This one is for Detroit and all those who lost their Childrens homes to Communist EW.

This one is for Detroit and all those who lost their Childrens homes to Communist EW.
This is an unprofessional Collection cite. That wishes for Speech and Debate with Regards to the topics collected and Special Libraried. I wish for defense of Fair Use Doctrine, not for profit, educational collection. "The new order was tailored to a genius who proposed to constrain the contending forces, both domestic and foreign, by manipulating their antagonisms" "As a professor, I tended to think of history as run by impersonal forces. But when you see it in practice, you see the difference personalities make." Therefore, "Whenever peace-concieved as the avoidance of war-has been the primary objective of a power or a group of powers, the international system has been at the mercy of the most ruthless member" Henry Kissinger The World market crashed. There was complete blame from the worlds most ruthless power on the world's most protective and meditational power. So I responded. Currently being edited. If you have any problem with IP or copyright laws that you feel are in violation of the research clause that allows me to cite them as per clicking on them. Then please email me at US Copy Right Office Fair Use doctrine. Special Libary community common law, and Speech and Debate Congressional research civilian assistant. All legal defenses to copy right infringement.

Friday, December 31, 2010

Research Paper Outline-Hopefully first publish.

Book for outline quotations
Social Research Methods 4th Edition David Dooley
Dictionary Websters 11th Collegiate Dictionary
Noticular citations.
Primary study: Communist Economic Warfare
Secondary Study: Domination of the International Market Place
Are they using primary to accomplish secondary?
Put them to together and you have what I want to know.
Is the Communist Party of China Using Economic Warfare to Dominate the International Market?
Backdraft questions that the major question will hopefully answer without having to ask.
Does Chinese Communist Economic Warfare exist?
Is the heavy reliance on communist economics causing a service bell curve reliance?
Is the service bell curve constantly crashing?
Is the Service bell curve a stable industrial curve?
Is the idea of global communism causing economic imbalances?
Does the Chinese Communist Party use their state capitalism unfairly?
Does recapitalization of Chinese SOE's cause the rest of the world to bail out their business?
Is the international anti-trust regulations the proper way to balance any international imbalances?
Do the Communist gain ground when the free societies service bell curves send them through trough cycles?
Why do the Communist Need their massive conglomerated SOE's if they have very competitive free enterprises in those industries?

I like everybody that plays fair and likes economic and civil freedoms.
Now it is time to talk to the talk. I want a good audience so I have to pay in a loan take out around $15,000 on how to properly be educated to present to our Legislative branch; hopefully that is my MA.

Books on the side including what is Economic Warfare along with any other books that show that Communist China has the propensity to use economics to dominate (conquer) the international market place.
This should be easy I have a whole list. I will just have to get up the money. So far to start I need $3,000 to get into the program in which I hope teaches me how to properly write a Graduate Paper. Sallie Mae gave me a loan extension to file for deferment for unemployment. I hope they give me another loan for my prerequisite and grad classes. It has been another day and no unemployment check after the waiting period. My bills are about to hit, they are shutting off my phone very soon. Any Literature on anti-trust, cartel and other horizontal or vertical fair competition regulations. In which I will need to apply via strategies to the basic question of  the possibility of the Communist implementing economic warfare to dominate the international market.

This will primarily concentrate on my graph schemes and theories of the service bell curve along with the other graphs that show and explain negative and positive capital inflows. Plus some other midnight rider thoughts I have to thumb through and find on data analysis.

I will look into my mythology research book and find a best fit for a static type data set anomaly already collected and just being applied. This is the part of the communist reason for such centralized economy. However, I will also need to do a proper statistical methodology.

"A model of academic achievement. Theories state suspected relations among concepts.

Constructs are reminders of the building blocks of theory consist of mental constructions of images that are in our mind's eye.

When measuring the construct in a way that gives varying values, we call the measure variable, a term we reserve to mean an indicator or a measure.

Theoretical variable refers to an abstract or unmeasurable concept or a construct such as academic achievement.

Those are abstract unmeasured aspects of people events or things.

Theories vary in their range, some including more constructs or causal links, and some fewer.

Exogenous construct causes come from outside the theory. Exogenous constructs have straight casual arrows leading away from but not to them. In their measured form, such variables go by the name independent variables because they are independent of (not caused by) the other variables in the model.
This linkage has many exceptions, and the degree of the concurrence remains to be estimated.

Endogenous construct  causes appear in the model. The manifest or measured form of endogenous construct go by the name dependent variables because their values or levels depend on the causal variables.
Direct causal paths  in a theory a simple, one-way causal connection between two constructs.

Reciprocal causation  in a theory a two-way causal connection between tow constructs in which each causes the other.

Indirect Causation In a theory, a set of two or more causal connections by which one construct causes a second indirectly via one or more intervening constructs.

Intervening variable Measured variable in a hypothesis test, or a theoretical variable in a theory that is the effect of one variable and a casue of another.

Why have theories?

