This one is for Detroit and all those who lost their Childrens homes to Communist EW.

This one is for Detroit and all those who lost their Childrens homes to Communist EW.
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Monday, January 24, 2011

Why is it that other post Communist countries promptly turned Democractic and then disbanded all SOE's. While the Chinese Communist have a haul pass to create instability in international economics with their communism.

Corporate Greed, and weak intelligence economic defenses using proper freedom non centralized economic defense and offenses tactics.

The US economy is not a centralized economy. Our economy is based on the individual and its desires. This makes our country much less an imperialist country. As the US citizen does not desire war, unless attacked or provoked. Which means outside of the communist agents helping Osama to attack the US so that we would go in and secure and built his home land for him and his rich family, the US would rather stay out of a fulls scale war. However, now that we are the world's tree trimmers, and we have tried substantially to get the rest of the world to pitch in. We have completely started to be invaded by Communist SOE's. This has been since the fall of the Soviet Empire. This was because the leader at that time new he could not beat the US's as long as he could not get Communist SOE's inside of the US. So he had to create a cognition as if the Communist where not a threat. As a matter of fact you talk to the majority of Americana's and they do not have a clue why Communist China is so able to take our jobs with ease. They just think it is because they are poor so they can do it cheaper. They do not know that China keeps itself poor via communist economics for a centralized wealth strategy that allows them to divide and conquer.

This divide and conquer strategy can easily be seen through a map of proper Communist SOE's invasions. The Communist constantly lie about disbanding their SOE's. In which they are actually conglomerating them, and then proliferating them under one name. In which all Communist SOE's are controlled by a single agency. Along with this the Communist SOE's have way to close ties to military and intelligence. This allows them to strategically dominate and conquer countries.

The reality is that the US is currently being divided. The proper root warfare has already started. The Communist know that in the long run our free enterprises and corporations are not match for their constant recapitalizing centralized controlled SOE's. It is like allowing a country with over 30,000 SOE's as they have not disbanded that many to the private sector but just allowed more private competition. In which these SOE's can then easily act like one entity.

For example, we take the idea of the resource contracts at which the free world has illegally allowed the Communist Chinese after two world wars North Korea and Vietnam, to hold over 90% of the market shares. This is deadly and probable will cause serious ramifications to our ability to compete in high technological competition. Much like what we are seeing now.

The Communist Chinese, have currently started to not only divide and conquer their own market place still, without proper free market restructuring, but they have created instability in the world for them to dominate too. As such we can easily see this through proper, use of a centralized view of the US's green tech industry. Our intelligence is so inapt at economic defenses against communist SOE's after the Soviet dissolution, that we are constantly being made to look the fool.

This can easily be seen by my previous blog post with my political erosion strategy being allowed by our government. The Communist Chinese are subsidizing their green tech high technological industries to defeat unfairly any competition to allow them to the the international market shares without properly allowing the spread of wealth through fair and competitive market places. The case study I have done inside of the US goes like this.

Companies owned and managed by the Communist Central Economic Intelligence unit SASAC, have given their own green tech industries massive subsidizing. Then they where able to gain about 80% of our the US green tech stimulus to go abroad to weaken US domestic market shares and potential for production and international marketing. Then after they the cudegraw, and most embarrassing event in our economic intelligence. They were able to get a high ranking general on the Democratic Political side to actually give one of their high tech green industry business more US subsidizing from Senator Reid. Basically because we do not have the proper economic intelligence units like we did against the Soviets SOE's. This is because the Soviets have created a cognition that Communism does not exist. However, contray, the Communist are just using our best advantage our free enterprise against us. When I do believe it can be seen that the Communist are still very heavily communist with the use of the SASAC economic intelligence unit, and the massive lieing about and cloaking of their SOE economic weapons.

The reason for the worlds imbalance and economic turmoil, could be said that it is the US and free worlds society. However, not because of free markets, as it is empirically been proven that an SOE v a free enterprise the free enterprise spreads the wealth much better and finer than centralized wealth creation then redistributing via conquer and control. If the US and free world is at fault it is because of weak intelligence units who can't figure out how to wield their free enterprise or even anti-trust laws to stop the Communist SOE's from not only heavily invading the US but also completely demolishing post communist countries and real developing countries economies via, massive SOE proliferation. In which creates an unfair domestic competition for those countries. Much like what we can see in the US.

If take a look at the industries that the communist SOE's have been allowed to centralize the world's wealth in. We can see a serious decline in the spread of wealth. This report and statical data set I believe is easily shown through the drop in individuals ownership of free enterprises in the industries that the communist have been allowed to invade. In which compare and contrast will show a heavy proliferation of Communist SOE's in that industry. This then causes a centralization of ownership of labors to the Communist party, along with wealth. As citizens of other countries no longer can own their own business in that industry via uncompetitive centralized strategies.

As such the reason why we went to war with the Soviet's was basically what we are seeing now. The ability of the communist party to easily centralized the wealth and take it away from the free market in which they then can distribute it to their fashioning regarding their ability to control and conquer. i.e. the reason why we see heavy impediment by Communist SOE's and economic intelligence units to the Democratic party. Along with massive corporate greed on the Republican parties side. Which is being wielded nicely to stop any proper and necessary intelligence defense from the Communist. As Republicans, and Democrats alike think after the Soviet Crash, communist allow some free enterprise, that they are not communist and do not wish to socialize, (create massive unfair SOE's), then communize the world like their constitution says.

They do not believe in economic freedom, they use if to wield and conquer.

Rider I

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