status quo error of allowing the US to massively lose all industries to trade deficits and have to rely on the service bell curve is also detrimental to the US. This reliance is an error that will be part of the main question data gathering because the service bell curve allows the Communist to crash then devour free markets with the control of the international surplus of wealth and production in theory it should come out in the wash I believe.] We can think of the observed score (also called fallible score, or X) as the sum of two general components: true score (T), the part that perfectly reflects the concept of interest; and error (E), the difference between the true and observed scores. That is, X=T+E
Theory test
So X is the current international economic imbalance
Then T is Communist being able to conquer and dominate international economics
Which is due to E the error of not properly understanding the communist economic warfare in our intelligence and our leadership.

Therefore, (X) the current international economic imbalance equates to (T) the communist being able to conquer and dominate international economics which is added because of the error of the communist not being properly regulated and checked in their international economic and their massive unfair competitions.

Thus many other areas of the observed data prior to my enlightenment can be many an error to why the international economic imbalance has allowed such areas of the world as Africa and the middle east to not be able to compete with such unfair economics as the communists of China, and their massive greedy centralizing of production and wealth.
My hypothesis of the economic sin eater where the government primarily President Nixon wanted to eat the Communists sins to show them their wrongs and free them.
The idea that it is ok for the extreme idea of communism to exist in coefficient with lawful government agencies. Which as communism is very equatable to fascism and the German's Social parties theory of Min Kamp, would be an error to allow them into government duty in free societies.
Or my favorite we are so dog god darn balasted infiltrated by communist that they control such I positions as Financing, Banking, Intelligence, and Military.
Or the all two favorite the top of the Templar's the Illuminati have been infiltrated and their greed has been pushed by the communist to kill the original meaning of the Templar's and thus is using a very powerful private intelligence think tank to input communism in power. This is my temple I hope that is not true.
However, this is just  a warm up for my entrance into my MA. Know of these nor probable most of this will not make it on my guidance's red ink lists.

This primarily because if we did not have these errors in the proper application of international competitive laws against the Communist we would easily be able to see that they are creating a very unfair international market place for competition. Based primarily on their heavy use of communist economic warfare weapons observed during the war with the Soviets. Which is primarily centralized economic planning, massive conglomerated SOE's in industries, the use and want of a one international currency. Which is not a Templar's wish not a free persons wish to enslave the world to one currency or one government, as that means there is less diversity and less balance of leadership which in such creates a social feudalism. As the Templar's fought against this I can't see how I can allow this mindset to keep going. This are all real possible sociological ideas. As we do have government agencies that watch the societies and their activities. Along with the specific one I am enamored with, there is an internal affairs branch that has just been created over 60 years ago and is just now starting to get its feet wet. The Illuminati have the Templar's that they will start to have to deal with as they are at the top somebody has to watch them. Intelligence think tanks especially international ones is very important to have a secret within a secret. Anyways, not applicable to my research paper just getting the juices flowing.
This however, after my proper training will turn more from a social science perspective into a more statistical data approach. In which all ideas of econometrics will be placed in numbers and charts. As that is what I want to learn. However, currently I know social theories and human behavior so I am restarting my brain again with this note blog page. As I was not allowed to gain my bachelors in economics and start properly. I am going to have to jump in and hope I can swim. Therefore, I have to pull out all the old books and push through them. This is what I am doing trying to get the idea of methodology going again. As I am educated and highly love the competition between me and books and ideas and the class room filled with the lead intellectus ideas of the knowledge. I think I should be able to swim. I mean I am 28 years old with 6 degrees a wall full of academic awards and a room full of books that I have read through. I have to be good at something I would hope. I hope I get in.
Measurement Validity Types
 Construct: extent to which the measure reflects the theoretical concept it is supposed to measure
          Convergent-discrimination: The measure should agree with other measure of the same construct and  disagree with measures of different constructs.
          Theoretical-experimental: The measure should be related to other variables in a study in a way consistent with the theory.
          Factor analysis: The measure should have the theoretically expectable factor structure (usually unidimensional).
Criterion: Extent to which measure agrees with some other measures believed to be a direct and accurate reflection of the behavior or characteristic in question.of the behavior or characterized in question.
           Prediction: Relationship of measure to later criterion (often for selection or forecasting purposes).
           Concurrent: Relationship of measure to simultaneously available criterion (often for test equivalence of less expensive measures to existing diagnostic of categorizing criterion measure).
           Prostdictive: Relationship of measure to previously measured criterion (often for same purpose as concurrent criterion validation).
Content (or face): Extent to which measure tests or covers the requisite topics, usually based on expert judgement and applied to assessment of achievement tests.

