This one is for Detroit and all those who lost their Childrens homes to Communist EW.

This one is for Detroit and all those who lost their Childrens homes to Communist EW.
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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

How to Sue Senator Reid and the Green Technological Senator. Along with the economic secretary

Our Chief and Commander Obama has been let down by the Green Tech secretary, Senator Reid and the Economic secretary. The stimulus that was supposed to save our high tech industry since we are in a 4 year deficit already and looking very similar to the manufacturing deficit start that last 30 years. They have failed our Chief and Commander and his wishes. If Obama will not rip their head offs, if the guards are to weak to seek criminal damages for this lack of constitutional duties to protect the US, economically and militarily. Then I will sue them. I am unemployed thus suing is free.
Let's see California State University system Chancellors office for discrimination of my culture of multiplicity, or multiple degrees, which is America's culture. As they are going the Hugo Chavez route of discriminating via Bolivian and Bolshevikian genocide which started in the education system. Just a small brush fire will not go the cultural genodice route but will go discrimination route.
Then I have the boys who have killed their own countries economics. Whether they are part of the house of I or not is not my business as the King of I, I have to check and balance our leaders when they completely neglect their duties to protect our culture of economic freedom Rider I, and cultural discrimination against any culture. Those:

Rider I, Saint Cuthbert, Royal I

Lets see, my societies that protect my cultural heritage are at an all time low of population close to genocide due to Catholician propaganda, which the communist have done a great job making their activities and wishes look like my culture of multiplicity of cultures and degrees and utmost economic freedom. They will not allow me to get my economics bachelorhood due to discrimination of my culture and not even a competitive application process for my culture to gain one seat; I am unemployed, I am losing my new car; When I went to DC I spoke with a man about my DC trip and he said aren't you worried about your strategy. I said why what is the worst they can due to me, kill me, mame, economically attack me, if they touch my family or friends and I am still alive that is war militarily, and in this country they usually take the other routes, of economic attack or other kinds of civilian uprising stopping. However, I am doing it all by paper and pen, so If they stop me I haves a first amendment claim, along with since I am the King of I's and have folks on every side in every culture, I do not think I am in any harms way for doing my duty and redressing the government following the US to economically be devastate by the communist and the bolshevikian and Bolivian agents. If they touch me then I have the government. So paper war on.
The way we change things we do not like in a free country is we write about our ideas. Then we take them to a judge and jury who then can see if we have been wronged and the facts exist for that wrong. If so then the judge applies damages and what he thinks is unconstitutional about the policy. It is a great way to run a country. It allows for people like me who have been wronged and have watched their country be wrong, through tens of thousands of dollars of collection and analysis of my theory to apply that theory in court. In which a judge can say you are bunkers kid or the jury can rule that there is enough evidence to show that my theory holds water. Thus I find characters who have allowed this theory to persist. Especially since i read that our Chief and Commander wanted to lead the world in green high technological industry, not the green tech service sector. Therefore, I have a duty under my current Chief and Commander to defend my country from domestic and international attacks on our culture of freedom in the US. Reasonable force is necessary, reasonable force for a paper war is well research and data. If there was a terrorist uprising or some other kind of anarchy (bolshevikian or Boliverian style uprising) then I would use my 2nd amendment right to help the Chief and Commander place order to our culture of freedom and mutiplicty so that no one culture can overtake the other. Balance, is something that the Communist have had trouble with. Along with Chinese rulers historically always wanted to wipe our their opposition Guardia -siochana. For the most freedom we must constantly compete between oppositions. It is kind of like a marriage, he wants that she wants this and you must find a middle ground. Relationships do not work when folks can't come to a middle ground. The reality of differences is necessary the idea that they should be genocided or stopped from being competitive against yours is not. Along with that with this communist thing there is a red line. The lose of every industrial sectors positive capital inflows to the centralized communist party is a red line and now deserves a proper 1st Amendment fight.

Rider I

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