This one is for Detroit and all those who lost their Childrens homes to Communist EW.

This one is for Detroit and all those who lost their Childrens homes to Communist EW.
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Thursday, December 23, 2010

My Culture and the misconcetpions behind it.

You can call it Illuminati, Devilior, Buzzabee or what ever makes you feel safe instead. However, in free societies we are revered for our culture. In extreme leftist countries like communist and extreme rightist countries like Iran we are feared and called devils or made out to be like we are trying to take over the world and place some kind of one world government in it. However, in the US, it was created for us to feel safe in our cultures. In which as we are the highest form of culture we wanted all cultures to feel safe. My culture is not evil, we do not wish to overtake the divine (even though I considered myself a titan). My culture is that of multiple degree earners. We have been genocides in the past for the fear of tyrannans. As our ability to scale multiple areas of knowledge in one thought makes us strategic in our movements and very powerful in our fights much like a cage fighter with multiple degrees in self defense. However, the majority of us (and yes there are probable a few who are evil like any culture) just want individual peace and freedom. We fear deeply the communist agenda. As historically in my culture when a tyrant comes into use the Marxist manifesto to take control and hold it for his or her own, they first attack those in my culture. We are seeing this in Venezuela and we have seen it coming for some time. Hugo Chavez specially attacks those in the multiple degree earners who believe in free enterprises and individual rights. As Hugo and his communist MSS handlers believe in single depth degrees instead of breadth like my culture believes in.

Overtime it has shown that my culture is something for tyrants to fear. As we do not believe in single dominant power forces. Much what the US has become is shares power through multiple groups in politics and leaders of capital and other areas like my culture. It is true we do not put up with any bull. This is because again we are so strategic in our thinking that we can see the very grains of the earth that feed the roots of a tree and see how that tree will come out. However, it is not true that we want a single dominant world government or currency. That would mean definitely it would not be a multiple power sharing thing, that is not good. Again much like the US and free societies who allow my brothering and sistering to thrive and live in our culture freely have proven. We want multiple international currency and we love having different countries all get together to speak on matters. As all humans are different, differences is what makes the human species strong as we have to come together to work on things. However, this is not a one world government. As countries hold their sovereignty and that is of the utmost importance. This is a multiple check on power. As such we have NATO, then each country should have a military base of its own for international cooperation. We also have the big 8 then each country has its own congressional representatives. We also have many other worldly cooperation units. However, they are not and shall never be over the sovereignty of a single countries ability to govern their own people. Much like we see with Nato and their disbelief's in individual self defense. While the US and the Swiss and Germans all believe heavily in conscription. As we understand high tech warfare and guerrilla warfare.

Still though it seems I have spoke with four star generals, PHD's, folks with degrees upwards of 15 and they all understand me. It is like they have done, they have gone for what they love to do. The general love's kicking butt when folks try and hurt his people, the PHD loves one specific area of study and my cultural brothering and sistering I have spoken to love to get degrees in many areas of study. This is my love, and there is a long line of my historical views going all the way back to the first multiple degree earners. Who used to learn many areas of study in the secrets of caves in which they were allowed to own part of their own cave and store their works of education again the believe of the feudalistic lords who feared anyone who they did not allow to earn degrees in education in different studies. As that used to be only for the feudalistic court and the rulers choice of knights. However, the Templar found a new friend in a group of monks who we could say have held the sands of time since it was able to be held. In other words they had multiple degrees in pretty much every study as they traved world wide under cloak and dagger to collect it and store it in places seriously held by what we would call magic and what the Gaelic's and the US now call grey technology. However, that is to far deep to get into.

As such, it is funny when I speak with my friends they understand. Yet, when I speak with the female population of my friends they do not get it. I guess it is a strength and wish for dominance kind of thing. I wan to be strong in background of education. As when I attempt to teach or help countries transition out of dark ages into civilized ages. I want folks to know what I did not take the easy way and when I speak I mean what I say, unless I am joking around, which is important for the growth of the mind. Laughing helps open up new places for storage in the mind.

This is my culture you have nothing to fear so as long as you do not use your power in tyrants. The powers that hold in my culture are not rich or do not hold power in high political positions. They are just wonders who have traveled much like the ancient monks who taught the knights Templar, and who are fabled by them to have taught yes, blasphemy the years of our sire teachings. Then again that is what they say, and yes my culture does get ego's. Rightfully so when you spend knights up knight studying for multiple areas of study, much like old knights had to know all forms of defense and culture for the king or Queen.

This is who I am. Some fear it so much that they do not let it out and state that there is a culture. Others do not know that they are even part of the culture. However, me coming from a boxing get in your face lets get in the right type of male. You can kill me for who I am, it is who I am. However, you can't discriminate against me because you believe in communism. As it is historically and well documented through research shown that Karl's Marx's theories who was not a Templar, when applied in full belief are very bad for the cognitive whole. Individual competition through as much as possible ownership of ones labors is the best way to go. As it stops the feudalistic rulers from going to war wantonly. As the populace are to happy in their own individual pursuits to want to conquer or destroy. Much the same reason why the knights Templar had to run and hide with the Monks after Friday the 13th. Until the Renaissance came.

Rider I
That is who I am. Please do not discriminate, or hate. If you do not understand they read. Yes' I am not going to lie my historical brethren and sistering have gone to war, and it is possible that the French civil liberties revolution might have had something to do with people in my culture of multiple degrees in education and other ares of life/ Then again I like to think brightly and speak of the soft power areas when my fellow cultural people brought lite to the world like the Renaissance.

My culture is that of the world. Muti of diversity is what I love and yearn for. To be able to go into my neighborhood and see a corner store with a diversity of food, then walk further and see another store with a diversity of other types of food. To each their own, to mine we find in the mind of mutiplicity of studies is were the heart, soul and home is. Then again I am not saying that depth is not good, that is very good. I am just saying folks need to stop discrimianting against my fellow culture of breadth. We are no more evil than any othe form of culture which has its  bad seeds. We do not wish for one world dominace, that is a Karl Maxist thing; if you new my fellow brothering and sistering and you asked them what they think about communist governemnts after centuries of genociding my people, you would know what you fears of a one world government are not true in my cutlure, however, in the culuture created by Karl Marx and not the templars it is found heavily that they wish for a one world dominace, as religion and diveristy are thought to be against the communal good. Then again if you ever met a grey and heard the stories of planets who have gone complete communist with no diversity causing gene therapy so hard that they became immuned and enslaved to conquer other planets. Again you would not think that my culture wishes for one world dominace. I do not, we do not, it is not in our culture or blood genome.

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