This one is for Detroit and all those who lost their Childrens homes to Communist EW.

This one is for Detroit and all those who lost their Childrens homes to Communist EW.
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Thursday, December 23, 2010

I missed critizing papers.

I would have to disagree with an assumption amde in
That China has low skilled labor. This is not so much true from the studies I have accumulated. From what I have seen is that China is a leading country in the world in engineering. This from what I gather is not a low skilled labor.  The idea is that comparatively to China's massive population were a good sized rural farming community is needed to produce food, is that China is above the US in high skilled labor. Along with that it would seem that the paper does not show the natural fact that the US has lost its textile trade, manufacturing trade and is now in a 4 year deficit with China regarding high technological trade. Also China is a major builder of nuclear reactor materials. In which I believe it has surpassed the US in its skilled labor. I do not know what you defined as low skill. However, the idea that just because the US engineers make 50,000 a year and China's make 6-7,000 a year does not mean they are low skilled. The natural fact and in comparison to population is that China is leading the world in high skilled labor. Then again if computers, nuclear reactors, machines and most other industries that require high skill labor are not considered such then woa. It would seem that we have two different sets of information and data that is being used. It would also seem that the methodology of stating that China's trade with the US in ATP is less than the US because of foreign direct investment is wrong too. As again China gains the high skill labor from those jobs while the US loses its ability to produce high skilled labor and has to resort to an economy that is based 70% on service. I would say this report does not do justice to the opposing side, but actually tries to allow the fallacy that China is somehow not constantly taking US high technological jobs due to economic disadvantages created by the Chinese SASAC economic centralized committee. Also I would be wary about stating that is an objective view when the majority of researchers names I see of our from Asianic heritage. Also the conclusion of stability in the ATP of both countries is again false and biased stated. As the US is losing more and more hightechological jobs to China. Especially after that statement is made on page4 then the statement that the US is in a high technological deficit with China. That is not stability. Especially as the list of allowances create a higher and higher US skilled market place each year as they are lost to China. This is a biased or at best erroneous conclusion to make. The US hightechnological industries are not stable. The US high tech industries are stably declining if anything. This report does not do justice to the data research on the Chinese SOE banks cheap loans to its enterprises like Huweai who received loans at such unfair rates as to make their loans uncompetitive by up to 70% from other high technological international companies. This report is biased for one side. I see the other side. If you try and say that something is objective please find someone who has an objective view point from those creating the document. LOL
So far fallacies found.
US has a stable ATP industry. It does not
China has a low skilled labor pool. IT does not.
Along with that proper root economics on the balance of such unstable trade between China and the US is not done justice to on this report.
I expect to see better than this when you report.
Rider I

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