Action  The word theory connotes ivory towers where theorists take flights of fancy that have little to do with real life or averae people. In fact, most theorists have real-world concens in mind when they develop their ideas and can justify their efforts by pointing to social choices that their work could affect. Indeed nothing, is so practical as a good theory.

Theories serve us in two major ways. First, theories meet our need to act even when we are uncertain. The necessity to act often forces us to guess about how the world works. Until we can replace our guesses with laws, we want to make our guesses the very best that they can be. We can think of theories as carefully reviewed and comprehensive guesses. Good theories have coherence, logic and internal consistency." research methodology book notes

Dictionary definition
"Coherence: integration of diverse elements, relationships or interest [to be consistent]

Logic: a science that deals with the principles and criteria of validity of inference and demonstration: the science of formal principles of reasoning. (2) c interrelation or sequence of facts or events when seen as inevitable or predictable

Criteria: a standard on which a decision may be made or based 2 characterizing trait or mark.

Validity: 1 having a legal efficacy or force executed with the proper legal authority and formalities 2a well grounded or justifiable being at once relevant and meaning ful 3 appropriate to the end in view 4 confroming to accepted principles of sound classification

Inference: the act of pasin from one process of judgment considered as true to another whose truth is believed to follow from that of the former b the act of passing from statistcal sample data to generalizations with caluclated degree of certaintity.

Principles: a comprehensive and fundamental law, doctrine of assumption b(1)rule of code' of conduct b an ingredient that exhibits or imparts a characteristic quality

Internal consistency: is the extent to which tests or procedures assess the same characteristic, skill or quality. It is a measure of the precision between the observers or of the measuring instruments used in a study. This type of reliability often helps researchers interpret data and predict the value of scores and the limits of the relationship among variables."

Back to the olodogy
"More than that, good theories integrate existing thoughts and data, taking into account both agreements and disagreemnets among observers [this is important I want to make sure to create more than a presumptional rebuttal, I must also outline the communist views that it was the free marjets fault for the crash, which is a blow back answer to the primary question] Well-researched and well-argued theories can persuade policy makers better than can wild guesses. Plausible theories can contribute to very important social policy decisions."

Back to it:
"Theroeis prove useful in a second way by guiding research. Scholars know that theories are only tentative, temporary ways of seeing o fthe world, awaiting futher research. But the world poses a great many questions. How does one single out of any one question for the study? Theory serves to specify the most crucial questions. Better theories point to better questions, that is, those that merit out interests and that will yield to our methods. Worthy questions do not already have the answers. To pursue an already answered question wastes our time and makes no new contribution. However, we should distinguish redundenat studies on an already answered question from those on a qeustion that remains unsolved. [much like the question I propose to imperically answer]
Good questions should also be answereable. Some important questions, such as What casues poverty? or What causes war? will provce too large to answer in any single study with our present methods. [that is why I propose just the economics between the Communsit Chinese and their ability to use it to conquer others economics. It is simple idea of a specific countries economics through the scope of constructs of the free world economics v. Communist economics along with the variables of  free enterprise and market forces v  the marxist centralized economic planning and SOE's.] Researchers divide great social problems into smaller questions that remains unsolved. [my question however, is just a smaller version of why the world economics crashed. It takes a small comparatively study of the communist manifest of economic warfare. Thus providing an answer to a very intriguing question. Is the Communist empire using economic warfare to dominate free market forces? However, the way I have framed my question allows me to interceed a new study into the area of economics. Which is economic warfare. As from what I have seen many economists have forgotten that it is questioned that the Communist did and do use their political ideas to implement economic strategies in the form of soft power warfare.] Good theories map a series of manageable tasks, which together will solve the great puzzle. [The manegable tasks at hand are the show communist ideas of complete domination and overthrow of opposition, then that economic warfare through soft power not hard power does exist, then data collection that the allowance of communist economics in the free world competition unchecked is harmfull, then show the harm. Whil rapping it up with the solution of use of Senator Sherman's life long work of the anti-trust laws and their amendments. Which was created to deal with capitalist communist and their massive uncompeitive marketplace entities and can easily be applied to state capitalist or communists as most know them.]
Answerable questions suggest cliams that can be disconfirmed. [Which the Communist party has already done] Good theories produce clear predictions that data can support or contradict. [the use of state capitalism v. free enterprise is causing economic imbalance due to unfair trade. Easy to collect easy to predict easy to see. Alos easy to contradict, except when I am done I suspect it will not be.] Good theories produce clear predictions that data can support or contradict. [much like my professional prediction I will use after this question is confirmed or disconfirmed regarding the service business cycles role in the US's boom busts and the prediction for the next one based on our debts and ability to keep gaining debt if we do not start paying it off.]
Good theories run the risk of being shown wrong. [I would expect nothing less from my opposition]
Theory serves to organize research [that is what I need for this blog cite and my presentation to the leaders of this free society.]
NOMOTHETIC  refers to the study of general laws or properties. This approach strives to discover regular patterns that hold in different times and places. That research can use a common set of concepts or diminesions to describe [the futre movements of the theorized primary study]
IDIOGRAPHIC  approach focues on the particular of the individual person, place, or time under study withuot trying to generalize or [&] discovery universal laws.

