This one is for Detroit and all those who lost their Childrens homes to Communist EW.

This one is for Detroit and all those who lost their Childrens homes to Communist EW.
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Monday, January 31, 2011

I have just been blacked balled and forced to hand in my wings.

I believe this is due to heavy outspoken dislike to the idea that the Communist are being allowed to compete unfairly to hold the worlds dominance in economics. Without prior or future proper strategic management of our labor, our potential our need for growth to maintain a happy and civil work force as through national growth of economics, along with our inability to maintain a high technological advancement of our industries and military as we have lost the worlds high technological industry to a four year trade deficit along with a massive huge loss to communist ownership of rare earth mines, when we should have been properly spreading the wealth out among the 180 countries that have rare earth deposits instead of allowing them to be centralized in the Communist country of China. I believe I have just lost all my abilities to work as a professional through the black ball.

So I am joing a Cruise ship and will be working on as the crew. I will probable stop off at an island and seek a work visa, to work on an island resort as a caretaker.

So long good luck to the teams out there. Remember try to be a good Shepard and not allow the Communist to dominate the world. Who taught me taught me to due what I did and my heart and soul is on this page. I can't help who I am. It just saddens me that I am so late and that no one before was able to stop such high communist economic control in the world so as to see the day the Rider I seat is black balled. Maybe I will see you on the cruise ship sometime. I heard it is free room and board plus travel.

Rider I
Let me know if  I am wrong, however, I saw the bird fly. Oh wait I forgot they can't black ball me as I am the reason why it was created, my natural born symbols hold higher over all, levels. My bad, cruise ship still sounds nice, but I have a world save. So your black balls are point less, thank you for the bird monk though I appreciate knowing who is with me and who is against me.

Glad to see you changed your vote. As I have never been taught and have no clue what I am doing just following my soul in my seeking of investigative reporting and collection of data, along with order given for more data. It would not be proper to black ball me. But if I have to use the symbols to make it fair I will, that is why I guess they are there. Who knows maybe being the rambuchous curious one upsets the properness, but if I was brought in and trained I would follow protocol. I just currently have none.

Today was a very bad day for me. Things did not go the way I planned, them. My value did not come in, I found out the motorcylce class is going to cost me more than I can get, then I had to put down some authority via folks trying to stop me from what I need to do. I am going to become a cloud nine general and I will be a business attorney to help fight the centralization of wealth, and to help companies obtain proper market shares with anti-trust and other corporate laws so, we can make sure to develop a good world without this Communist China model ever happening again. In which such economic autrocities as 90% of the worlds rare earth being developed in a Communits country that plays greedily for its centralized SOE's to rule instead of spreading out the wealth between 180 countries which would have kept the Communist in proper tranistioning check and balance and would have allowed substantially more market shares for the world along with more country economic soverignty as there would have been way less Communist SOE's in the world. The monks stand strong with me on my life's goal for freedom and spread of wealth, stopping me will be an endevour of feats I would not do, as one with such a pure and good intention is very hard to stop.
Today was one of the worsts days I have had in a while, it surprised me, I put my foot down and I am gripped again for tomorrow. See how the sun shines tomorrow.

Rider I

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