Reliability assesses the extent to which a measure reflects some consistent aspect of people or events rather than random error. Validity assesses the extent to which the measure reflects the intended construct, criterion, or content domain. Measurement theory interprets reliability and validity in term of the decomposition of observed scores. Reliability decreases as the amount of random error in the score increases. Validity increases in proportion to the amount of the score that reflects the intended true score component.
 Reliability measures include different types of correlations: interitem, test-retest, parallel forms, and interrater. Similarly, validity, it must also have high reliability. But high reliability. Of the three types of validity discussed here, construct validity often plays the most important role in social research because it addresses the threat that the measure employed do not pertain to the theory in question."

Verbal versus Nonverbal
 Verbal measures apply to written or spoken messages, as in questionnaires. [or the spoken or written messages of politicians, as in my study the Communist party specifically stating they think it is the free worlds fault for the economic imbalance, while not the neo-mercantalist countries who are specifically still holding onto high communist political economics, in which the heads of the communsit party stated in verbal sattemet they think that the party does need to be reformed to allow for more opposition to their rule. Along with that we have statements from both the SASAC the centralzied economic planners and the communist party that they will hold onto massive size SOE's that have conglomerated hundreds of other smaller SOE's into their fold of massive economic weapons; of course they did not say any of that like I said it but from my common sense after years of research then months of literature review, I can gleam that.]Nonverbal measures apply to physical signs including visual judgements of nonverbal behaviors and physiological measures.

Obtrusiveness Obtrusive measures enter the awareness of the person being measured. Unobtrusive measures may be made by an unknown observer or may come from verbal records or physical traces produced by the subject but analyzed later or elsewhere.

Reactivity  Reactivity refers to the behavior change caused by the measuring procedures that can threaten research validity. The degree of reaction to a measure depends on the topic being assessed. [for example the reactivity to this blog cite, has been so far a new enlightenment on the reality of the trade deficit and its impacts. Along with the reason why we are in trade deficits as per political and economic unfair competition as based through a very extreme idea of economics and civil rights. Which is in this world very similar to The German Socialist Parties ideas of extreme economics and civil rights, one was about religion the other was about intellectual ideas of freedom. As in both extreme camps they killed for basic ideas, Nazi's religion, Communists freedom of thought and economics. Thus hopefully we will see a slow of the domination of the free world by the communists. Hopefully, kind of hard to make people read ones notes, most can't get through them.]

Unobtrusive Verbal Measures

This is fun and good to know but will not be for my specific research paper, as none of my personal tracing of possible communist agents or extreme actors against freedom and democracy/republic can be used (as I do not have any of course).

Communication involves sending information along any of several different channels: speech, body movements (called kinesics), touch, odor, body placement (called proxemics), facial expression, and eye contact (called gaze). Because communication plays such a crucial role in social processes, it recieves a large share of social research.  People do not know that their communications are being record or analyzed. [this allows for a real measurement without the person trying to hide anything if they are out to implode the US and free economies. Then we move for physical evidence.]

Content Analysis:  Term content analysis refers to methods that count occurences of selected lexical (related to words) features in samples of text or speech. One use of content analysis appears in journalism research.

Process Analysis:  Content analysis tend to study words units that carry the substantive meaning in discourse. But we can also study communications in units such as the sentence or phrase that can be categorized in terms of process rather than content. Verbal communication also includes paralanguag aspects, such as voice quality, pauses, and vocalizations without linguistic meaning. Process analysis includes the study of both verbal form and paralanguage behaviors.
Many coding systems exist for process of communications. All such procedures must address the same method issues. One task involves defining the unit of process analysis - the clause, the sentence, the statement, and so on. [which is really fun, as you can read a leaders writings or ideas in the past and see their exact mentality and what has shaped it. Or even better is that when they speak you can take this same idea and use it towards their pauses or otherwise as must leaders have to read to remember. Which shows these traces. kind of cool once you can pick up on the marks of ideas. The problem is if you get deep into it, the paths and dips that a good speech or written coder can send one on is endless, the turns and the narrative, it is believed and experimented that a good coder can actually create a document or a speech that induces strong emotions enough to cause the body to move in certain normal functions.]

