This one is for Detroit and all those who lost their Childrens homes to Communist EW.

This one is for Detroit and all those who lost their Childrens homes to Communist EW.
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Monday, January 3, 2011

BRIC Central International Communist Leader v. the Free World

The difference between the BRIC countries or just the SOE countries as they really are is that the free world uses more freedom of economics like free enterprises and less hands on approach with forceful development. Where as Russia, China and Brazil are very communist economic orientated with the majority of their major business being run by the state. Were as India is still holding on for dear life not to become a communist country. Even though their order in the BRIC has complete left them vulnerable to the Communists Party's wishes. As such the free world can't and is not able to compete with the first three of the BRIC countries. Russia has been misdiagnosed as a developing country. As it was once the world's most dominate country. Along with China. China is no longer a developing country. As they have disavowed their contractual and oral agreements to transition into a free economy and have held onto strategic economic warfare weapons which will allow them rule the world much like the Soviet Union did. These countries are  a threat to the India's and Brazil's Democracy. Both Russia and China claim to be Democracies. However, both still show high extremes of communist traces. Were as China out right has claimed to be the world's centralized international communist party.
   These countries are going to become a serious threat to the free world if we do not apply the contractual agreements of the communist to fully transition. For some reason, after the fall of the Soviets, the Communist are still trying to dominate the world. For all the wrong reasons the free world is allowing them too. This is primarily due to weak and scared guardians. In which they are not willing to take a bigger interests in Brazil and India through fair trade. While also not applying the same affects to China as they do with Russia. Even though with China's massive rare earth quota's which they are now hording makes Communist China a bigger threat to the free world than Russia. As now that China has decided to take the only reason why we did not apply the anti-trust laws and cartel activities away. We are going to apply them. The free world's in which free enterprises without government control can't allow the Communists to keep expanding. If the Central International Communist Party of China is allowed to gain a Block i.e the BRIC, they will be much stronger than the Soviet's as we had down to earth hard out and strong guardians at that time to watch the Soviets and it seems our guardians now are more preoccupied with dealing with the Communists amo and armament purchasers than they are with the big dog's themselves. This is a major problem. As of course the purchasers of the communists armaments and ammo's use them against free worlds. However, the costs for the US and free world's to deal with them is surmountable. The Russians have just now started helping out with the terrorists. However, the new Communist dynasty the Chinese have a much greater plan for the world of communism and its new economic world domination theory and strategy.
  Therefore, the BRIC's should not gain more power until they follow through with the fair practices of trade and international competition. India is not even allowed to be comparable with China as India is not yet fully Communists, Russia is facing the same problem with the Chinese communists. As many in Russia no longer wish to be communists. While Brazil is finding tons of help for the Chinese Communist party to keep communizing their economics. The US and free societies have allowed the new Central party of communism to gain to much power. Thus, we need to start trading more with the BRIC countries like India and Brazil, along with Russia. While trading less with the Communist Chinese. This then will allow the other countries to be less dependant on the communists and more able to keep their economics free. As the Chinese Communist will not be there to economic attack and infiltrate them with their economic world domination theory of communism. Which no matter which way you put it that is what Communism and Socialism is.

Rider I
If China and Russia are developing countries then so is the US, Canada, and EU. Plain and simple we are all developing. China and Russia have already caught up and are surpassing us now. If we do not balance out the equation it will not be a lead from them it will be back to old communist economic world domination.

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