This one is for Detroit and all those who lost their Childrens homes to Communist EW.

This one is for Detroit and all those who lost their Childrens homes to Communist EW.
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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

What consists of an entity that wishes to conquer the world.

We saw very aggrevated circumstances with the Soviet Bloc. In which they wished to dominate other countries economically and then militarily and then force upon them their one currency rule. So that mother Soviet could controll their world. Unlike the free socities that use multiple currencies to do trade in which is currently Euro and Dollar along with other currenceis that are traded in depending on the free will of the contractual agreement. Would the new ruling Communist Parties wishes for a single international dominat currency be the same thing as the Soviet's forces one currency rule.
Would trade agreements with countries that do not have structures or proper secure market places with countries that have massive economic warfare weapons much like the Soviet Union also be considered part of that? As compared to free enterprises that have to be competitive or they are ruled on by the government.
Would wishing to dominate smaller countries land masses as their land mass is so large be another part of wishing to dominate the world?
Would not allowing an international peace agency provide an award to something that even their Communist leaders agree need to happen out of spite to their neighbors be considered a fear of the world in which is used to conquer? Would creating their own peace award just so smight somethign they even agree needs to be done be considered a wish to conquer the world? As opposed to many countries and citizens of that agency voting on the candidates, were as in the communist part it is all one political party and one country?
What conists of trying to conquer the world?
We have seen this in many empires. However, today it would seem that the conquering is not much different. Distain for their helping neighobors. Errogance to their own civility without proper understanding of how they are being allowed to build and grow, threatening smaller countries with less land mass to take it from them.
Specially creating economic warfare centralized strategies to create a single political party dominace in their helping neighors.

I would wonder, if I was not closing this thing down, I would say a proper study of leading indicators of wanting to conquer the world would be a good thing. then a comparison between free socities and the communist left over societies. sounds fun.
I just do not like the idea of a one currency world. Freedom does not come from a world in which one currency is allowed. what it does is create less soverignty and more world domination by the single country who runs the international currency. However, then again the Communist manifesto and leaked documents show that has been their plan for a long time. As they can easily use massive SOE's and centralized economies to destroy the western idea of freedom of economcis and liberty along with free enterprises.

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