This one is for Detroit and all those who lost their Childrens homes to Communist EW.

This one is for Detroit and all those who lost their Childrens homes to Communist EW.
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Sunday, January 16, 2011

My life under being screwed by the system.

So I have found some places to take out loans. This should last me until I get my checks. They have missed giving me my last three checks. I have looked for a job way more than most of these other people I see faxing in their time sheets. Yet, still they fight against giving me my unemployment. Which is funny, as out of all those people out there, I would bet my volunteer work here on my blog post is tons more valuable than anything the other unemployed people are doing. Still though no check, emergency credit card maxed out, checking account overdrawn, phone bill two months past due, car not going probable into collections and my food is hand outs.

So I am going to take out loans on Monday or Tuesday, one hopefully will be overnighted to me as I can't survive and do not wish to implode and crush on some bad guys, the other one I am expecting will take some time.
Stupid system, stupid paw gnawing leaders, dumb loan interest rates.

It will be ok though I have been through worse than this during the 90's service bell curve trough. After I get my loans I am going to get rid of my nice phone service and get one that is much cheaper. I still have to finish my research on how to get rid of my new safe nice jeep and turn it in for an old beater motorcycle. I have been looking at my industrial wages and there is no way that I will be able to afford my life living on minimum wages or $10 an hour. I mean including ot and insurance I was making $18 an hour at my last job, until they hired folks who would work for no benefits at minimum wage. It is ok though, it will be my turn to fight soon as I can get back up the ladder again. This time the report is going to be the root necessary to stop all this self deprivation, paw gnawing and boot licking of the communists economic warfare. In which I plan to create an enlightenment through legal and proper research of exactly what our paw gnawing leaders need to do to compete and to develop the world through the US's middle class and poor class so we can have jobs instead of the US's upper class in FDI and negative capital inflows.

That's the plan Stan, I am tired of being everyone whipping boy, my employers, the system, the paw gnawing leaders. I am tired of it. I am going to take that whip out of their hands and see how they like it when I present my research and data on the matter, you weak SOB's.

Rider I

Been almost 7 weeks I have been unemployed I have received on unemployment check. Yet, I look at these other people and they get theirs every week and they do not do have as much as I do. It is a wonder, folks like me keep our sanity during times of being crushed by the system.

The idea that my employer literally screwed me over then laid me off, under cloak of a lie, at least at the end I was given my full wages and then laid off to be able to live, which I appreciate as the whole system is nose diving in wages anyways. However, then the system is now screwing me over 1 unemployment check 7 weeks, really tests my intelligence and ability to cope under duress. It is alright though, lucky enough I have planned for such battles way early in my life and prepared a full strategy of such economic warfare against my person. As I knew along time ago going against a system that seems to love our rivals and allow them to beat us every cycle, would not be easy as the rivals must have infiltrated the system to allow this to happen. And as they are anarchist and enslavers I knew their souls compared to mine would kick me when I am down. So,we have churches, food banks,  and schools, if the system does not help me stay civil through payments like I predicted a long time ago, I will just take other avenues. Luckily enough no evil souled communist can survive very long in a church system, they are usually the best place for civil philanthropy.

Rider I

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