This one is for Detroit and all those who lost their Childrens homes to Communist EW.

This one is for Detroit and all those who lost their Childrens homes to Communist EW.
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Monday, January 3, 2011

One of the Soul composer.

We took the high road this time. However, my soul can only hold back the cognitive soul of the free world and its past energies and souls for so long. The next time the energy will be strong for me to hold back and we will must definitely get into it with them.

come on we need to compete with them. we can't keep allowing them to dominate us. if you know anything about soul cognition and the collective whole, this country and the free world will not allow this to happen a fourth time after the next service bell curve. I can't hold them back very much longer. please, for peace's sake compete against them and teach them about fair competition for freedom, civil and economic individual rights and the non enslavement to one or to all.
I barely held them back and each night they are upset. I hear their screams from the past oppression of the communists. I can only do so much. We need to compete.

If you know anything about soul studies, not theology and different areas of the world's perspectives along with their enlightenments thinkers ideas. But the mutiplicity study of the soul. Then you would know exactly what I mean. It is pretty much the same reason why countries like the US have come about. For freedom, the souls ability to move freely in its human form without oppression, or at least with the least oppression.

If you do not believe look into aura's and study those. It is the inner light of the essence of the human body, or the soul. This energy is then projected at different levels, much like a facial movement for mental cognitive process or other speach and written cues of what is going on inside the humans biological machine.

Trust me I study way to much. I guess the divines pray dispatcher just though I could help and started sending their prayers to me, in a vague assumption that I would figure it out, or something.

With the souls of the world's two biggest oppressors the German Socialist Party which used Karl Marx's then the world's renouned civil and economic rights oppressors the Communists. I guess the world's souls and energy does not think that the Communists are balanced out enough in this world. I mean in the US we have liberals and conservative liberals. However, Communism has always been seen as an extreme drain on the flow of freedom. Along with the free societies and countries of this world. So for all I know the nightmares I have at night and only go away when I listen to the radio or when the light is on could be from that. I mean I have studied a lot about soul cognition, it is really interesting. It happens in families, in packs of animals, cities, and any where were souls congregate. Especially the negative ideas or what the jesuits call evil or devilish thoughts. Once they become part of the cognitive process of the souls it is hard to excerise them out. You should really look into it. I mean there are great studies that have taken the world's idea of the soul from many theological perspectives and taken the mean and the average of ideas that seem to be similar then applied basic science and testing theories to see what holds high. The aura study istself is very amazing. You should trace it. It was part of my turn from a street skateboarder/rock start to a educational enlightenment thinker. It is really amazing.

I wake every morning to a free country. That is the way I will keep it for my grandchildren. As that is far as I can hold for:

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