This one is for Detroit and all those who lost their Childrens homes to Communist EW.

This one is for Detroit and all those who lost their Childrens homes to Communist EW.
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Sunday, December 26, 2010

What Hugo Chavez has done for his country during his way to long stay.

1. Comparatively to a country that has developed during the same time under a democratic rule of switching powers through proper balance. Venezuela has stolen from its people, civil rights, and economic abilities to own their own labors.

2. He has completely disabled the ability of the people to investigate then present proper reports against the political leaders like you see in most free societies. In free societies reporters love reporting on both parties and their atrocities. That is why it swings so much and it is politically balanced. This is because it is good news. His tyrannical ownership of the news is the first and foremost rule for a tyrant to do when they want to hold power for their own personal beliefs and not for the people's. It is never in the best interest of the people to have one leader for two long. As it does not matter who you are we all have biases. And the longer we hold power the more those biases become heightened and allowed as per fear to be create as a cognitive whole.

3. Hugo has lead Venezuela into its worst economics ever. They have stolen from the business people who understand international business and free enterprises and given the power to people who are enabled to take care of the business yet just use it for political power and prowess to keep their jobs. This is a huge Bolsheviks common mistake. That the worker knows better than the one who was able to climb to the top to have people work for them. They don't. It causes famine, economic collapses and worse war against those who have done it. This has happened over and over again.

4. Hugo is no different than an extreme rightist dictator who will not give up power. Because for some reason they think they are god's gift to mankind. However, none of them have the markings of any historical king. Along with that the Kings that are left that are found to still be birthed with markings allow and force democracy because even they know that they are human and they make mistakes. It is better to make mistakes that the people voted for willingly than by force of one and his ideas of law and rule.

5. Hugo is constantly attacking his neighbors with narco terrorist extreme leftist guerrillas to implement and allow proper power balance to shift from extremely to the left side.

6. Hugo is obsessed with the idea that the US will assistant him in his departure for powr. Which is hilarious. If we wanted to assassinate him we could do it easily, and much like him doing it to us there would be nothing he could do. However, we do not do that unless there is a bloody communist anarchist rule and no one can tell why someone was killed. so Hugo as long as you allow for civility and power balance shifting without war then you are ok. Stop worrying. Do the civil thing.

7. Hugo is Hugo he is not well educated in the arts of education or business. Hugo is a general who leads in war and knows how to win and not how to share. That is one of his major faults that he has not been able to overcome. Learning how to share power, not necessarily money as all tyrannical communist say they know how to share. Then they never allow anyone else with a different view to hold power or to check them. Funny.

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Three Cigarettes for Hugo Chave'z tryancy creation one for me, you and the .......

Church if Hugo allows them to puppeteer them into complete genocide of his opposition:

However, if Hugo does step down after his emergency powers and does the proper thing for his people and take a back seat as a retired president for the next leader and there is no bloody war. Then leave him be. If he keeps up the tryany against his opposition via any kind of jail or otherwise enslavement for having a different unharmfull physical view from him. Then well lets hope his opposition does not get so pissed off as to try and go to war with him again. As that is what happens when a tyrant stays in power to long. Georgy old boy new it.

I still remeber when the knights placed a hole in that demons head and merlin stoned him for remembrance of the rule of the aliens and their communal enslavement of their kind on this planet. Few know were the old alien grave yard is. What the religous call demons, pagans just call them aliens.

Basically what dicatators do not realize is that by not allowing their opposition to have a turn to lead or even a fresh leader, like some single party dictorits do. It causes them to be very upset and have no way for an outlet. This means one of two things, either the dictator has to completely crush civil freedoms or they have to go war with their opposition and kill them. Most dictators as Hugo has shown a propensity to will just kill his opposition. He thinks that he is the best thing for Venezuela yet he is destroying his countries economics through communism and he is allowing the international centralized communist party China, to dominate and rape his people. Not my business, however if he does all the communist to get him to genocide his opposition. I am willing to go in if the President and Senate ok it. Only if there is a war untouched by foreign forces, except of course the communsit will be in it. All we need is one man, I will do it. I have the training. However, only if it is deemed legal and proper.

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