This one is for Detroit and all those who lost their Childrens homes to Communist EW.

This one is for Detroit and all those who lost their Childrens homes to Communist EW.
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Sunday, December 12, 2010

We are over feeding China's positive Capital in detrementance.

Some meditation music:

These roots have been around Since Galeo, they have derooted, taken out again and again. The individual ownership of labors win over the communist feudalist ideas of forced labor for the commune every time the world goes bright and glides forward to better civility. Rider i 2010

Some Historical Mumbo Jumbo

Ok the idea of a civilized world building is a simple one. It is bery easy to understand. We have the poing of view of the Communist that wishes for a one world order and a one world currency. In which each country will be enslaved to its own comparative advantage while other countries build what they are good at. However, Illuminati's like me (again I am not part of the society, just the culture, for some reason I can see the symbols and am not like the conspirast who are unable to see the purpose or the symbols, all they see is powe and the fight but do not see why, I can read past it to the roots) believe in differences and the differences of culture and individuality make this world and the human species stronger. As we have to come together to work things out. If we were all like the Communist wanted and their one world order and currency then we would end up like my friends the Grey's galatic enemy. Countries all working just to take over the universe for their world community. However, we are not in the I's point of view which might be being very constrewed because of heavy infilitration by Communist propoganda.

   As such the idea of freedom of a civilized world building is through loans of currency. This is not new the first watchers of money the Knights Templar understood this very well. So much so that communist leaders that kept people in their line for the communal needs instead of their individuals wants genocided the knights. Hence Friday the 13th. The idea of working for the whole through a none class and a leadership class only as one single entity is not new to this world. The knight templars understood that by loaning people value based on their strength of value and love of peace and individuality that they could build the communities around them to be strong places for each individuals souls wish for their ownership of labors. As such the Knights templar used to lend out funds for individuals to start their business. This went against the main leaders of that day who did not want the poor or middle class to be created as it went against the upper communist leading class. They were also very close with the monks of the world and their massive libraries of information that at that time only the rulling communist class could read. In which the Knights Templar decided that those books should go into tombs were people of non communist leading class would be able to be trained to compete against them to bring about a world of freedom for individuals.

  Thus the idea of lending on debt to build communties to raise the middle class and the poor class to a higher quality was created. I. However, the Knights Templar became greedy. They under cutt themselves by lending out more than they were able to hold. At such their cloaked activities began to be seen. As they were destroying the very fabric of society by creating what we now know as inflation. They were not able to keep a strong society for themselves becauses they gave the very shirt off their backs to everyone else. This made them lazy, and weak and allowed their oppositions who did not want for a class system of those trying to start up, middle and then upper and those who have competed to win to lead. As such those leaders saw their weakness as their system of funding began to decae. Again then came Friday the 13, wence the King had create a sense of immorality around the very thing that helped the society become free. So much so that they were considered to be evil, or trying to take over the world, or even against soceity itself. When in truth the reason why the whole people were freeer from the bowls of the communist leadership of the church and the feudalistic system was becasue of their individual banking system whcih wished to create an individual ownership of labors as it made people more happy to pursue their dreams than toil in the field for the commune. Much like the bible states, in economic verses regarding the free will and in paraphrasing gleams from passages the ability of each to be individually free.

  However, the inflation caused the Knights to become reliant on something that was not here. Which then allowed them to become to comfortable in their own. This then let them live free lives in which they forgot their skills of economically fighting, espionage, mitliary warfare as they all became family men and leaders of free societal cultures. This then caused them to not work together to keep fighting for individual freedom. When the leaders who wished for each individual to stay in their toil for the communal and not the individual beleifs saw their weakness. They struck. Friday the 13. This then made the last surviving ones go underground with the monks.

  You see some folks think that the renissance is responsible for the banking system. However, they do not know the root behind the renaissance and the basis of earning mutiple degrees in which allowed the Renaissance to flourish and France's freedom to be libertated to liberty. Along with that some myths about the Templar and the individual economic knights, were created by the church god bless and please excuse'. However, the Templar used to also trace lets say priests that were using their power to enslave the weak or for things that were just not civily naturally correct. As such many of those things were tried to be placed back on the economic knights of indi. However, they were great fathers, and business men it was just at the end were their military and espionage defenses were infilitrated and then almost completely genocided that the victor writes history. However, is not always true. As the economic knights of indi, rode with the monks and the monks write history.

Really bad application of principle to today.
   So today we have folks who are like the Knights templar which has become a whole society called the US. Which has taken other much older socities along with help from some other ancients to become a free individual based labor ownership, go for your dreams and pursuit of happiness and it will all come together for the communit, without having to be forced to work for the community country. (that is horrible) Thus the world has two very big countries based on the idea of new wave feudalism, which is communism in its purest most able form. This was the idea that the country should own the labors of their citizens for the good of their country so they can use it to conquer the world in the name of that country, community or leadership. This can easily be seen as the two opposing ideas of the Knights Templar and the Communist feudalism was theoritically and scientifically applied in the world.

