This one is for Detroit and all those who lost their Childrens homes to Communist EW.

This one is for Detroit and all those who lost their Childrens homes to Communist EW.
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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Chinese Espionage Nickel and Dime strategy

Lets say I can trace a whoot and I am right if so, well i think I can gleam things really well.

Economic Warfare Study Case Study

BP had a major malfunction on one of its rigs. This is not the first time of course. These major malfunctions have cost them huge international market shares to compete for. As each time they malfunction they cause major financial liquidity damage. As such we can then narrow down to the last crash as I was watching every maneuver after I heard about it in the news. So during this time, we saw BP have a malfunction, along with a Venezuela State Owned Rig malfunction and go down in the most prettiest manner with no leaks and minimal damage. In an economic warfare model this might have been done to try and show the superiority of the State Ownership over a Free Enterprise. In this same time period we saw Venezuela seeking loans from Chinese Communist SOE banks to steal American Free Enterprise money, rigs and market shares through force of Government by Venezuela. This would cause such competitors of Venezuela and Chinese Communist SOE's less market share fair competition. As the maneuvers themselves if traced properly where unfair. However, again I have not proof of the BP malfunction. Yet, the Venezuelan move I do have evidence on as far as stealing American Free Enterprises by backed Chinese SOE banks.

Thus we then take a look at Communist Chinese biggest international SOE's. The ones on the top of the list are you guessed it oil companies. These oil Companies after BP crashed offered to buy BP oil rigs and contracts to give them capital to deal with it. Luckily BP did not sell as they saw the long term gain. However, they have been very unable to keep up with contract acquisition v. competition of those Chinese SOE's.

Thus we get to a real life possible nickel and dime strategy. As BP is really hurting right now comparatively for a company that needs millions to stay alive. They have done a variety of things to re-create popularity for their free enterprise and market shares. This includes such things as marketing on certain aspects. Such as BP atm's that allow them to use their surplus capital to make more money in a minimum of nickel and dimes. Such as the charge for a atm withdrawal. However, as China is a competitor as a whole government it is possible and likely that there might be nickel and dime strategies.

These nickel and dime strategies are such things as shortening out BP's ATM's by either personnel or by way of open net. More likely as the Chinese Communist MSS has the world's biggest intelligence agency in the world it would be by person. I just made a trip to one of their ATM's to check its status of being up or not. As I have also seen rolling black out in the US telecommunications such as Internet providers in the last 3 months. So I decided to look for other possible areas that a good trace would show rolling nickel and dime strategy attacks. Well I got lucky. The first BP ATM and only one I went to, it was out of order.

This then may not cost BP any money at all and they even probable have a team ready to attend to these matters as a calculated risk. However, the mere fact that is nickel and dimming by malfunction the Chinese opposition allows huge substantial amounts of loss of capital inflows for that certain company under possible economic warfare target. Thus allowing the Chinese Communist to calculate the possibility of lost earnings and wages and the affect on their ability to compete in such things as contract acquisition or other things. As such a normal unenlightened business person would just think it was done. However, if you look for signs or symbols it is possible to see economic warfare teams at work. Since I believe before I have seen clusters of possible Chinese Communist economic warfare agents nickel and dimming certain strategic targets to weaken them so the Chinese business can gain market share and then create negative capital inflows for that country or business and positive capital inflows for China. Much like what we are seeing with Senator Reids very weak business deal. As the Chinese entity gets to import products in but the US only gets to spend its market shares and domestic dollars on the product while creating a stagnant infrastructure purchase by using the same market shares and domestic dollars to buy the steel. This then allows that Chinese business to import their steel and engines while the US takes a hit in positive capital inflows. This means that the US gains negative capital inflows for their balance sheet. While China gains positive capital inflows for their balance sheet which is necessary for such things as welfare programs, military bases etc.

Therefore, what we see is the nickel and dime approach applied with the turnaround approach of negative capital inflow creation v. positive capital inflow and market share creation by the Chinese. This is easily tracked. I would suggest that trace enthusiast try and pick up on symbols or even multiple easily seen works of agents. As even if the Chinese econ warfare agents were to say lets attack a west coast Internet provider then attack an east coast target. It makes it easier to track them as they have to work through multiple servers. Meaning it is more likely that red flags will go up. However, using rolling black out systems especially when companies using Internet or telecommunications do not communicate with the government cyber defense police agencies regarding their black outs it is harder for US federal cyber defense agents to trace the work of foreign economic warfare agents.

As such the Cyber Defense command needs to create a stronger base with its business sector that uses the Internet for such things. This should be done much like our physical police system was done. Special numbers to call when Internet goes down, or when possible multiple malfunctions erupt service. Therefore, I believe the Cyber Defense Command is not doing a good enough job on public relations to be able to properly gather Intel and information on such foreign agency activities.

However, this is hard to do. As police agencies when they are first started at not trusted. Especially when it is a foreign country doing business in a domestic country. As it is possible that the foreign country will not want to report its black outs our possible attacks as they will fear show of vulnerability to their foreign countries business or state craft. However, for the domestic business it should be trusted much like we trust our police and other through proper high payment to cause little corruption, or intra espionage, plus with high internal affairs for proper watching of cyber defense agents the US domestic business should feel safe calling their Cyber Defense police to report cyber outages, possible attacks, etc. This will do a two fold affect: 1 it will calm down the Wild West feeling on the enternet were anybody can walk into someone's house and 2 it will cause the domestic competitive edge to be better as our Cyber Defense police will be able to see if their is any grand theft stealing of work time, product or otherwise detriment economic affairs. The problem will be that these business will not want to show weakness as of fear to clientele or market shares acquisition. However, we had the same problem during the wild west.Were cities would try and deal with their own problems without calling for help and they would some times find themselves constantly being thefts by foreign agents or domestic terrorist. This then caused many a Wild West town to go under as it could not secure itself and would not call for help. As much like we are seeing many business go under now. As telecommunications outages and other minor irritants can cause substantial detrimental affects to work product, work environment or even security. Which all plays into the parts of a proper functioning business entity.

Rider I

Necessary clarification. The net zones I was in was different in the net zone I went to for the BP atm. In which my friend told me their net had been up all day and the BP atm terminal was down. However, in my net zone which is run by a different net company than the one in the BP zone was down. In which over the last three months it has been going down more and more frequently. To make me think it is either major overhaul that I was not told about or it is being attacked much like I have witnessed in business I did case study for that the Communist agenda or party would have been attacking to cause nickel and dime affects of the owner or even the possibility of nickel and dime loss to cause detriment.

Billy the Kid to Jed, how is that light watching chip going. If we can use the chip like a camera for the Internet then replay any codes going through looking specially for shut down codes or malware codes we should be able to deal with all the gangs out there creating theft clans of virus, worms and other things that are hurting our citizens. Let me know if you need any outlines for the chip research. Kid out. Hurry up Jed I am getting tired of this Internet bullying. having to pay for protection or they attack your business, is BS. Especially when it allows our national security of foreign intelligence agencies to take advantage. If we can sell that chip, which is a complete light tracking and watching system, they will not be able to encode or hide codes. As it will be like a camera, without the possibility of caspering the camera.

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