This one is for Detroit and all those who lost their Childrens homes to Communist EW.

This one is for Detroit and all those who lost their Childrens homes to Communist EW.
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Sunday, January 30, 2011

How to prove that project FWPI against the CCP is good for the world.

At current we have the CCP, which holds the world title for generating growth and controlling international wealth. We have the contender after a huge arse whooping from the CCP needs to make sure for the world and it souls that the title comes back to the free world for world development and growth. So how do we do this.
First we need to find a way to level out the competition. This is normal. As when competition becomes so unfair that it causes harm and pain to the world as we have just went through then that nation needs to level out. Much like we saw, Britain, and the US, Japan and the US and many other nations that had to level out do to such imbalanced international wealth that caused pain and suffering.

Thus we have a motivator. Which is that if we allow the Communist to greedily on without a proper intervention to balance out the international wealth we will see more very unstable international economics until the Communist party controls the international wealth. This is based on its constitution and principles of communizing the world under Communist Marxist rule.

So what do we need to do. Well we need to create a market place for more jobs and wealth for the free world. This idea that because the Chinese, Russians, Brazilians, India and others are poor countries is basically because of the level of Communist political movements in the state, which centralizes wealth based on centralized economic strategy instead of free market individual desires. All but India are very communistic in their economics with massive SOE's. Thus, to allow them to conquer and dominate the world in the new Bloc which is now called the Bric would be unfair for those countries who hold more free enterprise and free market values. As it would literally create more communist markets with more SOE's and only having massive Corporations to compete against the massive SOE's.

Thus we take a need to create a demand for US products. We can do this on the demand supply curve. We thus take our industries and what we can produce at point A. Then we gather what we can produce once we properly apply Marshallian Principle of Realities via Communist Politics to the Bloc I mean Bric. We then see that the lead Bric member the CCP itself has the worlds highest holding of rare earth holdings at 90%. Therefore, it would be easy to show that they are not longer a developing country and break them out of the Bric so they can't create such uncompetitive trade relations with the other Communistic market places. This then would allow the CCP which are current is very uncompetitive to have to stand on its own.

Thus this standing on its own would then allow us to start to properly show how they are uncompetitive using Marshallian Economic Principles of Realities towards their SOE's. As such we should then be able to move back into certain markets like machinery which we have been failing at, energy production and green tech all which we have lost substantially since the Soviet Union fell and the correlation between Communist Economic Warfare watch and Communist economics has inversely affected each other. Therefore, we can predict a point B. Which would be new market places that the US could compete in to create jobs and exports to be competitive.
We could run proper graphs for both point A and B in case we keep having weak economic intelligence being able to properly understand Marshallian Economic Principles of Reality when applied to Communist market places compared to free market individual desires based on free enterprise, which cost more when a free Enterprise is properly regulate under anti-trust laws from growing so big as to be uncompetitive for entrance to market by competitors, like Communist SOE;s which are considered national secrets and allowed to be barriers to entry to other firms at a competitive level.

Thus we then need a shield from the CCP and any communist markets to boot. So we can start to enter markets at a competitive growth level at which we have seen Communist markets grow and grow while free markets have lost infrastructure and civility of safety nets, along with massive defensive losses, which are necessary against Communist markets and feudalistic style population growth. Therefore, this can be done by concentrating efforts of anti-trust to stop the CCP from entering the countries that are currently developing rare earth resources.The other Bric members of course will be allowed to enter. However, they should properly have their SOE's treated like Communist markets when compared to free enterprises of the US and free market systems. As there is no way that a Communist SOE is comparable in competition to a free world enterprise. Thus causing proper and necessary trade and contractual agreements to be competitive. Thus, if so many contracts in a given real developing non Communist market place are uncompetitive given to non free market competition, via SOE's instead of free enterprise a proper argument can be brought up that it is not fair that our free enterprise have to die so Communist SOE's of state government can be declared the winner due to unfair competition.

This then should if proper economic intelligence units with some American Patriotism and less defeatist boot licking in them handle business; will create a competitive market places for US and free world economies to allow more production to be exported into the worlds that are developing rare earth minerals. Along with that if the economic intelligence units of the free world properly make sure that the real developing countries, are allowed to create surpluses at home, then it will allow them to produce and purchase more products in the international market place which then can create a higher demand for all goods. Unlike the current Communist economic warfare which brings in massive SOE's to set up business in the country to strip it of its ability to create competitive business that can help it create a trade surpluses. While the free world can't even trade with the real developing country because the Communist SOE's are sucking dry its political and value based surpluses.

Therefore, to create a shift in demand of US products from point A to point B we must remove the cognition that the Communist markets are developing markets and implement the real mindset that countries like Iraq, Mongolia, Budhistan and the rest are real developing countries. This then will balance out the Marshallian Economic Principles of Realities. Which will show the basic fundamental economics where Communist economics of high centralized SOE's like the CCP, or some of the other Bric members are not to be considered developing countries, as its their choice as elitist leaders to use SOE's for foreign economic invasion instead of allowing domestic individual markets and individual desires to create free enterprise which can then be competitive with real developing countries free enterprises. As a developing country that needs help and is invaded by a Communist SOE really can't help its own citizens free enterprise to compete against the SOE as Communist SOE's are to heavily backed by intelligence and military units, literally a red phone defense and barrier to real developing countries creating their own domestic surplus to help develop others.

So our free world economic intelligence units can grow a pair and stop allowing Communist SOE market places to be called developing, when all they are developing is massive SOE conglomerated economic weapons for foreign invasion to suck dry real developing countries. Instead of free world enterprises that wish for their real developing countries to gain a surplus so they can be domestically stable and create more market places by having their own wealth. It is easy for me to see. Communist market places care about crashing, entrance, and devouring. While free market free enterprises just want to trade and create domestic jobs we can export to them things they can't yet create themselves. Which then as the old guard had it planned before these new ones came in. Would allow US and free world markets to take their economic baskets around to real developing countries and trade with them. Creating at such a balanced economic stability as long as we properly treated the Communist market places as such.

Then again, if anyone has read the Communist Economic Wafare manuals. They will know that it was part of their plan some30 years ago and they have accomplished it. To be thought of as a constant developing market place in which would allow them have pity  so as to conquer enough market shares so as to completely force the free world to be economically in-superior to communist market places. As such creating sort of satellite economies based around the Communist party, like the Soviet Union just more under wraps with less face time of control and more back door control. Therefore, causing US and free world ability to create sovereign countries who can compete fairly in the world. Which means we have more communist satellite countries today than we did when the Soviets were around. As we could easily see the Communist SOE's of old now folks have lost their ability to track communist economics due to a very good cognition creation by the CCP that they are not a threat to global economic imbalances like the Soviets SOE's were, nor is the CCP a threat to the ability of free world or international individuals or groups of individuals to compete against Communist governments SOE's. Somehow I have lost track of why this cognition has been allowed.

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