This one is for Detroit and all those who lost their Childrens homes to Communist EW.

This one is for Detroit and all those who lost their Childrens homes to Communist EW.
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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

The Vote of confidence has been lost in the Chinese Communist, in this chair.

When I presented my data, and statistics to gain a proper duel with the last Rider I, who was much humbler and shyer than I, I did not come to the table with an unbiased mind of the Communist. As a matter of fact you can say I have been being groomed to understand the use of Karl Marx's use of economic warfare to enslave the world to a few power hungry greedy elite. This was always supposed to be paramount in this chair. However, the last leader found it better to not move on anything. Which I agreed on due to respect for power until I could prove different. After the Dule which is another way to take the chair, dull terms, or grow out of chair. I have come to hand and am trying to as much as possible move the enlightenment of a red line towards allowance of Communist expansion. Much like others have been groomed by Communist extremist and terrorist, I have been groomed by peaceful monks regarding balance. However, there is no balance in Communism, nor extreme socalism. The balance rests at a low lelvel poverty socialism and the rest of the market shares left to freedom, not extreme socialism and communism.

The vote of confidence is lost in the Communist party to properly and promptly promote Democracy and freedom. The tests I have presented them they have failed and held communist cognition side affects.
1. The World crash was their fault, I earned my dull because of proving. They blamed everybody else. Fail
2. The Noble Peace prize was humble asked to be voted for another test of mine. Which was to see how the Communist still feel about their Democratic labor camps. They failed and then slapped the free world in the face with a Confucius award in which they are disrespectfully centralizing an intelligence cognition towards our children.
3. They research that a free enterprise business sought to due better Chinese Communist whole economic data was sought, not be a government but by an free enterprise. That person was arrested and sentenced to almost a majority of his life in jail. Then they wish to use those same SOE's in free world economies, cloaked by non financial disclosures and our slow process of voting and proper research and incite into them.
4. The allowance of extreme countries to gain massive amounts of weapons. Fail
5. The North Korean proper transformation still has not been started as per monk contracts when President Nixon was seeking humblness.
6. They lie about their SOE's being disbanded by conglomerating them.
7. Instead of using their SOE's for domestic growth like they said they would redline at. They have started to use them to conquer the world.
8. I just think to much, and feel that humans who believe in Democracy should not be placed in labor camps because of freedom of speech.
I hold no confidence in the Communist Parties ability to.

I know move to properly sanction and hold down any SOE expansion at further moments in time.

Rider I
As always I will seek the councils vote. If it is not given I will present proper data over the next 5 years to show why I will move without their consent. 10-20 deep of my predecessors have voted in confidence in my non vote of confidence.
To clarify, I have the utmost love and confidence in China's free enterprise and building of freedom by the people. Which means fair trade with free Chinese enterprise. It is the Communists SOE weapons I find the vote of non confidence is. To stop their expansion and to allow their free enterprise without the use of lieing of the need for SOE to stay competitive when. The Chinese citizens i have met have stated that they do not need Communist SOE's and are afraid to speak out against them because of whip lashing of others who have. They further noted, that every industry that the Communist SOE's are in they have competitive free enterprise in, thus the SASAC is lieing about its intentions to keep them for competitiveness. I move, birds are to be sent for your votes. I will then seek orders by the Cloud Generals.

And no Communist extremist it is impossible to infiltrate this seat as you have to pass an aura test, and Communist cognition leaves a specific light color around the aura. It makes it impossible to penetrate. This seat is held for those with the aura of balance of colors and lights. Not even Dr. Leary was able to foul the aura test with his massive ability to change his aura and mind shift.

Along with that Rich greedy who love Communism because of ability to abuse and use human life, your aura color stands out too. Jesus, Moses, and the others where right about the seven deadly sins and I would bet the angels and demons can see their prey by the aura. To bad the divine made us so intelligent. Dumb divine.
However, ladies and the unfortunate are more than welcome, especially since some of my favorite Rider I's waiting in the wings are of the unfortunate who still believe in the balance and the ladies who can control the scarving of their bodies.

To the Cloud Nine's if they do not vote. I will seak orders in five years.
" 1960's high-quality LSD was imported from the communist country to California, a fact appreciated by Leary in The Politics of Ecstasy"

Oh it is show time. Show us freedom or stop invading countries. Communits International Party of China.

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