This one is for Detroit and all those who lost their Childrens homes to Communist EW.

This one is for Detroit and all those who lost their Childrens homes to Communist EW.
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Friday, December 31, 2010

There is no such thing as a win win in business.

I see the idea of win win coming out of the communist party like my bluff smoke and taste of my whiskey, it is just a smile and a ruse.

Lets do a quick analysis at base root of this idea of win win coming out of the communist party.

We have business person x and we have business person y with no variables added.

X has something for sale, y has a need. They both want to benefit from each others busines. However, just because both benefit from each others benefit does not mean it was a win win.
So x wants to sell it at the products highest price. While y wants to buy it at its lowest price. Thus a haggle ensues. Were they each come to a pass were one of them is taking less of a benefit than they had wanted. Thus the business transaction occurs and they both walk away feeling like they tried to compete the best for their benefit. However, again does not mean it is a win win. As such if the seller only has to go down a little and does not reach the price that the buyer wanted to buy at then the seller wins. However, if the buyer gets the product at the price they had wanted to spend then they win. Most of the time in todays free worlds the seller is winning as there is little to no haggling in market places. It is a set price if you do not want to pay the premium price for that product you can't buy it.

However, lets look at Senator Reids who is under investigation for treason for working with a foreign intellegence agency transaction with a Chinese SOE backed entity.
Senator Reid got involed to help a foreign entity obtain US tax dollars to crush their competitors and to create a benefit for that foreign entity company. Lets look at the variables.
Some questions to find variables
1. Why was Senator Reid involved in getting a business that is located in Texa's a loan when it is our countries competitors?
2. Why has over 80% of our green tech stimulus gone to foreign producers.
3. Why did the  Senator think by allowing a foreign company to take US tax payer dollars and give it to our competitor was a good idea?
4. Has China ever given a US company $450 million to crush their countries domestic competitors?
5. Has China ever given 80% of their stimulus money for foreign countries to produce things and take away jobs and all the variables that come along with production?

Variables Texas political economy has long been on the conservative side thanks to religous folks who made it big in the energy sectors of oil. Digital A team I would like a projection, hold on (ya I am proper with it) I want a projection of Senator Reids little back door meetings with possible MSS agents and this business. In which I would theorize that this little using of US tax payer money to create a massive competitive extreme left leaning company in Texas would start to errode the political economy by its funding of domestic left leaning areas. Have to keep the balance. I know hippy you don't want to do it. Just get it done I will have cowboy take away your weed and bong. Get it done. I have one for the right coming up on a week you will enjoy and I will have to threaten to take cowboys boots and hat away. Even if Senator Reid did not know he was working with an MSS agent. I want them to learn just like we had to teach them about the KGB. MSS has not had its day in lights yet. So Senato Reid has stepped into the Texas and spit on the ground, cowboy would have my head much like you would hippie when I tell you about the next project if we did not follow through. I am guessing Senator Reid has no clue what a variable is and just saw it to strenghten an allies on the left through an extreme countries business holdings. Cause if he did know about variables he would have only given US tax dollars to US business so we can compete internationally against the communist and their business. Cowboy, I want all pictures if you have them presented in normal fashion. I also want further recon and analysis done on the possible soft tail. Hippie please do the grapsh and maps, with all known associates of the extreme left and left that that Chinese business might invest in to errode the political economy. Along with that cowboy wake up the old farts who are allowing their earnings to be used on literally fossil industries instead of competeting for the next generation of energy. We must keep the balance team. You padowans are allways allowed to help unless otherwise told. I have a hawk going to team B and C via the roach connection, love those little bugs then can carry a whole lot of gigabites on their backs. We must teach them. They obviously are ignorant as bad as it has gotten. Hippy just to give you an idea of where the next project for us is going to go the right needs to be balanced too. I need those reports on the Senator if he is involved in destorying this country and his country rivals by using outside foreign intellegence agency. Then he needs to be brought to public justice. We know the society is infilitrated and we were created as the true spirit of templars to check the powers that be and balance those in need. Not to watch and allow things to happen. Senator Reid could be working with them knowningly to destory the political balance, as that is what the communist not the true templars needed for them to destroy countries and cultures via economic warfare. Once they have no opposition then the ease of the Amerio, and the then the one world currency will easily allow the complete destruction of diversity and culturals via a one world communist government. Remeber what the Grey's showed us when a planetary systems leaders are allowed to have a one world government. Please get it done hippy. By the way hipper's I had the monks dig up an old report on how the Pagan's defeated the Alien communist enslavers and their resource enslavement via guess what you named it weed. You gona love that, if you give me a non biased report. Member what JAC said before the communist got him. "What makes the world free? The diversity and fair competition, not enslavement." RIP old boy.

Variable It is in the communist benefit to produce and force others to service as they gain a huge amounts of variables.
Production variables

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