This one is for Detroit and all those who lost their Childrens homes to Communist EW.

This one is for Detroit and all those who lost their Childrens homes to Communist EW.
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Monday, January 3, 2011

There was another JAC who died a mysterous death in Hong Kong.

 David Carradine had a neck tie given to him in Hong Kong. Seems weird that another Jack with interests in China's Assassins Mace's is now a come to a mysterious death.

Rider I
I guess in being a jack of all trades is dangerous and now Wheeler III. probable bad trace with the jack of all trades comparison as threat to communists.

Speaking of Which I need to send my letter to the Chancellor about the discrimination of my culture by not allowing me to obtain a second bachelors degree without even an application process.

I wonder why Dr. Wheeler's the III death was so disrespectful. Then again the MI16 have a very similar case to J Edgar Hoovers death with the crossing dressing. Who knows very interesting when placed together. I wonder if it could be the bolshevikians?

To all the Jacks of the world may our lives be well and merry and if our deaths are disrespectful and utterly not worth our lives for our children and families. Then may our fellow patriots track down those who do us wrong. I know personally, if I was done like that being a Jack of all trades, I would want my fellow soldiers in intelligence to kick some mother bleeping butt on the traces of who was responsible. As a trace book this is as far as I can go for that very Patriotic man. I am almost sure JAC (Carradine did not give himself a neck tie). However, JAC ( Dr. Wheeler) I would only guess it had to be something he was working on or a freak punk and JAC did not have his protection on him.  For my personal trace book I went the Bolshevikian route with a high ranking human in British intelligence hit, then another even higher ranking US intelligence being hit. It just sounds like the Bolshevikians. Then again, I am not on the case nor do I have the access to figure that out. So this is as far as I can go. I hope JAC (Rider I) is not on any high ranking Bokshevikian list for decloaking their economic assassins mace.

The only way to stop the intellegence assisinations by the Bolsheviks or the Bordigist, is to find the link between each communist party and show their sinsistar indeed to implode the free world and to help the Chinese Communist party take over the free world to implement Communits dominate one world rule, via currency and a government controlled by communist politics of what country has a bigger population of slaves for its 1st class of leaders who rule over the 2nd class of workers.

For Dr. Wheeler may your soul be free and join us in thoughts and prayers when we need you.

Cyber Knights I want a full hack salute.
You know where.

Make it nice for the Dr. and general I (JAC)

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