This one is for Detroit and all those who lost their Childrens homes to Communist EW.

This one is for Detroit and all those who lost their Childrens homes to Communist EW.
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Sunday, December 26, 2010

Now that I have stepped out still secret from many but not all.

You may only challenge the Key holder (king of the I's) if you have from birth been trained and found to have the proper markings of the balanced one. In which you then must prove beyond a reasonable doubt that my course of study and research to hold the balance peacefully is creating a cognitive impairment of the world civil and economic freedoms or of the crow jewel of the mutiplicty. As such all my predecessors all agree with my case and then the dull against the prior key holder, we seemed scared to call for proper research and analysis of this vicious cycle. As such, you may kill me but at last my predecessors all helped me with my case against the prior, in step for freedom of civil and economic rights without harm and with the utmost statistical and data bank presentation.

Rider i

The Bolsheviks are the worst kind of tyrant. They do not believe in spirituality nor do they believe in natural freedom. They believe in enslavement for all to be bettered. However, over time they have allowed spirituality as they can't defeat the forces of the spirit. Thus their main wrong in this is the idea in its root source that they need to conquer and dominate their opposition to the point of genocide. Either by politics, race, culture or otherwise. For what ever their purpose of their economics is. Thus leaving their opposition powerless. Which is the opposite of what I's and Americana's believe in. We allow our opposition to survive and thrive as it is important to clash and have a mutiplicty of diversification. Thus we get the US, and the Bolsheviks have created places like the Soviet Empire (being reconstructed for power sharing), Communist China (starting to attack for the communist views). It is basic, the Communist are now even trying to use the very root theory of win win or let live and live, in their economic warfare. They use this by saying because they are dominating the international marketplace and it is cheaper for those countries being dominated that it is a win win. However, it is truly a cloak of bolshevian ideas. In which they are dominating their opposition economically through centralized cheap dumping of imports and acquisition of SOE unfair contracts. Thus leaving little room in the long haul for the free enterprise of free societies that are not as heavily dominated by the left overs of the Bolshevik empires. It is plain and simple, we have freedom of movement in the market place v/s unnatural Machiavellian wannabe Karl's Marx's idea of creating the earth in the image of an empire, via his thoughts and intelligence. Which calls for the genocide of his opposition. It is easy to see, some just do not have an understanding, like the Soviet influx of hallucinogens and illegal drugs during the 60's in which they made sure that the brian washed were high as kites and specific communist agents made sure to confuse the hell out of the drugged up populace. It has been proven that the Soviets had a huge impact on the hallucinogen market during those times.

I myself have studied the black arts of narco brain washing. At which contentions of the people's mindset set a place were any strong force against those trying to stop their tranquility is attacked. The ability of the mind to be used in more than one part is a huge interesting thing to me. I have done mutiple studies in the diversity of mood setting and mental cognititive creation using such ideas on myself. After reading reports on the Bolshevikian empires of Communist China and the Soviet Empire. It was easy to see after my personal studies of how the Bolshevik's were able to use the Chinese to fight with weapons and trade during Korean and Vietnam war and the Russians to fight for the mind and hearts of the free people. Each war the strategies became stronger and stronger. The Korea war had a little phycological affect on the free populace. After tht the Vietnam war was the biggest physcologiocal testing ground for the Bolsheviks ever. They were able to use heavy narcotics to change the strength of the US against communal enslavement. Into a time were everyone wanted to be high and sleep in vans, or bunks and work together as slaves of the commune. It was a great attack on the US political system of freedom. So much so that Nixon had no choice but to listen to the freewill of his country as we are a free country and allow Vietnam to fall to the Bolsheviks. Trust me, he did not want to do it. However, we are a democratic/republic country. The vote is everything. It was a great tag team of bolshevikian empires. Shall not happen again as TWEA has taken care of the illegality of trading with a country that attacks the jewel.

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