This one is for Detroit and all those who lost their Childrens homes to Communist EW.

This one is for Detroit and all those who lost their Childrens homes to Communist EW.
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Monday, December 27, 2010

Tryants have always used communism to crutch their power.

From Moses preaching sacrifices to god, all the way to Karl Marx's and his communist ideas to Hitler and his use of Karl Mar's strategies in his German socialist party and the idea of sacrificing religion for the commune. The one's that have stuck around the longest and held power the longest have been the Bolsheviks. They have infiltrated the Illuminati, free society governments and constantly use their process of Karl Marx's extreme communal enslavement for the good of the human kind to kill mame, enslave and torture. This is reality. This is not a farce. The fact is our leaders have forgot about the Bolsheviks and their extreme view. They do not understand how the balance of politic power and economic freedom is what keeps a country from chaos and ultimately enslavement to the power of the rulers. This is more than obviously because they have allowed the international centralized party of the communist to become the richest and most powerful single dominate party in the world. With international ties to every communist party. Working as a whole to destroy economic freedom and the idea of capitalizing on what your soul perpells you to do. They would rather enslave the human soul to a few political leaders and leave it up to them on where the money should go.
    It has been lost because of great works of espionage on the parts of the Bolsheviks and no that does not mean they are Russian, or Chinese. There are many Americans I have traced who are possibly part of the Bolsheviks empire's fight. These people go every day fighting to enslave their fellow humans. They prey on the poor, weak or abused and they use the idea of everyone being just as done as they are and in the same place. This is their tactics, the idea that you did not make it, or you made a bad choice, or you were hurt and did not find a warrior to fight back, so it is all freedom and free wills fault so we should take it from everyone.
Which is funny, my mother left me and abused me when I was young, I grew up with an ex hessian, my blood brother was shot in the line of duty, I was so scientific that my soul and brain make me take adventures that no one else would think of, I have been messed over by sweat shop boss after sweat shop boss, working in every field almost imaginable. I think that is because I have never understood the Bolsheviks so I wanted to see how it felt to be in the people's shoes they prey on. As most of the time no offense y'all when I worked in those places I was very much more enlightened on things than the lot. Still though I find myself never being able to understand how one person could prey on the weak and hurt and tell them they will get things for free because we will force them into slavery for you just like how you feel. I ran for president in elementary and found that is what Bolsheviks and Marxism is, it is elementary politics. Everyone wants to get something of other people's backs, it is natural we are all lazy. However, the Bolsheviks theory does not allow for maximization of individualism or cultural mutiplicty. This is because it forces a social feudalism. Now Democrats are not Bolshevikian or even communist.
   There is a need for a safety net. Always there will be those who can't find their way to what they love or make such bad decisions that they are always constantly fighting an up hill battle (thats me). Therefore, the Democrats find in their hearts that necessary safety nets are needed. Along with liberal Republicans who find the same. However, their are red lines that cause undue damage to the availability of the creation of that safety net. That is what this cite is about. The idea that our leadership is so weak that it has forgotten how to compete. They have allowed the communist to compete unfairly. Thus destroying and unraveling the US's safety net for its lesser classes. This is primarily in my trace because of bolshevikian infiltration. The idea that some day the free world will collapse and enslavement of the commune will begin for the good of all. This is real, trust me as a person who is constantly fighting an up hill battle and seems to have a knack to want to get myself killed by foreign communist agents, I have traced the people who are doing this. You may call it a conspiracy. Then again you and me after you have read this just conspired to enlighten ourselves on my thoughts and individual investigations. Everything is a conspiracy. It is just those that hail my deepest darkest fears shall be national security. This is primarily because as a lower class citizen of the US. I have done a lot of studies on the communist ideas. I find that in free societies when their is a problem citizens are allowed to freely investigate and present any wrong doings against their ideas. Which causes for a more progressive ideas of laws and equality with the best safety net possible. I also find that the very root of the bolshevikian idea that the top 1% own the most wealth and the lowest 99% own the least is funny. As most of the top 1% create jobs for the others. In which the lower class ideas of wealth spreading actually make it harder for a middle class citizens to climb the ladder. As that was Karl Mar's pitch to dictators and kings, at least that is what his watchers notes state.
