This one is for Detroit and all those who lost their Childrens homes to Communist EW.

This one is for Detroit and all those who lost their Childrens homes to Communist EW.
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Thursday, December 2, 2010

Well I got laid off.

I am now joining the ranks of the unemployed. I have been sending out resumes for over a month now and no one has got back to me. Probable because the mortgage surplus workers form that service bell curve are now losing their unemployment and employers are paying cheaper wages to less educated and less loyal to an industry. Just the way it goes. It is pretty much the US worst scab since the 1920's farmer's movement. These mortgage scabs have made it almost impossible to find a livable wage. When I started my previous economic warfare blog i started with them. Telling you those mortgage workers now losing their unemployment are driving wages down, while taxes are being driven up. Tell you what though on the next service industry bell curve if our national intelligence economic officers can't figure out how to get us out of this vicious cycle; I am coming out a bull like some of my friends. I mean this is ridiculous. However, I am very employable and will probable be hired real soon. I am still sending out resumes. However, who wants to pay for someone who is loyal to their industry when they can hire folks that are victims of the service bell curve vicious cycle. One of my buddies has already started up an insurance firm and doing great. However, I would like to stick to my industry. I am thinking about managing some place in a different industry as I have a managing degree. Maybe get in some leadership skills would be good.  Sucks, this month I will finish up the majority of to due's on this blog cite. Then around Christmas time I will say ado and visit from time to time until I get into graduate school in which me and the I will become very acquainted.

Rider I
Dam mortgage workers, oh it was legal. Selling houses to taco bell workers. Geese, I could not do it. Sucks for me now I eat $1 sandwiches and frozen food and ride my skate board again. The car is parked as I barely afford the payment let alone the gas and up keep. However, now that I am driving a lot less I can lower my insurance. Plus, my second car project I have to sell as I need the money until I can get my unemployment. Gona miss that project car. darn stupid service bell curves not being regulated properly.

Well I do not know what this economic national security thing is. However, as an American living in a society based on the 1st amendment I can darn well tell you that with many graphs I have seen and spent nights tracing it ain't working and we are starting to shoot our selves in the foot. We have tunnel vision. The savings graphs show that the individual American in my unprofessional at this time opinion is taking huge loses to liberty and owner of labors due to the vicious cycle that it seems was created to attack the communist so they would not take away our individual freedoms. However, we have run aground on this mission and we are actually taking huge losses to liberty and owernship of individual labor due primarily to uncompetitive international marketplaces with specific ex-communist and still communist countries. Then again, the Communist Maoist have an Economic Warfare School in teh heart of mother liberty (France) so obsiouvsly our competitive intellegence rebuttal schools are not working. Geese!

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