   Thus we had the Soviet Union and the Free world. This was then allowed to compete with as little destruction as possible. The competition of economic theories was laid to rest when the Soviet Union crashed itself so as to disband its countries economics based on military and conquering. As the US was based on individual desires and the needs of the people's supply and demand. Therefore, showing that the idea of individual ownership of labors will and has always won. As it is more natural than conquering. However, that does not mean that a country can't win. As we have seen in the Chinese Communist creating a complete economic dominating plan in which is working. They have taken the free world's idea of debt spending to create world and international peace into a whole other field. They have created a very intrincate centralized economic policy and leadership which still allows them to conquer for the community and country instead of allowing individual labors.

  This has caused major international instablity as my Chinese Communist Economic Blitzkrieg theory explains in outline. The idea of them using their helpers shirt giving to conqer and create a weaker infrastructure for their helpers. This then has been taken to far by the free markets. As has created huge detremintal impacts. As such laws that are based around creating industries of service for job creation. In which create little or no long lasting jobs for the middle class or poor. As such then causing huge amounts of loss of country whole savigns as the county then has to go into its future saving capacities to save the county. This is known as inflation Which is basd on the ideat that we will either create enough jobs in teh future to pay off the taxes needed or they will have to raise taxes. Either way it takes away from the individual to be able to have a savings in the majority. However, those in the upper class and leading class are able too. This then takes away from the whole principle of trying to convert the Communist as it has made the very temple itslef communist. As the temple becomes more reliant on communalism and less reliant on individual labors, ownerships and savings. Which is against the very principles of the founding fathers of this fraternity and maternity known as the United States of America.

It is time for a change. Our home base is being inflated and weekened. Their our countries out there that have no individual ownership of labors because they can not compete against those we have tried to convert and succeed. It is time to move on before we become to weak.
That is my vote and I have been calling for some time. Our shirt giving to this specific community is causing us detrement and causing us to become weak. We are not being strenghented as the Communist fuedalist leaders have already stated they are going to hold SOE's.We have done our best. We have countries and communites that have never seen individual labor ownership because they can't compete and it is causing high terroism and high creation of hatred in the world. We need to stop with China and the Communist, keep an I. However, we are becoming weak. Manufacturing defecits, high tech deficits. China is taking up the international market places by using unfair Free Trade Agreements. They are strong now, it is time to move forward. We need to stop terroism through economics of individual labors and allowing folks to work for their own. Along with that our own people and society is losing its ability to have their own labors and savings because of the old guards inability to have a red line of when to move on from the transitional stage. We have redlined in this monks opinion. The middle East and Africa are doing much worse than Asia, China has grown and can help keep peace. Plus, our people from what I see need mor jobs and savings and the old guard's policy has allowed our pensions, savings, retirements and jobs be lost in this battle, for individual labors. We change course. . I's I.

Proposition to Do so

   We make sure that the new individually free country on its way still has a lot of quirks to get through, competes fairly against those countries like well I will not say because they are very touchy names as their people are so scared, and so pissed off, and so upset that they can't earn a living for their families and all they see is war, and suicide and high unemployment. Those countries with the help of other Democracies/Republics need to be economically built into stable market places. This can be done as seen were most of the Capital resides in the world. Which is in places we tried to build strong individual labor of ownership. As being Germany and China, as Russia is still a little bootsy but they trying. However, the same projects we did with proper red lines created and mass jobs creation in the Free markets can be done to help the middle east create civil and peacefull world were folks have jobs, streets, etc. Along with that we can do the same thing to the Africa. However, it is paramount that we make sure that the Communits are not going back to old feudalistic one style communist type strategy and rule to conquer the world as my economic traces have been showing with their massively unfair creation of economics. This is easy. Senator Sherman create a life full of laws that have expanded regarding such activity here in the states, when some of citizens began to be to greedy. This was anti-trust, cartels and other competitive laws. All we need to do is at this time stop babying the Communits and start applying those laws to State Capitalism or what is known as Communism. They are saying they are getting rid of it. However, all they are doing is conglomerating fewer names with more market shares and more business sectors. This is not getting rid of them this is proliferating monsters of communist labored entitites. As such we need to apply proper laws to them, much like we do individuals who become to power and create monopolistic and monopsonic affects. I have pin pointed the leaders of this which is the SASAC. They are my target, in research of course. Thus we get the Communist to compete and stop flooding developing countries with cheap products so they can't create their own positive capital inflows and we will create more stable countries.
   This example of flooding can easily be seen through Greece. Where Greece's capital inflows from creation of products or otherwise was so flooded by cheap products that they wen bankrupt from having to take out to many loans to pay to keep buying the cheap products. Plus their economic's was based on a system of services in which in my service bell curve theory booms and busts and is a harsh leader for a business cycle. We need a much more proper one like the Green high tech sector. She is a mighty fine and nice industry to lead the US's business cycle. I think we should save her. Therefore, Senator Reid is to be denied unless China gives a US green tech company the same amount of money. As such his work to get that Chinese company our's is not done until he gets ours in theirs with the same amount of funding and allocation of market shares. It is said, so be it, get it done. So tell Senator Reid that if he wants my country to give to a Chinese entity, he must have the Chinese give the same for the our entities exactly pound per pound. Since governments are getting involved in the market place it must be a fair deal. Especially since I see one of my represnatives with his head down. Which is the ultimate sign that the senator just screwed. If you understand symbols and signs of Unions. As such I want American turbine jobs for green tech high technology to be created to faciliate an American owned entity in China for the same principle and I want China's government to kiss our company's butt just like Senator Reid is kissing theirs. Got it, or no go.

Rider i

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