  The idea is that to be free costs. This freedom has created the highest spread of wealth in any nation. Were most folks have a tv, enternet and a car in the US. Along with health care via medicare and school via grants and scholar ships. I should now my first degree I was so highly competitive and poor at the same time I got a full ride. However, it is my dream to someday own a farm. In which I will have many of my childhood dreams come true for my children. Freedom takes time sometimes generations for it to be found. However, if a blood line works hard does right, does little wrong and makes good decisions it is very possible to live your dreams. However, the bolsheviks do not want this to happen. As such they lobby for laws that stop the middle class from existing, stop the competition from being allowed and for most wish to crush individual ownership of industries as a whole. Which is funny because that is the same thing their complete opposites are doing in the other side. As the extreme capitalist do not want competition against them and want their massive amounts of earnings to be kept safe. That is why Senator Sherman created the Anti-trust laws. They were to be used against communist and capitalist alike. An I must keep the balance you know, even if his heart is seated on one side.
   As I ramble the point is that this country has forgot to apply Senator Sherman's life long work to stop the crushing of every individual to have a fair chance to own their own business and labors. This is because we have allowed the very communist that were a blow back regulation of the anti-trust laws to have it applied too. Therefore, we find were we are today. In a country that has constant loss of safety net due to the allowance of the communist to compete unfairly. This has allowed the Communist to take their surpluses and apply them through a centralized strategy to strengthen the party. Via developing countries that want to be communist. However, the US has become the old Soviet Union. Were we are using and relying way to heavily on military power to spread democracy/republic and the idea of economic freedom along with civil rights. This is primarily due to a possible well played attack by a certain rich boy I would love to get my scope on. Osama Binladen. That rich boy and his communist handlers possibly had the idea to attack the golden dragon to get it to come back to the middle east to create a construction boom and to help free his people form economic poverty, as their infrastructure was lacking a democratic rule to push it further. Then again, we got folks looking constantly for that rich boy. This then was applied to the same theory that Dr. Wilson in his economic warfare plan. To get the Soviets to drain themselves in the war. The Communist are the same way.
  With the US's weak application of Senator Sherman's life long work to stop unfair economics to the communist they are easily able to get into countries that the US and free societies help develop. As such look at Iraq some of the best mineral resources contracts went to the communist as our free enterprises could not compete with them. The communist would say we should create communist weapons too. Balance holders would say we should apply fair competition. Thus we then look at countries that the Communist are helping develop through butter, as they were not attacked via a rich boy and his right wing extremist views. The Communist are developing heavily in the footsteps of the German Socialist parties military war. They have undertook heavy economic warfare through their use of SOE weapons. While the US's free enterprises constantly lose key contracts due to mutiple SOE's controlled by the SASAC competiting as a monopsony. This then is what the communist have done. They have taken their world dominator predecessors strategies and applied them to old guard USA tactics of business take over's via helping. The thing that is missing is what we used against the Soviets and it worked so well. The Application of Anti-trust laws and cartel activities to the communist party.
  However, we have communist infiltration on both the Democratic ranks and the Republican ranks. In which falsely use Adam smith's and Locke's theories of freedom of trade towards the communist. This is because Adam Smith specifically stated that a leader who controls the state economics is a leader who wishes for slavery. Not in those words but I paraphrased it. Also Locke ideas were in a vacuum without the communist. This is reality, we are erroneously allowing the communist to take over the world through economic warfare. In which is more than evident as the tens of thousands of dollars of my time spent on this research page. Along with my life long study of the Communists idea of complete communal enslavement. Which I have never thought was a good idea. Even when my constant up hill battle was kicking my butt.

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