This one is for Detroit and all those who lost their Childrens homes to Communist EW.

This one is for Detroit and all those who lost their Childrens homes to Communist EW.
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Sunday, December 26, 2010

Hugo and Tehran's New World Order or the Muticultural ideas of Western and Eastern Ideas.

Two leaders who oppose the US's fight against terrorism. Hugo Chavez and Tehran both decided to start a New World Order of their own. I wonder what this will be. As both have used sinister strategies to keep their power in their governments. Which has allowed them to back terrorist in their regions very heavily. They then say that the US by going in with their colors showing being honorable and respective are terrorist. However, in the wake of the US's and western paths' they bring such civility as Hong Kong and Japan. While those countries of dictatorship backed by either extreme lefts like the Hugo or the extreme rights of Tehran leave in their wake civil disorder, death, and a government run for power not for the people.

It is difficult it comes down to Hegemony. Hugo and Tehran act like they are the good guys. However, they are just the smaller hegemony. Their influences is dominated by bigger countries who use them like puppets. As does China use and abuse Hugo Chavez so do they to Iran. Much more Hugo than Tehran as Tehran is a business elder not a goon with a gun. However, it is still a hegemony. We have the idea of the communist coming from Russian and Chinese MSS. Which is funny their ideals are way more wicked in root than any free society. That wishes freedom of culture and economics on those they try and help and stop from allowing the killing of their own. However, the Communist manifesto of intelligence uses the very idea of the term escapes me when you use something without giving it freedom or proper due, could be usury but that is not the term that describes it. Fro example. we see in such countries where the US is they flourish in international trade. Germany, Japan, Iraq which is now one of the world's most highest wishes for international trade. The US does not force any of them to give them better deals. As a matter of fact most of them hate the US and give them bad deals. However, in countries helped by China or Russia we see them both worrying about their own economics and using Karl Marx's to enslaves those countries for specific use of the communist bloc leader which is now China as Russia dethroned itself to make the communist party stronger in China. It was the only way for the US to see the Communist part as not a threat and stop defending against it in China and Russia.

It would seem to me that I would rather have a hegemony were freedom of culture, religion and politics was the highest form of worry and the abusers of that freedom over the state tyranny of a one class leader rule ship in which communism proposes, or Islamic fascist rule propose. Maybe it just me, however I am power me.

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The funniest thing about his whole thing is that countries like Venezuela were there is still hope get better deals with free countries than they do communist countries that rape Venezuela for such deals as $5 dollar a barrel gas so that Hugo's obsession of the US assassinating him can be dulled. Hugo we ain't going to kill you as long as you do not go into a communist anarchist bloody massacre. Just let them be free and for geese sakes Hugo let someone else rule you are becoming a tyrant. If you weren't already one.

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