This one is for Detroit and all those who lost their Childrens homes to Communist EW.

This one is for Detroit and all those who lost their Childrens homes to Communist EW.
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Monday, January 31, 2011

The Difference between Communist Market place and Free Market place.

A free market place is compromised of a good spread of wealth through free enterprise. Which are held to a competitive standard for new free enterprise to enter the market place to compete via a very well equitable law of economic competition. These free enterprises are then followed by a safety net of smal SOE's which make sure that the lower class and those who fall from competition or loss of competition have a net to land on and can start to try and compete in the market place. This poverty level market share of SOE's allows for the most freedom of individual labors and the best spread of wealth among any every economic program experimented in the world.

The Communist market place of today is marked by high centralization of wealth in government owned entities. Which have conglomerates smaller SOE's to create massive centralization of market shares and wealth so the state can wield them to collect unfairly foreign market shares and wealth. This Communist style massive SOE creates not only a centralization of wealth domestically, in which causes massive pockets of no spread out economics due to centralized planning and horrible anti-free market and individual desire creations of economic atrocities. This then is then spread internationally. Where these uncompetitive economic atrocities are allowed to crash via uncompetitive dumping of their products into countries, which take jobs away from that country, then they uncompetitive come in and take over actually competitors via tehir massive centralization of their domestic wealth. Which then causes a centralization of international wealth as they devour landscapes and market shares that they collapsed using dumping tactics.

The two market places have been seen for a long time. The only differences are now that the Communist use more free enterprises to cloak their massive SOE activities. In which allows them to spread out a little bit better their domestic wealth and cover their tracts when centralizing international wealth. However, the Communist market place is still communist and still exists the same threat as before. The ability of the Communist SOE to centralize wealth away from individual desires and free enterprise into the hands of the military and intelligence units of the communist to wield them to conquer and create satellites so they can dominate the world and implement Karl Marx's sinister wish for a one world rule and international currency.

Thus the differences of the two markets have gone lost on our economic defenders of free world intelligence. They have succumb to some kind of defeatist mindset in which it is ok to allow the Communist to take over the world and cause massive centralization of international wealth by not allowing countries to create their own surplus when needing to develop. It has gone so far and so unseen to where the Communist now are considered to be developing. Even though they hold every rank in number from military, to production, to wealth, to anything. The only differences is there ability to spread wealth among their domestic market place. Which is an inherent problem with communist market places. As the national priority is not to allow free markets but to create massive so called SOE Champions to dominate and centralize the wealth around the CCP, so they can control dissenters and their ability to start to create a dominant one world rule.

This is nothing new, except the cloaking via free world enterprise. The free world's intelligence I hope at best though that by allowing them to compete unfairly with their SOEs that they would conform on their own. That has failed and we have red lined. They have now overtaken more market shares in the world with their Communist SOE's than the Soviets did with their massive SOE's. It if a failure do to free world love and compassion, we trust a lot as we are so free in our pursuits of individual desires we do not think that a country would use their massive SOE's to do such a sinister economic weaponly planned event to take control.

As such the differences between free markets and communist markets are the SOE economic weapons competing unfairly against the best way to spread out wealth, our free enterprises.

Our free enterprises will not die, nor will the Communist dominate the world with their economic warfare strategy created by Karl's Marx's so long ago. The owls of Gulag's once flew proud and many where caught in the slavery, we will again fly high as many souls uncentralized to any government except for wishing for freedom of economics and civil rights here the call to stop CCP world economic dominance, for what it is worth. I have been waiting to create these announcements and meditation waves for a long time. It is now my honor to call for a world owl research project to stop Communist world domination once again.

To those who know, may energy of peace and freedom be with you and may you never fall prey to Marxist aura cognition of communal enslavement and centralization of wealth to cause disparity. Long Live the Rider I seat.

Rider I
To all slavery dissenters may the divine be by your side during your enslavement and if you do not feel it in this life time may your soul feel free when your root warfare creates freedom. Legally and properly.

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