This one is for Detroit and all those who lost their Childrens homes to Communist EW.

This one is for Detroit and all those who lost their Childrens homes to Communist EW.
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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

We should leave Hugo and our International Investments at a stand still.

Then we should start giving more development to India and its oil wells. So they can combat the massive Communist infiltration with jobs and more we can gain more help for a developing democratic/republic country. Why are we still dealing with Hugo Chavez? Who needs his oil. He sells the oil to communist countries at bare people rape rates and then he overcharges the US. All for the name of the international communist party. I like India, I do not like Hugo Chavez big mouth or stealing of American free enterprise nor disrespect for the country that has feed his countries with economics by supporting the communist party with international illegal contracts and unfair business practices. I like India I think she likes me.

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I have some communist friends. However, the stupid or ignorant Communist who do not know how to understand the some one elses views as opposition and not a threat usually are not my friends. Especially when I try and make friends with someone wearing a Che Guerra shirt and they are complete idiots about Karl Marx's theory and could only tell you they like Che because he is a communist not knowing why. Those types of folks usually I do not make friends with. However, intellectual communist who can give a good run for their money until you pull out the enslavement bit are nice folks. I would not want them working government or politics as per their extreme anti-freedom of economic views, but hey folks are allowed their cultural opinion as long as they do not do anything illegal like take orders or direction from a foreign communist party to destroy the US or to gain information through espionage. Which one of my friends I can't wait till I catch him. It is going to be great and he knows it. You going down you communal enslavist. I like having different friends it makes lifes conversations interesting and I can learn were vulnerabilities are in extreme points of view. Plus usually when I try and play devils advocate to some of my freedom of economics friends for communism they show me cons and pros of my research and gathering.

Our infrastructure investment with Hugo should stand still all contracts should hold gruond and water. We should start to diversify away from his country. However at the same time that is exactly what the Hugo and the Communist party wants. If Venezuelas long time mother figure leaves it now, the democratic/republic side of it will fail to communist manifesto and Hugo's greed for power. Which means as we have failed both Cuba and we are now failing Venezuela to stop the tryanical economic enslavement of communism we should not pull out completely. However, if Hugo is using his powers for Communist overthrow via the first party of the communist anarchist cook book, then we should start to look in India to check further communist reign inside of it via helping out with its oil infrastructure if it would like to buddy up with the US.
Hugo's mouth is getting bigger as he is getting more and more used by the central communist party. Which means as they use him more for China communist political agenda he will feel safer as he will think they need him because of his way to great of deals on his countries economic values. In which he is actually economically raping his people for the communist centralized party. In which he is trying to make up the economic pilleage by forcing the US through its deals with it to pay for it.. Like forcing a US company to be overthrown by communist forces and then lose 100 million in back pay.

By the way my friend in India is not a communist. My friend in California is. I figured if I wanted to know my opposition I needed to be friend one and see if the reseearch anayslis of cognitive side affects of the belief in Marx's is true. So far it is.

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