Computers in Measurement  
Coding the Data from Measures. Once data are collected, they must be put in a form suitable for analysis, usually by computer. The data manager first must develop a codebook. The codebook names each variable for which data are being recorded, briefly describes it, and tells its location or sequence. Each subject or case will have a series of numbers representing that individuals names or identification codes by variables. [since I am not doing my presentation of possible communist foreign infiltration, or even the nexus of domestic communists to the foreign party or MSS, I can just use my case observations by first amendment for possible measurement of any concrete testing that is needed to back up the statistical data that shows a propensity to prove my theory then hypothesis through the tests of observance correct.]

Survey Data Collection
Trend Surveys.     In the panel design, the initial sample of respondents represents the population at the beginning of the study. [this is the soviet's at complete saturation, in which I rely on heavily to apply to the new trend of idea of enslavement of civil rights and economics to few leaders social fedualism, then we have the Chinese Communist who do not want to go finish the transition and want to stop were it benefits them in the political and economic arena. My foks backs are cold and their children need better cognitive creation process, so it is time to give a little growl so it shall be.]"

more studies on economic methodology

"How one can tell whether a particular bit of  economics is good science?" {how about decades of testing, FA v Communism which has worked?]

neoclassical theory focuses  much more on individual preferences and decision making

formulate theories with "operational" concepts that are, ideally, logicall equivalents to their descriptive consequences  [ the idea that something besides freedom is causing the economic collapse and the destruction of the countries who believe in economic freedom. Which bodes well as Marxist theories are specifically created to collapse ideas of economic freedom which he demonized as the problems of the world, when inherently it is feudalism as individualist believe that is the problem, which is why Senato Sherman created the Anti-trust law to stop economic freedom feudalism by allowing few to own a lot. However, the arise of communism has caused for national security to place Senator Sherman's beliefs on the back burner and allow such entitites as Walmart to compete with communist countries, So I constructed via images in my mind a theory that shows how the Communist are destroying and devoring free markets with their economics, now I just have to learn how to test it, prove or disprove it, create it and properly present it.]
The main postulate of the theory of value is the fact that individuals can arrange their preferences in an order and in fact do so. [This is in fact one of the things I would like to figure out. If the Communist are constantly recaptalizing their business because of the preference of the individual to not deal with them, does this then force the rest of the world to recapatalize too as they can't compete against the non following of individuals likes and dislikes. Which forces them to rely instead of production and supply and demand more on an investment side of the credit cycle of the service bell curve.]

Although methodologists may find much to criticize, they had better begin by understanding as thoroughly as they can how economists go about their business and why they do what they do

"But the symmetry conditions required for direct maximization of the system, whether a market or even the simplest model of the business cycle, are lacking, in contrast to an economic unit or its corresponding aggregate. What can be hypothetically derived (or rejected in some cases) is a stable equilibrium of the system. (This is an equilibrium of the system such that, if a variable disturbs equilibrium, the system converges to equilibrium.) Stability of equilibrium is proposed as the principal source of operationally meaningful theorems for economic systems"

  • deficit financing could produce positive short-run effects on the economy that are swamped by adverse long-run effects on capital accumulation (seriously reconsidered later as crowding out)

  • ________________________________________________________________________________

    I need to understand how to use and weild algorythms and economic equations. I need a grasp I am floundering right now in the empirical side of the data. I mean I can gather intel all I want. However, unless I can place the mathematics in a logical matter to get the nod from the big dogs it is not going to matter at all. I have to start at the bottom. Principles of Economics, then I will follow up this reading with my college economic books as stated above. Plus what kind of data would I need to prove economic warfare. I guess my bases will be off the service bell curve, data showing propensity of monopolistic style economics as perpetuated by the Communists, and the decae of the US and free markets economic infrastructures. That is the data I need, to analize then properly place together for the big dogs and my professors so I can get their john hand cock when I go to seek legislation presentation. I have already represented my school and 8,000 constitutents as a Senator, if I can get back in I want to represent for the graduate program in front of the whole USA. I will try and get a lot of media there too. That will be so much fun, I used to compete in rhetoric competition and we had small crowds there, along with that I judged a Jewish Palenstinian debate in the middle of college, more like kept the peace and balance, plus I used to play music in front of hundreds, so I like blushing and being excited infront of folks, when performing mental arts.


    I will need to bring it all together to show a statistical trend in Chinese centralized economics on a propensity to use their economics to dominate (conquer) the international market place

    My hope that is if I do the paper well and my graduate mentor agrees. That I may be able to present it to the actual United State Legislation branch to show a propensity to need to start to compete against China and their international development of the Communist party over the Democratic/Republic ideas of freedom.

