This one is for Detroit and all those who lost their Childrens homes to Communist EW.

This one is for Detroit and all those who lost their Childrens homes to Communist EW.
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Friday, December 24, 2010

This year for Christmas the I king received from his opposition.

Kim Jung killed wantonly shelled innocence to show his sinister side for a normal military exercise, after he in his lifetime assassinated South Korean Politicians, killed Innocent South Koreans due to a North Korean sub beaching, then shelled a South Korean warship. So to Kim Jung Ill I. He has also decided to keep the feudalistic leadership in North Korea without taking a chair position like other countries that wished to unify with free countries. This is shown by having his son step in and take control as the single dictator. That was my present from my extreme opposition in Asia.

In Latin America, I received from my Extreme Opposition Hugo Chavez, he did not step down like he was supposed to. Then he used a natural disaster not to help them but to create more laws that stipple free thought and freedom of individuals, so as to crush his opposition. He has still not stepped down and done the Democratic/Republic thing of allowing a political power check. Along with that this year Hugo Chavez jailed many reporters, fined tons of newspapers, and invaded and stole from people their individual news reporting business. All in the name of Marxism.

This year in China, my biggest worry. We saw them jail reporters for wishing to seek redress peacefully and the inability of the Chinese to properly deal with a demonstration, we saw the jailing of a very intelligent democratic worker even though the communist central party and the elders agree that a political reform to allow a power check needs to be. However, China has made many strives towards freedom. Along with being my biggest fear they are also my greatest hope for transition into a freer world.

From California my home and oh so worried. I stumbled upon a discrimination against my people, my culture as to trying to earn the basic values and beliefs of my culture which is multiple degrees. This is a root economic attempt to start the cognitive creation of allowance of the state to control my culture via its multiple degrees and were it may obtain. Even though with our last 30 years of inability to take care of our economics we would in my culture think that economic would be on the second degree allowance. It is not. As such I have had enough, I will fight to get at least one chair in every degree for my culture and my people. Which is the people of mutiplicity and is the culture of the United States.

This year my thanks to my opposition for no going to war,even though Kim came very close to making us very rich by shooting his allies in the foot as TWEA was created specifically for China, Russia and North Korea and there idea of guerrilla warfare through trade instead of actual country v country. That could have went either way. It seems however, North Korea has been causing more and more causalities of my people and culture of the children of Templar and freedom, than we have of his people of the children of Kim and Marx. This will not go on for very long.

As for my extremist Islamics, it is a never ending battle. My only hope for my opposition in the right sphere of extreme is that the jobs become plentifully for that region through the extreme left sphere China in specifically allowing more fair competition in the world. My poor spiritual entrapped Islamics and their hatred for the worldly views of Templar and freedom because their leaders of their temples and their governments can't keep them employed or turn their deserts into cities like the Templar's and individual competitors of the USA did. Please stop killing people on all sides. The School of soft power is the way to go. Death is not necessary and a balance is always the best. There is night and day, there is man and women, there is love and hate, there is an opposite to all things. Then the medium balance for that. Please allow a majority of balance to go on in your countries. There has been a lot of bad things that have happened in this world. However, those are my top list of soft power that I see and remember now.

Along with my extreme rightest sphere in the US. The christian militias who wish to cause crime and hatred have ruined yet another year of the idea of freedom of conscription for all through their extreme views of religion into their militia practices and thus using their religious views to back their criminal activities along with the militia activities. Please my right sphere friends do not use religion and guns together. A militia is used to protect a country from domestic or international threats at time of high extreme national security. It was not created as the 2nd most important right for use in criminal activities that are tried to be justified for crime. However, on the brighter side many non denominational militia's have spurred and are practicing and drilling freely on the right side. For their opposition taking away their right to be in a militia would be like taking away the right to teach Marxism. Remember the balance will be kept it is the utmost importance of the US and freedom history that shows its precedence.

Good luck to my Templar's and the temples of mutiplicity. May freedom ring for one and for all.
My fight is here at home and the root battle between California and I will take place unless they are nice and see my complaint of discrimination against my culture is real. It is freedom it is a bronco of an idea. Sometimes you win sometimes you lose it depends on who's who.

Rider I

To one of my own guards Senator Reid. After the Communist Spanish party was able to create a cognitive creation that was strategized at the Central International communist party  meeting. I find that Senator Reid is spurring on the destruction of the Green Tech industries by given $450 million of the US's tax dollars to our competition. It is my utmost apologize Senator Reid that we have to investigate you for possible illegal fund for your campaign along with and most likely not provable conspiracy to work with a foreign agency to hinder the US economy.

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