The process of theory based research
Steps in Making and Using theory
Theory-based research consists of a few repeating steps: induction, deduction, and tests.

In the induction phase, we connect general principles or relationships that might explain specific observations, anecdotes, or research results. In moving from the particular to the general, we are creating theory. Sometimes, we can trace such ideas to earlier theories or analogies borrowed from other disciplines.
Theory need not simply summarize observed relationships. Theory can also express the theorist's guesses about unobserved relations. The theorist may invent new concepts and predict new links between concepts. [only if the primary element of historical data is there] Thus, theory comes partially from data and partially from speculation.
The theorist's special interests and training will help orient him or her toward one or another broad area.

The next step in theory based research, draws specific assertions or claims form general theoritical principles. A theory that has many constructts and causal paths can provide more than one such claim. Drawing of specific asssertions from general principles.

Hypothesis Testing and Operationalization 
To test a theory or any of its components, we must find a way to make concrete the constructs of each proposition and to observe them in some particular subject. [Thus making a presumable rebuttal much harder to muster with a specific concreate observation and test.] In order to translate a construct into a tangible, observable form, we must make an operational definition.
Operational definition: Procedure that translates a construct into manifest or observable form.
When we operationalize a proposition (that is, translate its constructs into observable form), it becomes a hypothesis. A hypothesis consists of a prediction about the relations among operational terms.
Hypothesis testing, the third basic step in social research, brings theory and reality face to face with each other. If the observed data do not fit our hypothesis, we are inclicned to reject the hypothesis and to doubt the theory from which we deduced it. Any mismatch of specific data with theory tends to lower our confidence in or falsify the theory, assuming that we have conduceted the hypothesis test well.
Since theory should hold for all cases within the theory's domain, only tests of the theory in all relevant cases would give conclusive proof. [I wonder if the idea of win win would suffice for this. As the communist have this idea that by doing business with them and allowing them to gain the production edge which allows them to gain the fuel edge, which then allows them to gain the one world currency edge, in which allows them to control through a single political ideological perpsective. Would that suffice, the baby and t-ball idea of win win. There is no win win in business. Someone is getting the upper hand each transaction. If I have x and you have y. We want to trade. I will only trade if I believe it benefits me, and you will only trade if it benefits you. Then we just have to see who wants to benefit less.]

I will need to bring it all together to show a statistical trend in Chinese centralized economics on a propensity to use their economics to dominate (conquer) the international market place

My hope that is if I do the paper well and my graduate mentor agrees. That I may be able to present it to the actual United State Legislation branch to show a propensity to need to start to compete against China and their international development of the Communist party over the Democratic/Republic ideas of freedom.

I think that I should go one step above and beyond like I like to do. As this research question if it is found to be like my already literature review notes and analysis along with my statistical data reviews seems to show. Then there will need to be a solution. However, I shall not use the Moot Hartley Act style solution of embargoes or tariffs. On the contrary I shall use the brave and competitive spirit of the US in a strategy of how to compete this beast of an economic strategy from the Communist; without military, or otherwise hard power or soft power exclusions. As I believe I have traced the Japanese who we also mothered and when they became to big for their britches I think mom's had a good way to kindly deal with them. So I will need to think of how to streamline that into the paper.

As it is usual for me in my life and work to go above and beyond. I must also present a proper outline and then seek help for a professional economic presentation. I have many years in rhetorical competition. However, I would think the presentation of an economic paper to our leaders might have a different mood, look and all around presentation than down and out competition on the rhetoric field. What is the point of spending tens of thousands of dollars in research hours, tracing, tacking, presenting and creating a cognitive idea in the leaders if I can't finish it off with a proper research presentation. It is like taking a futer Misses I on a date and then not walking her to the door, that definitely means it is a no go. So I like this research project and I want it to stick with me so I should walk her to the door. Of course then again where I am from it is hard to find a girl that will pass the test of down home country and turn on a country station when she gets in the car. Hard to find in these parts.

1. Ansteels strategy of blocking foreign trade into the steel industry. Then conglomerating unfairly and through vertical and horiztonal acts with a very rare, rare earth minearls deposit SOE. Which means all other streel companies will have to go through Ansteel to get those minerals. Which then allows Ansteel to act like a monopsony and then a monopolistic style regualtor of the steel industry. In which they used this unfair business to place pressure points on US and Russian steel industries so they could unfairly infilitrate their economic infrastructure of steel with a 10-15 year plan to use Ansteels cartel like activities with its SOE congloermations to completely dominate the international marekt place. This then will allow their unfair anti-trust activities to slowly errod internationals steel companies. Especially now since the Communists very high quota on rare earth exports.

2. Their help of Venezeula's Hugo Chavez to illegally take over a free enterprise of the US and then turn around and unfairly create anti-trust contracts with the communist party in the name of the communist party international, one world domination.

I am here to tell you I like whopping butt. I am to old to do it in the cage anymore. However, I read and write baby and presenta'sheon.

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