This one is for Detroit and all those who lost their Childrens homes to Communist EW.

This one is for Detroit and all those who lost their Childrens homes to Communist EW.
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Friday, December 31, 2010

The reason why the Communist are a threat to international currency mutiplicty.

Since the US has allowed the communist to compete unfairly in the international market places with their extensive use of massive conglomerated SOE's and centralized economic strategies to do so. This has allowed the Communist to fold any free society equitable need for fuel. This is because the free societies have been forced to rely on the service bell curve. Which inherently needs less fuel to use. As the producing country which gains the most positive capital inflows and the most need for resources; also gains the most strength in military as per production per unit and the ability to produce it streamlined, while being able to get up their military factors faster. This also is a threat because it allows the Communist to hold much more sway over OPEC than the free societies currently do. We can see this with Communist China's current economic business with Saudi Arabia. Which is the US's best ally on OPEC. Soon the Communist while be easily able to sway the Saudi Arabians to stop using US dollars to trade and start using an international currency or even the communist currency. This is because it is the same plan that the Soviets had. They know through their communist politics that they will become the center of the international market place which will make their communist views, and military vary powerful. Which will then take the balanced free world of conservative ideas and liberal ideas and through it into kaos as the extreme political views of the communist start to take hold. We have already started to see this again like the cold war in Hungary via the right party and their ideas of the 1st amendment as whispered for by the MSS, and also in Venezuela were we see our closest and hopeful for a balanced democracy/republic being torn apart by the MSS. Much like we witnessed the KGB doing to parts of the world it found needed.
   Therefore, this unfair competition by the communist entities and centralized strategies will allow them to create an unfair single currency. Which is bad. As that means they will be able to control it via their communist massive surplus and neo-mercantalist economics. Also it will mean that countries can easily be abused and discriminated against because there will be no other way to trade in the international market place. Especially since the communist party is an extreme one view dominate dictorialship. Thus meaning that if a country dissents against the communist they can easily move their currency by shadow agents to give that dissenting country bad abilities for contracts. Which can turn a positive capital inflow which allows that country to build and expand quickly into a negative capital inflow which causes that country implode and have to erode safety nets and welfare, like we have been seeing in the free societies. However the status-quo allows for the use of many different currencies. Which is part of a free world international sovereignty to use. Folks just like using the US because of our political ability to keep its currency from being used against the countries applying it for trade. The EU and pound have also found it a similar international trade, as they are much less likely to use it as economic warfare against those that dissent against the, Basically because in free world societies our system is based on dissent. We actually thrive on dissent because it makes us stronger as we have to prove our side with empirical ideas which makes the idea stronger or they have to disprove the idea which creates a stronger idea.
  Thus it would be a bad thing to have a one world international currency, not just because mother freedom would be out in the cold along with the other free societies that folks love to use for their trade. But, primarily because it would make it a lot easier for countries to discriminate while furthering the world grip of the communist centralized party.

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Again my culture does not wish for a one world government nor a one world currency. Along with that the only imperialist hegemony we wish for is the wish of all to vote and for all to have equal individual rights, while keeping economic freedom for the market forces to move freely. If that is imperialism then so be it our hegemony is better than the communists or extreme Islamics views of enslavement of market forces, individuals or spirituality.

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