This one is for Detroit and all those who lost their Childrens homes to Communist EW.

This one is for Detroit and all those who lost their Childrens homes to Communist EW.
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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Tis the Season to be Jolly.

However, when one loses their home, their jobs, the ability to have savings, has to work for employers that treat you like dirt because their fancy dancy lifestyle is going down and they can't help it, then the thing you love must is now discriminatory towards your beliefs and ideas, while then having to watch all my friends with normal mom's and dad's or at least those that had the strength to stay together for their kids, while having to watch my best friend go without a present and have to date other people because I can't keep up with her social appetite to hang out in public. It just makes me thing:

I want Senator Reid fully investigated. It seems quit essential that he made a huge deal with a Chinese business in the new sector that was supposed to be the US's new leading industry; however was sold out because of weak politicians and bad analises. I can almost be sure that he had some kind of illegal kick back from a foreign entity during his time of need. Then again I have no evidence on this matter. However, if I had the authority to place a couple of beavers of data and some hawks of watch on him (oh wait). I woudl think that it would be a great place to look, much like we looked into President Clinton's Chinese helpers and their illegal espionage acts of political economic undertakenings. Therefore, happy Christmas my beavers and hawks. Direction is given, it seems dam weird that Senator Reid would come out and give $450 million US dollars to help a foreign entitu crush the US's only hope to get out of this vicious service bell curve cycle.

Let the dam flow and lets fly baby.

Happy Christmas all this self degredation and economic sadaisticness has to cause some kind of anger might as well come out of the royal I in a legal and proper manner of tracing.

Rider I
Along with that for my bears and lions any possible degraded or corrupt agents I want watches on to see if any information gets lost or missplaced. Also set up some panthers in the trees to watch on data placed in front of them to see if they do anything illegal to cover up MSS intellegence movements.

This one is for silicon valley I was not there for the Detroit economic battle. But I am darn aware, awake and able for the silicon high technological economic battle. How dare a Senator help destroy another one of our industrial sectors by allowing uncompetitive American tax dollars to go to our competitors. We got our bucks kicked and handed to us in Detroit. That is why a young cub had to step up and seek a dull. I won. Now we have to try and save the US from devastation as our high tech deficit has reached 4 years and the trace is very similar to the manfuacturing deficit when we lost detroit. Get on it, or I get on you. Root man for indiviudal cultures and the belief in muti degrees, cutlures, ethnicity and the individual onwership ones own economics for their own purpose and choice of the individualt o use on their own individual cultures and beliefs.I love dulls, whether in the cage or in the back woods. What are we supposed to create positive capital inflow Senator? What are we supposed to do. We have lost our textile industries, our manufacturing industries and the last 4 years have been the worst the high tech industry has every seen, because of weak scared leaders like yourself, givening over 80% of our high tech stimulus money to China. I want this guy so far bugged that when he sees a bird and wonders if it is me, that it is. The loss of textiles, manufacturing and the automotive industries are one thing. But stripping the US from all of its positive capital inflow industries is considered a serious threat. Enough for the civilians to start researching and presenting. So thi I says lets get some, legally and properly. All if favor fly your hawks at the proper time and date. I will ride to see the perches. However, as I won I am just seeking favor one way or another on this research project.

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