This one is for Detroit and all those who lost their Childrens homes to Communist EW.

This one is for Detroit and all those who lost their Childrens homes to Communist EW.
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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

How to set up a business war (domestic) and economic warfare (international) game board for the next service industry,

The problem is that we have gone through three service bell curve industries destroying the US's economy. While allowing such neo-mercantalist countries like Communist China, Germany and other countries of neo-mercantalist guilds to collapse then devour our market shares domestically and internationally. This is because we have not had the proper national economic security team working on that. That is ok they are building me an office in the same place of the movie a river runs through it. Got to be able to go fishing during break times and walk in the woods after hard mental strategies. That is not for another 10 years thought. So I dream on. LOL

Ok so we take the historical versions of the last three service bell curves. Such things as competition, starvity (which is the earnest of the population to create a better living after the last trough cycle), and legal loopholes, and my favorite any place which is very vague that a foreign intelligence agency like the MSS can place pressure points on the market place to cause it to move in a peak or spike fashion i.e. such as we have seen in the massive selling of US stocks and bonds and huge amounts of re-selling debts to un-economic warfare educated smaller banks in the last service bell curve crash of the mortgage industry.

As such then we set up characters. Agents, brokers, government agencies, political pressures, and the rest down the line. This then can be use din the meanest down right honorest way possible as in an open market it is not the good folks just trying to get by we worry about it is the folks selling mortgages to taco bell workers, or the .com companies selling pyramid schemes. So we need down right dirty girl and mean boy time in these business war and economic warfare games.

These can be done in educational institutions. As the future is business warfare end economic warfare. This means we should be teaching in our economics and business graduate classes the idea of game theories, gaming, game boards and how to see advantages and disadvantages. This will save the US tons of money to try and set up this new economic warfare board (until me and my cowboy boots get up there, then again I have to bring with me a whole stash of cash for the country to use and a constant flow of such stash to maintain my wanted new baby of an agency, I dream on). As such the main protocol would only take a few well minded economic national security advisers who have traced the last three service bell curves and understand the weaknesses and faults. As such they could easily write out game scenarios for the colleges and graduate colleges to play out and test. This then will cut the cost substantially while creating the best poll of ideas as it can spread out to many different types of colleges from Jr, to stator to private and on up to JD's MA's and the rest.

The end game will be to try and stop the massive amounts of fictional mutiplier effect which creates a cognitve whole of reliance on that employment mutiplier which is a huge massive implosion after the employment sector normalizes. As such if we can see the battle field and the weapons and the players and predict their actions we can like Iraq get er done and properly with as little destruction and negative affect as possible. In freedom things happen we pay a high cost. In America we all understand that. However, that does not mean we can't do a proper, let me say that again, a proper understanding of the next service bell curve that will cause another trough cycle whether we like it or not. Especially after three traced business cycles and their affects are all the same. I would think that each has very similar side affects, loop wholes and areas of strategic opportunity that were fixed after the cycles were run. That is were the game board should start. What was fixed after each service bell curve. Then try and apply those ideas and enlightenment after trace to the next almost certain vicious service bell curve.

The problem is that the ones who have infiltrated us will not want us to turn these programs. As much like we saw the Chinese SOE's and business helped by the SASAC get out of the US stock crash and sell sell sell before the rest new. They want to take advantage of it. Along with that there are many folks inside of the US who would do it to. Just to have the US lose its shirts during the next trough cycle and leave us even more vulnerable to economic dominance and massive social, welfare and military spending destruction.

Therefore, this is sparkier outline.

Rider i

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