This one is for Detroit and all those who lost their Childrens homes to Communist EW.

This one is for Detroit and all those who lost their Childrens homes to Communist EW.
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Monday, January 3, 2011

The BRIC Central International Communist leader v. the Free world.

India is under the throughs of a Communist take over, Brazil is struggling to stay free. Russia is starting to have flash backs and this is all because of the Central Communist Party of China. In which they are trying to create an old style bloc now called a BRIC. This time however, they are winning. The Communist party as before wishes for a one world currency and a one world government which will be run by their country as they will be able to own and produce most everything for everybody. This then will not allow any fair competition through freedom of economics of anti-trust laws. As the SOE media that has gained a muti trillion dollar foot inside of the US and other free socieits have already started working on dissentors of the Communists strategy. This is not an old strategy. It is the Soviets strategy redifined with more US ideals of butter and less Soviet Ideals of miltiary. In which the US has been tricked into becoming the world's military and thus is able to use less butter to create more business. Which forces the US and free societies to lose more and more business with countries and their citizens.
  This is primarily due to the fact that China, Russia, and Brazil use heavy SOE;s as their primary source of business. While India is still trying to stay free and fighting against communist ideals of enslavment of economics for state economic warcraft. The Central International Communist Party of China has been allowed to gain to much power. They have taken it into their own hands to restart the where the Soviets left off. They wish for a one world currency, one world government and they wish to run it all unfarily under the guiess of the party. Thus their ideals of this one world order will be run primarily based on their efforts to use SOE's strategically to keep the power in their hands like we are seeing the massive shift in international power now. Primarily because the US and free societies are not doing much to stop them from using their economics unfairly.
   The proper allegations for the Central International Communist Party are that they are going back on their contracts to transition into a free world economy; they are improperly being diagnosed as a developing country so as to full their babying for their domination, much like the Soviets tried to do; the communist are starting a new BLOC which we now call the BRIC. In which they wish to use their new found satellites to force the free world to have a one world currency and one world government. In which again will be run by the party state and not the people seperately for each culture; the Communist economic basket now holds all comparative advantages with the free societies over the last four years losing its last industry of high technology; the Communist can pick and chose do to their economic warfare statecraft which industrial baskets they want in which they then give the advantage to their satellites like Brazil, Russia or India (god save them all), this is very similar to the actions we saw by the Soviets; the only reason why this Communist overthrows are being allowed is because they have managed to find a way in which the communist economic warfare strategy can be used to secure their domestic market place via SOE conglomerates of hundreds of SOE;s and then US those same SOE;s along side free enterprises to monopolistically and monopsonically devore then conquer whole free world economies.
   The BRIC needs to be broken up. If the free world allows the Central International Party of Communism directed by China to take over Brazil and India while wishing to seep Russia back into Communism the free world and its fair competition will be destroyed. Thus, leaving now way but for war. As I have stated many times with regards to Karl Marxist theories and those countries that use it. The only way countries can compete with SOE's is through war. As we are seeing with the Communsit Chinese. Lets cogny process this shall we. Lets take the Central Interntaional Party of Communism idea of SOE massive conglomerations and say all countries have them. Ok then Communist China holding the rare earth resources through SOE's unfairly conglomerated with each dinsturial entity that needs that rare earth resource would not allow any other country to be able to compete. Thus causing hatred and anxiety for those countries who need those jobs and high skilled labor to keep their defense systems soverign and their economies from being constantly attacked by the Chinese as they hold the power if anyone dissents against them stealing smaller countries land like Japan or Vietnam.
  Thus we have war. Countries do not like it when things are not fair. However, lets get to reality. The free world has long been standing the one to hold. As such that is because we are educated highly to many degrees. Thus, we need to do what we did with the Soviets to this new Communist world domination idea of economic wafare. We need to make them more competitive and fair so free worlds can compete with them and real developing countries not this grown adult economies in baby chairs crushing developing markets so that they can make them communist like we saw in Greece and many African nations in which the Communist have used over 800 SOE's to crush and infilitrate in the name of the Central International Communist Party. We need to save India and work with Brazil more and for the love of peace we need to make sure our fellow hot heads the Rusky's do not fall back into Communist Party hands.

Rider I
Do we need to see the a picture of the Communists going for the Karl Marx world domination theory. Because I can draw a picture of the Chinese Communist party sneaking away with freedom and liberty in their hands as they tiptoe back to communism and world domination. It would look like this, a grown adult in children's close tip toeing away with a dollar bill that reads liberty and freedom,with a smile on their faces. I can see it. It is simple, Communist do what Communist do, that is try to dominate the world economically. Every since that sinsiter Marx's and his idea to control the masses has accumulated enough intellectual cognitive process to become a political view it has been destroying freedom and civil rights. While the ideas of Locke, Adam Smith and other great economists have built many a great idea based on the individual freedoms of labor ownership of their own work, no commy not sharing everybodys work. Still decaded after decade I see no reason why we should allow the Central International Party of the Communists any more childishh antics in their wish for world economic domination via Communist ideas.

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