This one is for Detroit and all those who lost their Childrens homes to Communist EW.

This one is for Detroit and all those who lost their Childrens homes to Communist EW.
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Saturday, December 25, 2010

Comment to Mandels Aging infrastructure.
yes our infrastructures are declining. I would wonder if this may have a nexus to our service bell curve reliance and the last three crashes of the savings and loans, .com and the mortage each one gathering more and more debt and hurting the US more and more after each service bell curve crash. This then leads inot an inflationary save after each crash. This is primarily due to the nature fact that the US has lost all of this industires in macro to deficit trading. In the last four years alone we have just slipped and lost our last industry due to a well placed strategy by the centralized international communist parties which was implemened by Spain getting the US Energy secretary to spend more than 80% of our green tech or new high tech industrial stimulus on China's job creation.
For the last 30 years we have not seen a win win between China and the US. We have seen a zero sum game by China. The US has allowed this due to national security risks to tranistion them. However, they have not seen the redline. I just read an article on the economicsts that I am going to critize on my blog post
in which it states we have been in a win win. No it is wrong. We have lost substantially and taken huge economic detremental impacts. If we take economics as a battle field the US has allowed its old rival to completely crush it and all of its industries.
Further, on this post linking into infrastructure, service bell curve, inflationary saving and the the savings of the US, I must note. That due to the inflationary savings, we seem to each bell cruve crash right when we are about to spend our savings on our infrastructure we trough out. Leaving any savings from the service bell curve to be used up in inflation just to try and save the welfare we created during the service bell curve reliance.
As Such this is because of the difference of positive and negative capital inflow. Which as of current is not properly cognitively recognized in the economics community and especially in the leadership community. This ignorance has caused the US to allow China to always have a win win for China not the US. Primarily through the centralizing of international wealth through surpluses in China and Germany. Which by the way if they are a developing country then so is the US. They out win us on everything except freedom.
My Blog post is very interesting. I am the King of I's and the secret I no longer shall stand as we need to compete against China and the Communist party. They are not going to start a political refomration like they did their economics. Also they are not following through with my predecessors oral contracts that they get rid of their cold war economic weapons. They are just conglomerating their SOE's from many small decentralized ones to major uncompetive SOE nuclear economic weapons. Which has devasted the US's economic abilities. Along with a well played game of guerilla warfare in the middle east. In similar fashion to the Communits guerrilla warfare in Korea and Vietnam.
Rider I if you like adrenaline fueld economics. With a bite of competition and proper perpspective check it out.
Bog Bri Ollscoil
I think it is funny as a root economists trainee in balance with a new cogntive whole of the idea of positive and negative capital inflows that China keeps saying it is a win win. When they are the ones gaining foreign currency reserves and trade surplus, along with skilled labor due to communist centralized strategies.

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