    I think that I should go one step above and beyond like I like to do. As this research question if it is found to be like my already literature review notes and analysis along with my statistical data reviews seems to show. Then there will need to be a solution. However, I shall not use the Moot Hartley Act style solution of embargoes or tariffs. On the contrary I shall use the brave and competitive spirit of the US in a strategy of how to compete this beast of an economic strategy from the Communist; without military, or otherwise hard power or soft power exclusions. As I believe I have traced the Japanese who we also mothered and when they became to big for their britches I think mom's had a good way to kindly deal with them. So I will need to think of how to streamline that into the paper.

    As it is usual for me in my life and work to go above and beyond. I must also present a proper outline and then seek help for a professional economic presentation. I have many years in rhetorical competition. However, I would think the presentation of an economic paper to our leaders might have a different mood, look and all around presentation than down and out competition on the rhetoric field. What is the point of spending tens of thousands of dollars in research hours, tracing, tacking, presenting and creating a cognitive idea in the leaders if I can't finish it off with a proper research presentation. It is like taking a futer Misses I on a date and then not walking her to the door, that definitely means it is a no go. So I like this research project and I want it to stick with me so I should walk her to the door. Of course then again where I am from it is hard to find a girl that will pass the test of down home country and turn on a country station when she gets in the car. Hard to find in these parts.

    1. Ansteels strategy of blocking foreign trade into the steel industry. Then conglomerating unfairly and through vertical and horizontal acts with a very rare, rare earth minerals deposit SOE. Which means all other steel companies will have to go through Ansteel to get those minerals. Which then allows Ansteel to act like a monopsony and then a monopolistic style regulator of the steel industry. In which they used this unfair business to place pressure points on US and Russian steel industries so they could unfairly infiltrate their economic infrastructure of steel with a 10-15 year plan to use Ansteels cartel like activities with its SOE conglomerations to completely dominate the international market place. This then will allow their unfair anti-trust activities to slowly erode internationals steel companies. Especially now since the Communists very high quota on rare earth exports.

    2. Their help of Venezeula's Hugo Chavez to illegally take over a free enterprise of the US and then turn around and unfairly create anti-trust contracts with the communist party in the name of the communist party international, one world domination.

    I am here to tell you I like whopping butt. I am to old to do it in the cage anymore. However, I read and write baby and presenta'sheon.

    Send us out to look for Greys why our country is crushed by our opposition in civil Rights and economic freedom.
    Some grudges die hard when they killed Millions of our Citizens. I am the dog to end all knights; peacefully.

    To the real rough riders and all those who kept us safe from Communist enslavement and economic domination. I ascend. Not for the enslavement to one not for the enslavement to all but for the balance.
    RIP JAC tales were great and the monks are doing well.
    Communist Block Breakers for ever. Anti-trust learner prince's and princesses (a believe that was created into a law by Senator Sherman that in the marketplace things that get to big or things that do not allow the citizens to be able to own their own in their labors due to unfair competition shall be stopped. Whether it is greedy capitalist corporations conglomerating to much, or Communist Economic Entities that are way to powerful to be allowed to exist for a healthy and spread out economic balance n the world. Which is paramount for a low grade of international terrorism. It hard to ever get rid of human anger but we can with freedom of economics and the best anti-trust generation ever spread individual ownership of labors to all, without communism the extremer idea.
     It is time to clean house pups peacefully and through our late night fire light education of the Great Senator Sherman's cognitive process. Hey I think I see a grey it went that way. Lets get in the dirt bikes and check it out; Rifles on lights up lets ride.
    Thus my hopeful research paper will try and solve for various errors. Everything form the US selling off all of its limbs to try and make it to some kind of world oasis, to the possibility of world banks or otherwise greedy capitalist causing hatred by socio economic starvation due to centralized international wealth, along with the stopping of the enlivenment of the human soul to the state and its soe's through communism, while in my major 5 cinder block through target is to get the middle east and Africa jobs so that their civilized worlds can become more and their insecurities less. All the while creating more places for all to trade with in the style of economic freedom. As communism causes a one world order disorder much like what the Soviets tried to do. Each country should be sovereign in their culture and their people's right to own their own labors and souls business. And no enslaver not everyone should own my labors or part of my labors. I am free. Of course this will take a lifetime and this is just the start.

    I's I.

    Puppies what a better way to end a research paper note book blog than puppies. it takes the long hours of reding trying to pull out ideas and annotatint all the better when you can remeber the little puppies when they were cute and not tearing stuff up, or pooing or wining.

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