This one is for Detroit and all those who lost their Childrens homes to Communist EW.

This one is for Detroit and all those who lost their Childrens homes to Communist EW.
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Friday, December 31, 2010

Happy New Years

To drinking, smoking, coasting when sober in machines planes or cars, to being different with different ideas and cultures and mixing it all up, to freedom of mutiplicty.

All my teams out there be safe baroom heroes not sinister 0's team. Cowboy not beating up thugs you have traced. Hippy make sure your pot intellectual party does not get the cops called on you. You tell those communies that enslavement is not cool. Then walk out of the room and bring back that 8 footer baby and blow their mind with the templars find of diversity when they are sitting on cloud nine.

Happy new years, stay safe teams baroom heroes not 0's.

Rider i
And if either of my top number 1's can turn any of your prey for the middle or balance then you get a new scroll of you choice regarding how we repelled the long standing alien invasion and their use of human kings and tech weapons (magic) to enslave the earth for the communal good for their people.

Cowboy everyone deserves a second chance if they have not red lined, Hippy it is all about competition not enslavement to one or two all. It is the freedom for ones soul to fly like a bird and make their own choices and be an adult and deal with them. You two I am expecting you to make a good impression on your padowan's. For the rest of you well stay safe, always remember predators do trace predators.

That was a good New Years. I was able to be a barroom hero and stop a full out brawl from starting. I used the old monk low tones and humble stance along with the readiness of a lion to physically impare both subjects. They both left peacefully and the dancing resumed. I was proud of myself.
I heard Cowboy got a thug into college. Cowboy you show me proof of his enrollment and you get your choice of ancient scrolls on the digest of how the pagans rebelled against the alien slave drivers.
However, I heard hippy was able to get two communists figures to denounce communism as they do not like slavery either and he was able to show them the light. He did not tell me if they used medicinal purposes for it or not. However, once he shows me either proof of enrollment for either a different party that is not an anarchist political party then he will gain two scrolls. The rest of the teams reported in most of them just hung out with their kids and families, while the youngsters were out and about. All good.

I have the monks preparing preempted cognitive scrolls that each of you might be interested in. Again you can always show interest in a different cognitive skill level or ideological principle and they will dig that out too.

Good luck for the II's. This year is my toughest year I have gone through for a while. At least that is my cognitive prediction of the necessary steps I must take to obtain enlightenment.

Glad to see my number ones spread the love of freedom last night. Keep up the good work. We need to educate this leaders on the idea of giving the communist our stimulus money and allowing them to conquer our domestic civilians business with it. Especially since the MSS are all for it. As such unless China is given the US citizens the same then it is not right. China is richer than we are and stronger than we are. This idea that we can keep giving to the communist as they do not wish to politically change their economic centralized strategies and have returned to old cold war economic SOE tactics, needs to be enlightened. Good luck. Team B Buddha and punk, I have a specific request in the intelligence department who is allowing this cognitive process to be created. I need to know if he is an American or a foreign puppet. Good luck, forget the hawk message team c is enough for that.

I spent the night planning out three vacations for this year. That I will be able to do on a projected earning for me this year based on my working and going to school or just going to school. Thus such fantastic cheap things as, hot springs, 10 camp grounds, mountain snowboarding $150-200 each.  Road trips to for hiking around $100. Then of course the all to fun brick breaking , about $500 for the ammo and then gas plus expenses at the range. And that is my fun for this year. I might take a visit to Ireland as their is some warlock business I have to attend to there, especially since Greece has almost completely been dominated by the communist party, via economic warfare and physcological warfare. That should cost me around $1,000. However, that is unlikely. I also plan to attend many economic seminars this year as going to a place of high education and being able to interact is like going to a beach and sitting on a chair for some people, as to me seminars.

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